Wednesday, February 24, 2010


2-24-2010 8:55 AM EST

A shooting took place on Tuesday at a Colorado school .
2 children were injured at Deer Creek middle school in Littleton Colorado .

A 14 year old boy was shot in the chest and is in critical condition .
The other victim is a 13 year old girl shot in the arm .

The alleged shooter is a 32 year old man ( Bruco Strongeagle Eastwood ) who is disqualified from owning a firearm .
His Domestic Violence conviction disqualifies him from possessing a firearm, as well as his felony conviction for auto theft .

Math Teacher David Benke ( un armed ) subdued and disarmed the shooter, and with help of other faculty held him until police arrived .

Most of the news account describe the weapon as a " high powered rifle " , and at least one describe it as a " deer rifle ".

Benke was interviewed on NBC and he said as the man "cycled the action ", he rushed him and disarmed him .
This leads me to believe the rifle is a 30.06 bolt action rifle .
The rifle is believed to be owned by the shooter's father .

Bruco War Eagle Eastwood , the shooter's father made a statement and said his son had always had problems .
The shooter had been unemployed for 5 years .

This is a real tragedy , I fear the boy will not survive as a chest wound from a 30.06 is hard to recover from .

No amount of laws or metal detectors could have prevented this horrible event .
When will American's decide that a " gun free zone " is the PERFECT place for a person to get shot ?
Teachers should be allowed to be certified and carry a weapon on campus .

If Benke was carrying a handgun he could have taken the shooter out after the first shot ,instead of waiting .
The same goes for the tragedy in Huntsville Alabama, The faculty members waiting until the shooter ran out of ammo then rushed her .

All Americans should be grateful a brave , unselfish David Benke was on the scene Tuesday.

David Benke was modest ,shy and unassuming in his TV Interview .
I bet he is just a typical " red blooded American " that threw his caution to the wind and acted to help some one else out .,0,4782874.story

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