Thursday, February 25, 2010


2-25-2010 9:20 AM EST

Rubio has emerged as the latest example that corruption , greed , and pandering to special interests is rampant in BOTH political parties in the Unites States .

How bad is it ?

Depends on what Rubio's opponent credit card statements reveal .
Folks in Florida are voting AGAINST Crist , so if Rubio enters crash and burn mode , then another candidate will quickly emerge .

I suspect that the Media will make this a HUGE story , and at the same time continue to ignore the enormous abuses of Nancy Pelosi .

The solution is quite simple .

1) Vote all the incumbents out of office .
2) Remove ALL corporate contributions to politics .
3) Outlaw Lobbyists and impose the death penalty for anyone found guilty of engaging in the business of Lobbying ( Bribing/ influence buying ) .

Perhaps this is a good thing and we will see more and more candidates examined under a microscope .

MONEY is a huge factor in elections .
Look at Bloomberg , he changed the term limit law then pumped HUNDREDS of Millions of dollars to get elected Mayor .

Wouldnt we be better if we just removed the money ?
TV stations could be mandated to televise debates, and a few hours on television should be enough for the average person to decide who is the candidate for them .

Never happen as there is way to much money in the production of Campaign commercials .

What will Donny Deutsch have to say about Rubio ?
Will Crist be quite because he has more to hide than Rubio ?
What about the timing ?

Just pure coincidence it happens on the morning of the great
" Obama Health Care Infomercial II "?

The upside is that Olbermann will make some insane comment about this issue and YOU TUBE will provide laughs for millions of people on Friday !

Which makes more sense , to rent a limo or pay for car repairs ?
Perhaps the solution is to let the government lease a new car for every American every 2 years ?

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