Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Black Friday

Friday 11-28-2008 will be a complete disaster. Consumer confidence is low . Merchants have ridiculous discounts in place . Low turnout coupled with HUGE discounts , all adds up to the WEAKEST numbers since Jimmy Carter tired so hard ot run our country in the ground Deflation looms on the horizon . Bernake is an egg head , we are already in at the very least a mild DEPRESSION. Of course by the time the bail out monkeys figure this out we will be entrenched in bad bad economic times . OBAMA and his henchmen would love to see the economy wrecked , thus creating a massive class of voters dependent on GOV hand outs . The Detroit based carmakers are mired in UNION quicksand and OBAMA owes a HUGE debt or the unions . Will he bail the Detroit 3 out or burn his bride. Smart shoppers will wait till 1 week before Christmas and purchase their whole shopping list at 60-85% off .Wow what a deal

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