Tuesday, February 2, 2010


2-2-2010 4:46 PM EST

Harry Reid has proclaimed that America's National Security is in jeopardy and points the finger of blame at Republican Senators.

“Republicans have repeatedly asked fearful families to put their concerns on hold while they score political points and play partisan games," Reid said.

Reid claims that VITAL posts at the State Department and Homeland Security are vacant because of Republican filibusters.

News flash , Scott Brown has not been seated in the Senate and the Democrats still hold 60 Seats . How are Republicans obstructing bills in the Senate ?

Republicans claim the blame for the lag in nominee confirmation falls squarely on Reid's shoulders, since he makes the Senate schedule. ( Hmm perhaps Harry should have allocated less time to Health Care and trying to buy votes and concentrated on National Security or the Economy ?)

"The majority leader schedules the floor and currently has 60 votes in his conference. If he is concerned that we’re not processing Homeland nominees, then why are we currently considering a labor nominee instead on the Senate floor?," a GOP leadership aide told POLITICO.

Senator John Cornyn of Texas states his view :“Who's the nominee that's on the floor now?” “It's somebody in the Dept. of Labor. If the majority leader was serious about that, you would think he would call up a national security position that he doesn't think is being filled. I don't think there's much to his argument.”

Obama has blamed the Republicans for " obstruction " The plain truth is that Pelosi cant get anything done in Congress .Democrats hold a 257- 178 advantage in the House of representatives .Democrats can have 39 people vote with the Republicans and still pass ANY BILL that Pelosi could bring to the floor . 178 republicans voted NO for TARP .I think we all know if Congress could re vote on that bill it wouldn't pass .

Harry is way behind in the polls in Nevada ,and is desperate to get himself a " Signature piece of legislation " passed before he is forced to retire ,other wise he will be forced to endure the humility of defeat at the hands of the people of Nevada .

The propaganda HAS to come forth in a fast furious pace now that Obama failed in delivering his first State of the Union speech .

The " tax cuts " he lied about are going away in his new budget . Nothing of what Obama promised in his SOTU speech has an ounce of truth in it .

Harry has joined the OBEYME in his laughable explanation of how the Democrats hold a SUPER Majority in the Senate yet Republicans are responsible for the " obstruction"

Harry it's only going to get worse .Primaries will become a HUGE focus in the next 90 days .June will be upon us quickly and as soon as Americans indicate they are going to throw EVERYONE out that agrees with Obama's TYRANNY , there will be no more bills signed into LAW.

On a bright note , MAYBE in year 3 Obama will abolish " Don't Ask , Don't Tell "

How long before Obama tell us " due to poor economic conditions I inherited we are going to have to raise taxes " ?

With any luck Obama can hold out until the mid term elections , but if the economy takes another dip ( and it will ) it may come sooner .

The best part has to be that after Obama's failed 787 BILLION stimulus, ( He should be smart and take the UNSPENT 500 BILLION and reduce the deficit ) he is proposing TAX CUTS .

A republican idea that he proclaimed as " foolish" .
As we all remember Obama shot TAX CUTS down and said " those are the failed policies that got us in this mess"

Many believed that the Economy would have to cure itself .Obama is now caught in a trap . If the Tax cuts work then he wasted a whole year and many folks suffered because of it . If the economy remains stagnant ( and it will ) Then he has taken 2 shots at the issue and come up with failure both times .

Ronald Reagan corrected the country's economic problems and added over 20 million jobs .( vastly different than the UNPROVEABLE " Jobs Saved " Obama touts )

Reagan took the hard choices to correct the mistakes of Jimmy Carter .
Obama is using the same methods and tactics as good ole Jimmy did .It will not work and the American people will be forced to pay higher taxes and dive deeper in the well of LIBERAL lies, miscalculations, and ineptitude .

Who will be there to bring us bank from the brink of destruction ?

Obama and his administration have been WAY OFF on all of their projections , and it continues today .
This constant parade of errors and mis calculations CAN NOT be attributed to in experience , rather it is a calculated , cold contrived plan to wreck our economy and country .
Obama is a NEO FASCIST and as such he realizes he greatest weapon is MONEY .He works hard every day to destroy the VALUE of the American Dollar.
Entitlements, and programs that encourage people to stay un employed and sponge off the government can not work


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