Tuesday, February 2, 2010


2-2-2010 9:55 AM EST

5 Democrats joined forces with the 18 Republicans in the Virginia Senate to pass a bill that would make it illegal to require individuals to purchase health insurance in the commonwealth of Virginia .

How will the DC based Senators and Congressmen from Virginia respond to this revelation ?

One would think the have to vote NO on the current bill that Dirty Harry bribed through the Senate.

Things are falling apart in DC , NERO fiddles as the city burns .

Other States have similar legislation in the works .Of course the will of the States gets trampled if OBEYMECARE passes.

The legislation is symbolic and shows not only do most Americans not want another huge entitlement ( have any of the entitlement programs worked? ) program , but it also reveals that really Americans want nothing to do with any of the left leaning liberal agenda the Tyrants in Washington are trying to implement to take over our country .

Obama's SOTU speech failed .Now as the details leak out out we find out how hollow the promises really are

Don't ask don't tell ..this turns out to be a YEAR long STUDY on the subject.This means it is impossible for Obama to change this policy until YEAR 3 of his administration. If it takes that long to change a simple thing like GAYS in the armed forces , shouldnt we really slow down the Health care initiative and get a thorough study of it also ?

High speed rail 8 billion...experts all agree it would take 200 BILLION to build a single system , yet Obama has generously allocated 8 BILLION to several cities .This money will be squandered .

Nuclear energy and offshore exploration...just mere words nothing is being done for either ( however Obama is allocating more funds for NUCLEAR WEAPONS ) that just strengthens his " eliminate all nuclear weapons" pipe dream .

HUGE new budget ...shouldnt we be putting the brakes on NOW not in 2011? Obama promised NO EARMARKS , yet signed his first budget and claimed he couldnt change it.
What will be his excuse on this Budget ?

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