Thursday, February 18, 2010


2-18-2009 1:05 PM EST
Tragedy has struck in Austin Texas .
Reports are still trickling in but it now seems that the man responsible for the incident set his own house on fire and then stole an airplane and flew it into an office building in Austin Texas .

The IRS is located in the building .

Homeland Security was quick to say " it is not terrorism"
Ok why is it not terrorism ?

What is the race and ethnicity of the pilot ?

If he lives will he be read his Miranda rights ?

Could this be the first of many cases where a terminally ill American decides he will wage war against the corrupt American Government ?

The Southern Law Poverty center ( a hate based ,racist, fear mongering organization ) is on record saying people like the OATH KEEPERS are violent extremists .
What will they have to say about this incident ?
Could it be possible a single individual not attached to a TEA party, KKK , or milita be capable of a horrible action like this ?

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