Wednesday, February 10, 2010


2-10-2010 5:05 PM EST

February 11th marks the anniversary of the 1979 revolution in IRAN .
Perhaps you remember this happened under the inept administration of Jimmy Carter . The Iranians thumbed their nose at America until the DAY Reagan was sworn into office .
Carter allowed the tyrants of the world to mock us , so much that Charlie Daniels wrote a song entitled " In America" .

Thursday we will find out what the Iranians plan to announce to the world .

Some think it might be a nuclear test .
Others say Iran has made contact with the Romulans .
Is it going to be the demonstration of a new Russian radar and surface to air defense system ?

I have often said that MONEY is the most powerful weapon in the world today .
What if Iran makes a deal with China to sell them MILLIONS of barrels of crude oil at 3% below the current market value ?
China would pay Iran with the US treasury bonds they hold .
Iran then sells the bonds at a discount .
China rattles it's sabre about the USA selling Taiwan weapons and Iran gets to pull our chain at the same time .

Many laughed at Obama's intent to hold discussions with rogue nations like IRAN .
Now every one realizes we have wasted over a year and the whole world is in deeper danger from the fanatics in IRAN

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