Wednesday, February 17, 2010



HopenChange is the vague and undefined platform Obama ran for President in 2008.
Americans everyday ask themselves what EXACTLY is different under the reign of the Socialist in chief.
Obama was adamant that he would not have lobbyists and the usual " pay for play " culture in his administration .

Flash forward one year and we now know that Obama has granted " exemptions " for lobbyists to be allowed into his administration .
Obama has appointed hoardes of " campaign bundlers " to diplomatic positions,more than any in other president in the last 40 years .Obama accomplished this in less than 1 year

Obama has awarded 69 appointments to cronies that bundled campaign money to Obama's 2008 campaign .

Bundlers from California , D.C. , and Illinois amount for 1/2 of the appointments !!
What other common factors do the appointees share ?

Only 3 appointees reside in a RED state .

Most come from states in the corridor directly north of D.C.

So where is the definitive proof ?
Here is what has changed .

Under the Clinton administration the bundlers who gathered up dirty money and manipulated the Federal Election guidelines were allowed to spend the night in the Lincoln bedroom in the White House.

In the new regime of " HopenChange " initiated be Obama, a bundler gets a 4 year vacation in a nice cozy country complete with full diplomatic privileges .

This kind of behavior, along with the "CZARS" Obama has appointed would be called a " Puppet Dictatorship" or a " Banana Republic " or a term Hillary recently used " Military Dictatorship "

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