Thursday, January 27, 2011


At present we see many economic indicators that seem to contradict each other .
Our elequont President thinks the economy is stronger and going to explode
The jobless claims and Unemployment remains high
Social security is now running a deficit

The DJIA is near the 12,000 mark
In a robust economic climate this would be a pretty hefty valuation .
Gold is on a downslide .
What is going on ?

There is a time to hold em and a time to fold em
It's folding time .

Options expire at the EOB today .
I would think 10.45 am EST FRIDAY is a good time to BAIL OUT .
So that will be my " reference point " for reflecting back in 45-60 days

Adventerous types might consider GOING SHORT
ETF'S abound, and many are structured to reap profits in down markets

Tax laws are that stocks bought and sold in less than a 1 year time period pay a higher tax rate , we are into a new year and the positions taken in late December 2009 are now taxed at a much lower rate than if they had been sold in December 2010

Gold in the last 150 years has usually traded at a multiple of 16-1 ( close to the natural ratio of how the two metals occur in nature ) to the price of silver at today's price of 1330 an ounce for gold , silver COULD be valued at 83.00 an ounce

Silver looks like a winner to me . Can it sink to $25.00?
It may, I would think watch gold and as it nears the 1300.00 mark look at the silver price
I would simply pick a date , say FEB.1st at NOON and pick that as a starting point

Thanks to the DemaSocialists of the 111th Congress , new reporting on the sale of gold coins was enacted .
All those people who were promised if they bought American Gold Eagles could sell them anytime with out the government knowing about the sale, are now wondering why they paid a PREMIUM for these coins .

Ask yourself is the Stock market likely to gain 10 % before it loses 10% ?
I think it goes down in the very near future.
The stock market losing 10% in valuation seems more likely to me that it gaining 10%
So I will go with " loses 10% before it gains 10% " pick
Tech stocks seem to be very top heavy right now , the high flyers are due for a pullback

How low could gold in the near term ? 1270-1280 doesn't seem impossible but likely 1300 is a good stopping point .
Today the indexes are
DJIA /DIA 11,970 / 119.69
NASDAQ / QQQQ 2757 / 57.22
S&P / SPY 1298.78 /129.96

Will they be higher or lower in 45 days ?
IPAD killers come out in Feb.

Gold ETF " IAU " is at 12.86
Silver ETF " SLV " is at 26.24

Many people cry about getting wiped out leading up to and after the 2008 elections , well that's silly, best practice is to exit the market a few months before a Presidential election
Another good one is " Sell in May and go away "
I think May is coming a little early this year .........
Today we are near the levels the stock market was at in June 2008
Would you have done anything different in June 08 if you knew then what you know now ?

Look at the price of stocks , look around does the economy and the jobless claims look good enough for stocks to be trading this high ?

I am not trying to recommend any strategy or stocks , just making my observations and recording them for posterity
Anyone else have an opinion ?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Media outlets have reported that a new press secretary to peddle Obama's propaganda could be appointed as early as Wednesday .
Who will it be ?
Do you have a good guess ?
Although Olbermann seems like a longshot , perhaps he really isnt it .
Sure, he has burned his bridges at ESPN and NBC sports , and he was run out of dodge at MSNBC , and has a reputation as being DIFFICULT to work with , but where else can he go ?
170K a year might be a pay cut , but where is going to go ? Online reporter for HUFF POST ?

Keith's qualifications

* Rabid Liberal
* Ability to look into the camera and spread hatred , lies ,and obvious propaganda and retain the appearance that he actually believes it
* Enjoys targeting conservatives and spewing slanderous diatribes towards them
* Has a genuine jealousy/ dislike for Palin
* Is a card carrying operative of the ACLU & The Daily KOS
* Can drool on cue if Obama walks into the briefing room
* Is the premier example of a Liberal who ignores civility and prefers harsh , hateful rhetoric

Other candidates ?

Chris Matthews ?
It might be a pay cut for him , but he has DISMAL ratings
Chris is seeking a US PATENT on the " tingles run up my leg leg feeling when I see Obama"
A brief stint in the press room could groom Matthews for a House or Senate run

Alec Baldwin ?
Alec could join Obama in a citizenship defense , as we all know Alec renounced his US citizenship and moved to France when BUSH was re -elected
Did he regain his US citizenship somehow ?
His 30 Rock show is not very good and NBC ,ONLY kept it alive to take jabs at people like Palin and Bush
Alec also has aspirations to run for US Senate

I doubt any of these afore mentioned take the job
Obama is an opportunist, and I believe he will seek some one who can advance the new wave of GUN CONTROL that he will seek to promote , knowing all the while such legislation cant pass either the House or the Senate

Look for Political pay back , lots of DEMOCRAT elected officials were thrown out of office for supporting OBAMACARE , maybe he will summon one of them ?

In the end it may just boil down to a union crony or the friend of a former Goldman Sachs employee that Obama has made a czar

Maybe it will simply be an unemployed, black, lesbian, school teacher , an atheist who is also a rabid anti gun advocate

Can some one check and see if Bill Ayers has children ?
How about Franklin Raines ?
Bill Mahr ?

Maybe some one out there legally changed their name to " OBAMACARE "?
One thing is for sure , once a sitting President refuses to engage in question and answer sessions with the media , its a sign that things are going badly , very badly
Maybe Obama will give us 1 Q & A this year ?
Maybe he will feel benevolent and make it a 2 press conference year .
Keep the TV on as CANDIDATE OBAMA hits the campaign trail and attempts ( and a poor one at that ) to disguise his re election campaign from town to town as some kind of " communcate my new Reagan conservative values message" to the people



Obama is often referred to as a " Gifted Orator "
Really ? As compared to who ?
Johnson --CHECK
Nixon ---not really
Gerald Ford --maybe , but his falling and tripping made him more interesting
Jimmy Carter ---that's considered an accomplishment?
Reagan ---Nope he falls far short of Ronnie
George H W Bush --I will give him the benefit of the doubt on that
Bill Clinton---not a chance Bill was adept at polling , triangulation and not really a bad politician
George W --no W connected with everyday people

What did Obama tell us last night ?

Can we work together tomorrow ? Obama has shunned every one and everything not his idea =Not believeable

" Tax cuts we passed in December " are these the same tax cuts he vowed to eliminate ?= phony , hypocritical,& disingenuous

" 1 million private sector jobs we created last year " Did he failed to mention that for years we have lost over 400K jobs a month =
Net loss of 4 million jobs last year " Hey I wll give you $ 100 if you give me back $500 "

"Sputnik " Education and research allowed us to beat the Russians to the moon "
I guess Obama never heard of Wernher von Braun? Nazi . SS officer , designed and implemented the V-2 Rockets that pelted London ?
Von Braun SURRENDERED to the US and was brought into the country via " operation paperclip "
VonBraun designed the SATURN V , the same rocket that put a man on the moon
Simply put a captured nazi war criminal who was brought here and forced to work for the USA .
I guess Obama was to busy trying to figure out how he goofed up the story of his Grandfather using his CULINARY skills to rescue POWS from Auschwitz

" 1 million electric vehicles by 2050 " so thats 25,000 a year ? The charging stations ?Disposing of the Batteries ? = Sounds good to young naive potential voters but the math doesnt work or the demand ....

"80% clean energy by 2050 " funny Obama is agianst coal and nuclear , we could let FRANCE beat us to the Nuclear power solution = Just more of Obama being phony , hypocritical,& disingenuous. Did he get the email from T boone Pickens & the Kennedy family ? Windmills suck and cost too much

"success isnt about fame and PR , rather its about hardwork and discipline " Was that one of the many jokes Obama told and no one laughed ? Obama has no idea about hardwork or discipline , on the other hand he is all about fame , PR & rock star status " = phony , hypocritical,& disingenuous

"1 million illegals are in college are worried about being deported " This was really a good one , is that 180 off his " lets secure the borders " or did he fail to mention that these are criminals receiving benefits without payinf for them ?
So the stories of illegals at HOME DEPOT willing to work for cash are Republican propaganda ? They are really not bringing drugs across the border and working and paying no tax , rather they cross the border to go to college ?

" High Speed Rail" now out of ALL the hot air that squeaked out his lips this part sounded genuine = what good Socialist/Fascist/Communbist would take a whole hour to spread propaganda without promoting a state run railroad ?

" free face to face video chats between the patient and doctor " I guess this explains the whole issue of the curent doctor and nurse shortage , yet we are going to add 40 million new patients and no waiting or rationing = Please press one for an english speaking doctor practioneer , please hold while we redirect your request to a BESY BUY associate ( more being phony , hypocritical,& disingenuous )

" double Exports by 2014 " sure thing , you have used this one for years and its not working .
Would that start a WORLD WAR if he pulled it off?
How could he do that ? hmm SELL OIL / DRILL BABY DRILL , of course thats a page out of Palin's playbook and could never happen
Besides oil what can we sell the world ? = no beating around the bush this is an OUTRIGHT LIE

Review government regulations and identify undue burderns and fix them " SURE , sure you will = I will create 100K government jobs that pay 145K a year and find more loopholes for the unions and my leftist radical buddies

" freeze spending for 5 years " that was the best joke of the night , thats like taking your $12,500 limit credit card and getting the limit raised to 100K , then max it out and say your are not going to increase the credit limit again , and it saves 400 billion over 100 years =
So the 400 billion is about 3 months interest on the debt what do we do about the other 357 months ? What? What is that ? Decrease spending ? = Obam's lips moved and lies spewed forth

" I will veto all bills with earmarks " hmm he promised that in 2007 didnt he ? how is that working out ?= Obama is trying to take credit for the actions of Republican majority in the House and the policies they will roll out

Obama did not tell us how is going to pay for it all ?
Maybe he is waiting to tell us that with the rest of the world , you know once he is elected head of the UN and WORLD DICTATOR = those pesky Birth certificate laws being passed at the State level are going to keep me off the ballots in a lot of states

Monday, January 24, 2011


Tuesday night the nation will be subjected to Obama's 2012 re election campaign kick off .
What can we expect ?
" I am going to take a laser like focus on job creation "
We heard that line last year and Joe Biden reaffirmed it with the " summer of recovery "
Obama has no plan to create jobs .
We used to hear about " saved jobs " but no one bought that line and it went away.

This " laser like focus on jobs " will be carefully inserted in with another hour or so of prepared propaganda compliments of Axelrod and Plouffe.

Of course we will hear the tired old lines about
"Energy policy, green cars ,I will look at all good ideas".

Throw in a few quips about " education " , "infrastructure" and "Bipartisanship"

Bad news for Obama , the USS Bi Partisian set sail when he made cracks like " the election is over we won " during his faux health care summit with Republicans ,and "They are going to have to sit in the back of the car " before the mid term elections .
News flash Obama ,Conservatives are now in the front seat and trying in earnest to prevent you from driving the car over the cliff .

Obama has appointed a new czar !
General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt will lead the White House’s new “President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.”
The good news ?
Since Immelt took over at GE , the stock has plummeted 60% in value .
Who is Jeff Immelt?
As CEO of General Electric, Immelt directly participated in promoting Obama’s “cap-and-trade” energy regulations proposal. The consequences of the policy is certain — by Obama’s own admission — to “skyrocket” energy costs.
GE has additionally sold technology to Iran and it is planning on sharing jet engine technology with China.
GE also lobbied for and received tens of millions in stimulus money and received financial support from the Federal Reserve.

Obama will make his usual lame jokes and comments ,expect him to laugh off the Bears losing the play off game.( just another one of Obama's failed sports picks )

Then he will politicize the Tuscon shooting .
Daniel Hernandez will sit with Michelle the Belle .
Giffords husband Mark Kelly, was also invited to attend the State of the Union, but is unable to be there.( hmm he isn't going to politicize his wife's shooting or is he just 180 off of Obama's policy and ideology )

Sure he is politicizing the shooting , other wise Obama would announce a ceremony and award Hernandez the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Obama will blab about " civility ", but sadly the liberals have only fanned the flames of hatred higher since the shooting .

Obama may be a great reader of the teleprompter , but that's not getting any results .
Will we hear Obama say any of this ?

" The Senate should bring HR 2 to the floor for a vote , after all it's a great law , my landmark legislation,and Democrats should be proud of it and use it as a platform for their re election in 2102 "

"I voted against raising the debt ceiling when I was a Senator , but now I am against that , was I stupid then or am I stupid now "?

" I allowed Pelosi to explode the budget deficit , but now I am ready to make harsh drastic budget cuts "

Boehnor has a long list of Bills that will be sent to the Senate , most are bills to repeal the SOCIALIST & FASCIST policies and mandates Obama has signed into law
How many of these bills can be ignored by the Senate ?
How many will Obama VETO if they pass the Senate ?

Obama and the Democrats are going to get their chance to vote and PROVE to the American people they are for Amnesty , citizenship for illegals born in this country , CZARS ,& levying unjust taxes and mandates .
Forget about securing the border , they need these voters to get re elected !

Meanwhile Obama is exploring ideas to allow states to declare BANKRUPTCY.

Many think Obama is incompetent and " in over his head "
I believe Obama is right on schedule , derailing our economy, weakening our borders, eroding our personal freedoms and rights , weakening our military , destroying our status in the world , spreading divisiveness, and fanning the flames of a civil war.

Obama only has about 650 days to raise the 1 BILLION dollars he has decided is needed for his re election .
Expect tons of those $200.00 donations on untraceable pre loaded debit cards from Wal-mart