Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Today Nancy Pelosi will preside over another day in a lame duck session of the House of Representatives.
Pelosi has refused to resign her role as the leader of the Democratic party in the House .
Heath Shuler is going to challenge Pelosi for the leadership position .
Jim Clayburn seems to have agreed to take a new position that leaves him 3rd in power .
Clyburn allowed Pelosi to make up a new position and buy him off , preventing him from challenging her for Minority leader
Clyburn sold out , he would have 39 votes of the CBC and with Shuler looking for votes ,would it be impossible for some one to take the gavel from Pelosi in the 112th Congress?

Pelosi has her hands full as she tries to pass legislation in the lame duck session .
Obama was scheduled to have a meeting in the White House to discuss the issue of extending the current tax rates on November 18th.That meeting has now been rescheduled for Nov. 30th.
What issues that need to be voted on in the session ?

"Doc Fix " The current " patch " expires on Nov. 30th , the Democrats withheld this compensation out of Obamacare to manipulate the cost , will Republicans remind them of this ?

" Tax Cuts " Pelosi didn't have the votes to defeat the extension before the midterms and it doesn't seem likely that has changed

" START TREATY " Kyl has indicated this will not pass in the SENATE until the new Senators are sworn in 2011.

" DREAM ACT" A cute name for AMNESTY not many folks agree with Obama sueing AZ , and this seems unpopular as well.

" Unemployment Benefits " Many lawmakers were skeptical of this the last time it was extended may be even tougher this time around .Perhaps Pelosi will let it be voted down and blame it on Republicans ?

"FY2011 BUDGET " the continuing resolution funding the government in the absence of a budget expires on Dec. 3rd.

Pelosi pulled one of her dirty tricks by not creating the FY2011 budget and bringing it to a vote before the midterm elections .
What was her motive ? Is it a different motive than the one she had when she withheld the FY2009 budget until after the 2008 election ?

The USA is currently operating on a " continuing resolution " . Did Pelosi really believe she could write a new budget in 2011 because the Democrats would retain control of the House ?
NO, she knew she didn't have the votes for another massive budget and even presenting it for a vote would be bad for Democrats in the midterm elections .

Pelosi will probably waste the entire session and that's a good thing as she has already spent the country broke on the previous budgets she has passed .

The infighting and blame game is about to begin .
The CBC will at some point have to denounce Pelosi , so called " moderate Democrats " will run from Pelosi , and the Republicans have voted together for 2 years and are not about to change course now .

Obama is in a tough spot , he says he will not bend on extending the current tax rates for people making over 250K .
He will soon find out he will either have to break that promise or veto a bill that will raise taxes on everyone .

Once Boehnor is sworn into office in January , Obama will no longer have the easy path he has enjoyed in the House for the last 2 years .

21 Democratic Senators are up for re election in 2012 and will surely think long and hard about voting on anything that looks like it has the Obama seal of approval .

More of Obama's advisors will jump ship as it has veered of course and a few holes are leaking .
How long before the Democratic strategists decide that Obama will not win re election in 2012 and unless they get Hillary to run , a Republican will be elected President and OBAMACARE will be repealed .

Can Obamacare be defunded ?
It will fly through the HOUSE and onto the Senate . Which Senators will be brave enough to vote against the repeal and have that
used against them in the 2012 elections ?
Obama would have to VETO it and that would not go well at all with most Americans .
Obama has lost the independent voters , soon he will lose favor with the far left liberals also.

Expect the next few days to be really bad for Pelosi , Obama , and Democrats in general .
Congress will only be in session a few more days until they break and when they go back to D.C. , John Boehnor will be in control of the House and all of a sudden Obama will have to climb down from his ivory tower and try to work with both parties in Congress.
He won't , he can't .His ego and radical leftist agenda will not allow him to do so .
Obama will resort to executive orders and other tricks to impose his agenda and bypass Congress.
How will Americans feel about that ?

Monday, November 15, 2010


Another week and another discovery of what a corrupt and unconstitutional law Obamacare really is .

Remember the claim that 375,000 Americans with pre-existing conditions HHS said would apply for coverage in the first year of ObamaCare?
8,011 is the actual number that signed up .

The other bit of good news is that Kathleen Sebelius has granted
111 groups and businesses waivers from having to participate in Obamacare

As bad as that sounds it actually gets better .

Here are the top groups by number of participants :

UFT Welfare Fund ( NYC Teachers Union ) 351,000
CIGNA 265,000
AETNA 209,423
BCS Insurance( 29,500 McDonalds employees) 115,000

WOW just 4 groups account for 80% of the 1,175,411 individuals granted an exemption ?

Dig deeper and you find that BCS is the company that insures McDonalds employees at
10,500 U.S. locations.

Aetna provides the insurance plans to Home Depot Inc., Disney Worldwide Services, CVS Caremark Corp., Staples Inc. and Blockbuster Inc., among others.
Aetna also covers AmeriCorps teaching-program sponsors, who are required by law to make health coverage available.

SO what we have is a massive government takeover to make sure that low wage earners and people with pre existing conditions will have insurance with FULL BENEFITS .
Oddly , the pool of pre existing condition individuals are not interested in enrolling ( could it be they get better care through charitable organizations )
The pool of individuals that are left out in the cold because the corporations wouldn't provide robust health plans , suddenly find themselves exempted from the very law that would ensure they were covered under a real health care plan.

How many corporations and plans are covered by CIGNA ,AETNA, and BCS?
If McDonalds accounts for only 29,500 out of the 589,423 individuals covered by the exemption it has to be a large number of corporations.

Ruby Tuesday ,Olive Garden,Cracker Barrel,v, and Red Lobster received the exemption also .

GOOD job Pelosi and Obama , you passed a law that really does none of the things it is supposed to do ,and you created a mountain of paperwork in the form of new 1099 filings , not to mention restrictions on owning gold coins and numerous other worthless restrictions that are uncovered everyday

Could we have a count of the silly elected officials that voted for this travesty and would like to take their vote back ?

The exemptions are primarily Insurance and Health care providers and UNION workers

The lawyers will eat the exemptions up , how can that be " equal protection under the law " ?

Obama chastised George Stephanopolous for reading him the definition of a " TAX " from a dictionary and stated on ABC that OBAMACARE was not a tax

Should we be surprised that Obama has appointed a small army of lawyers to defend the lawsuits filed by the states against Obamacare , and the defense is " It's a new TAX"

Soon we will see how the 111 groups are positioned to the people who voted for Obamacare

More of the exemptions :
Service Employees Benefit Fund
UFCW Allied Trade Health & Welfare Trust
HCR Manor Care
IBEW No.915
New England Health Care
Aegis Insurance
Alliance One Tobacco ( how hypocritical is that ?)
Asbestos Workers Local 53 Welfare Fund
Assurant Health
Captain Elliot's Party Boats
Employees Security Fund
Florida Trowel Trades
O'Reilly Auto Parts
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 123 Welfare Fund
UFCW Local 227
American Fidelity
Local 25 SEIU
GuideStone Financial Resources
Preferred Care, Inc.
UFCW Local 1262
Assisted Living Concepts
Grace Living Centers
Pocono Medical Center
Regis Corporation
Local 802 Musicians Health Fund
Medical Card System
Local 17 Hospitality Benefit Fund
Harden Healthcare
Health and Welfare Benefit System
Health Connector
Sanderson Plumbing Products, Inc.
Baptist Retirement

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Posted on November 4, 2010 12:25 PM EST

Congress will begin it’s Lame Duck Session on November 15 th.

Reid has signaled Democrats would likely vote against a wholesale extension of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts.

So much for compromise , Obama and Reid have no intention of moving to the right ,even if it might help the economy.

Obama may be playing hard ball and provide a last minute Executive Order that will make him look like the ” Good Guy ” who overcame partisan politics to look out for the average American.

Bill Clinton would have done it that way as he was a smart President .

What else will unfold in the next few days and weeks ?
Expect to see the media to shift a bit to the right and appear to actually do some objective reporting.

Why now ?
Money, plain and simple .

Fox had a huge number in the election coverage 6.96 million viewers in prime time on Tuesday, compared to 2.42 million for CNN, and 1.94 million viewers for MSNBC.

Fox had 3.06 million viewers on election night in 2006.

That is a huge increase and shows that cable news viewers are deciding not to tune in to the left leaning slant of networks like MSNBC.

MSNBC was widely criticized for its coverage , and with a new owner taking over , rumor is that many things will change .

Reporters are aware of this transition and will take their career in mind , easy choice their career or Obama’s.

The Networks played the game for over 3 years and now the honeymoon is over .

CNN has recently made changes and I would think more are to come , as far as MSNBC goes , it may not even be recognizable in its current form after Comcast starts running things .

Networks have to start doing responsible reporting or lose the revenue .

Newspapers are struggling and they must “recalibrate” also.

Suddenly we will see more of the Liberal columnists follow Maureen O’Dowd’s path

The new Senator from IL ( Mark Kirk ), will be a net gain in the Senate so it may be harder to get bills through in the Lame Duck .

Mike Pence has already tipped his hand .

Soon Romney and Gingrich will throw their hats into the ring also

How long before Hillary emerges ? Will she make a statement when she returns stateside ?
I think perhaps she waits until the new Congress is sworn in, then announces Obama has been ineffective due to his inexperience and she can no longer bring change in her role under her leadership , and she will resign to concentrate on building the apparatus to bring ” real change to America “

Make no mistake she will run, and as Obama stumbles, fumbles, and disenfranchises himself from the average American citizen , it only plays into everything Hillary said on the campaign trail in 2008.

The DNC will quickly embrace Hillary and expect a good 18 month campaign to emerge .

CNN has released a poll that shows that Huckabee leads Obama 52 – 44 percent, while Romney has a 50-45 point advantage, and Obama holds a 49-47 percent margin over Gingrich.

I do not think any of these 3 are strong candidates and that just reinforces that Obama has lost his rock star status among the swing voters.

Boehnor will quickly go to work and he has planned for this day , do not expect him to waste one minute .

Today Lamar Smith, the San Antonio Congressman who is in line to become chairman of the powerful House Judiciary Committee is promising ‘a number of investigations and oversight committee actions’ which he vows will ‘hold the administration accountable,’

Smith said that reform of the 14th Amendment, which grants automatic citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants who are born in the U.S., is also an issue his committee may take up under his chairmanship.

Expect Jeff Session to provide full co operation in the Senate .

Redistricting will favor Republican control of the House for a few election cycles .

Tuesday’s verdict will accompany a perfect storm .

1) The best way to have a wave election is to have the other party control the presidency during a bad economy or some kind of major scandal, we have the poor economy and investigations will provide Democratic scandals

2)Republicans had their wave election at a very convenient time, putting themselves in position to control numerous state legislatures and thus control the next round of redistricting, which will last a decade.

3) The cluster of blue areas has been even more compressed ,and redistricting plays against Democrats.

How many Democrats will switch parties and become Republicans ?

The President and some of the media may try to say that Republicans are ” obstructing “, but now most Republican bills in the House sail right through , and then the scenario in the Senate will be reversed , all of a sudden Democrats will be voting no.

I think Boehnor will emphasize this and use audio and video clips to show Obama’s hypocrisy.

The media slowly moves right , but it will be more obvious once the new Congress is sworn in.

When will we see reporting on the 34 warships Obama is taking to India?
The 200 million dollars per day he will spend while in India with his massive entourage ?
Sadly , it probably is not to be .

Obama, should have acknowledged he needs to re evaluate his agenda an policies , he was asked this question several times Wednesday and flatly said he didn’t think that was the case.

10 questions and 47 minutes to answer them.

Energy policy, green cars ,I will look at all good ideas.

Same tired, old, worn out, answers to almost tough questions presented to him, by a White House press corps that seemed to magically morph overnight .

He sounds like an old scratched vinyl record .

Will the cabinet resignations begin once Obama returns with 3,000 staffers on their expensive 10 day tour abroad ?

Obama had a great chance to pivot , announce that the country was amid another ” emergency / crisis ” and that it wasn’t wise to leave right now , and he needed to stay home to tend to business ( let alone save over 1 Billion dollars )

NO, Obama is sure he is the smartest human on the planet and the rest of us are to stupid to think for ourselves , and are only here to serve and amuse him .

The dynamic has changed in the House , the Senate will likely flip in 2012 .

All across America, most voters chose to elect representatives that would try and reign in spending and fix the horrendous Health Care reform mess

Obama is staying on course , he only has two paths , another term , or use this as stepping stone to the United Nations ,and a bigger revenue stream of socialist payouts from people like SOROS .

Watch for the small signs in the coming days, the message is being sent , Obama is the poison pill, either push back or swallow an extra handful.

Pelosi will likely resign rather than hand the gavel over in shame .

Oher lawmakers who know they will be investigated by Republicans now instead of Democrats will resign by January .

Maxine Waters should make quite a show of herself .

What about Eric Holder ?

I would think his handling of the NBP case will be in the cross hairs also.

The media has come along way since it dismissed the ” Tea Party “.

It still has a long way to go ………

Wednesday, November 3, 2010



Obama in chorus with TOTUS will speak to his humble subjects today at 1PM EST .

These unscheduled events only occur maybe twice a year,so be sure to tune in.

Will he allow questions ? If so, will he call the reporter’s names off a sheet of paper in order to ensure the pre arranged questions are asked in proper sequence ?

Can we expect him to make statements like this?

*It is time to put partisanship aside and move forward .

* I have listened to Americans and will be replacing key advisers.

* Change didn’t come quick enough , and I should have done a better job of explaining it so mis information and fear were not created.

Sure he will .

Now if it is remotely believable is another matter !

Next Obama will rattle of a list of eye popping revelations!

*The $200 million per day cost of his trip to India that will use over 40 vehicles, 100 cars ,and the complete booking of the 570-room Taj Mahal Hotel, to accommodate his 3,000 person entourage .

The average annual income in India is $460,86% of the population lives under $2 per day; 44% lives under $1 per day.

(I guess it must be a plan to study and implement a new standard of living in America .)

* The election results were a vote on his failure as President.

* Uncertainty of Obamacare is preventing new hiring and job creation .

* He will sign any bill that is submitted to him to repeal Obamacare.

* All the Czar’s he appointed in the past will have to have to be voted on and confirmed in the Senate.

* All unused Tarp funds will be canceled and returned back to reduce the deficit.

* All loans and bailouts will be paid back in 90 days or assets of the corporations will be auctioned off.

* Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will receive no more money and pay their bailouts back in 6 months or be liquidated.

* He will support investigations and subpoenas of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and the NBP case.

* The DOJ will cease and desist all efforts to impede SB 1070 in AZ.

* Janet Napolitano will reverse course and she will be made to complete a secure barrier along the southern border she previously abandoned, and make it priority 1.

* Terrorism from the Mexican gangs is a huge threat and 50, 000 ARMED troops will be deployed in the first of many deployments to defend the border.

* ICE will detain and deport any and all illegal immigrants.

* Every one in the country illegally will be charged and prosecuted with fraud of government services , if fake Id’s or SS # are involved they will be arrested as terrorists and held indefinitely in Guantanamo.

* He will VETO any bills that have earmarks or do not adhere to ” pay go “.

* He will sign any bill that defunds or repeals ” doc fix”.

* He will sign any bill that cancels any part of Obamacare that exceeds the cost estimate provided by the CBO.

* He is for returning ALL spending to levels of the last budget Bush signed ( FY2008).

* He will VETO the FY2011 budget Pelosi would not allow a vote on before the election and let the new congress submit the 2011 budget to rectify Pelosi’s abuse of power in handling of the FY2009 & FY2011 budgets.

* It is ok for American’s to watch FOX NEWS , and he was wrong about FNC.

* All records of his personal life will be revealed , but not limited to just School records , adoption and birth records , Harvard Law Review articles , passport records , selective service records , in short he will lead by example in his promise of ” transparency”.

* Vow to never again say he ” inherited this mess “, and take ownership for his lack of success in his administration.

* Admit that he completely blew the oil spill crisis and apologize for being critical of Bush’s handling of Katrina .

* The Bush tax cuts are vital for the economy and need to stay in place.

* No more vacations other than to established locations in the U.S. traditionally reserved for Presidential vacations

* Retract his rule about calling terrorists , a ” man made disaster” , and return to calling them TERRORISTS, and state he knows 70% of Americans are against the GZM and he will uphold their will.

WELL at least I got ONE correct out of 30

Obama loves to play golf and sooner or late he will ask Boehner to play a round of golf.

Boehner should say.

” I wish I could find time , but I am so busy repairing the mess I inherited from you and Pelosi that I don’t have time for golf “

Obama ‘s ego will not let him abandon his far left agenda.

The United Nations has strict guidelines.

Anti-American , Socialist , Corrupt ,Redistribution of wealth , and believing in a world currency.

Obama has come to far to throw in the towel now .

Obama refused to meet with or use any of the ideas of Republicans when he had an overwhelming majority in the House and Senate .

Compromise with him is fool hardy and should be avoided at any and all costs .

Can any candidate up for re election in 2012 take a chance of the appearance that they support this egomaniacal narcissist that occupies that now occupies the Oval Office ?

America spoke last night , and there will be lots of spin about why or how we came to these results.

It is an OVERWHELMINGLY vote against Obama , his policies, and radical agenda.

Plain and simple.

Stay tuned , as soon Hillary will tell you this when she resigns so she can enter the

” Hillary in 2012 ” mode.

Expect to see resignations from Obama’s advisers , and corrupt lawmakers who will now face House investigations .

The investigations are coming and they will be very revealing.

How bad will the Sestak ,Romanoff , Obamacare vote buying and NBP investigations be ?
The tip of the iceberg……

Many Democrats ran on a platform of being against Obama, Pelosi , Tarp, and Healthcare

Most lost , but some survived .

Going forward a vote for an Obama policy or agenda is the first vote that ruins a congressional career.

Obama faces a tough time the next 2 years ,his ego and ideology will not permit him to pivot and compromise with middle of the road Americans.

NO, Obama was hand picked to be a radical ,far left ,destructive President to ruin America ,so the jealous underachievers around the world could relish in the fact America has been weakened .

Obama has inflicted damage that will take DECADES to be repaired , IF the damage can be repaired .

I don’t think it can be repaired ,in all probability we are going to have to settle for no longer being the most powerful and affluent nation on the planet , living our life with diminished freedom and tinkering on the brink of insolvency , that may be the best we can hope for .

Obama and his radical pals can’t be allowed on more inch in this country .

Compromise is not an option , Boehnor needs to bring the bills to the floor , have them passed and sent to the Senate .

Obama must be forced to either sign the bills or VETO them , either way will make him a one term President and we can spend years and years deciding if he or Carter was the worst President to hold office since 1900.

Obama had his chance , he promised transparency, accountability and the end of corruption and business as usual in D.C , he didnt simply just lie, he never had any intention of implementing any of these ideas .

Maybe Boehnor can render Obama impotent in the next two years.

Maybe he and the 112 th congress will be no better than the 111 groups that preceded them .

It is obvious from the election results last night, most believe ANYTHING is better than the group Obama has pandered to and surrounded himself with.

The vigil begins all over again , we must hold EVERY member of the White House and Congress personally accountable for their actions!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010


As the election results roll in across the Nation tonight the talking heads of ABC,CBS , and NBC will scramble to spin the overwhelming vote against Obama and his corrupt administration .
In the past week the spin has switched from " Democrats are confident that they can retain control of the House " to
" Democrats are focusing on preserving their majority in the Senate" .
Chuck said last night this is an " unprecedented election " , because this will be the 3rd consecutive cycle that control has shifted .
Sadly , Chuck failed to report the first 2 times it was Republicans losing seats .Today Democrats will be thrown out of office in a convincing manner .
Voting for Obama will cost many Dem's their Gravy Train seat , will they never learn ?

Today the huge sweep of CONSERVATIVE candidates winning races will likely eclipse even the blow out in the 1994 midterm.

ABC reported this morning that Miller is losing in Alaska , I question that I really do .
So what will the Spin be ?
More of the same ,lame, blame it on Bush and of course Sarah Palin and the Tea Party .
LSM will ask us to believe that people are still cleaning out " the mess Bush made "
NO this is a big message to Obama , he isnt getting it done ( not that any sane person could have believed him in the first place )
The media has shifted as some want to retain a shred of credibility .
Good thing they did it in the LAST WEEK before the election
Maureen O'Dowd is one , EJ Dione is now wondering what happened , and David Brooks once a proud flag carrier for Obama has decided he may want to report now instead of spin .
Johnson lost Cronkite , now who in the media will stand by Obama ?
Chris Matthews has gone from " tingles up his leg" to " he's been ELITIST, he's come with his teleprompter ,he has given his speech , he hasnt listened" .WOW Chris Matthews ? REALLY? NO REALLY why the sudden 180?
To say this to ANDREA MITCHELL ?
It is really that bad folks , meanwhile Obama will take what amounts to a small army, 3 HELO'S and over 100 vehicles on his Indonesia trip as he quickly leaves the USA after the humiliating mid term defeat, and debates whether to don a scarf and enter the Mosque .
Hillary is not around ?
Bill is pandering , flip flopping , and trying to get candidates to drop out of races,that way he looks like a team player for Dems as Hillary 2012 rears its head up .
Will Obama admit the voters are voting against him and the Democrats ?
Not a chance, he will say it is because Americans need more information about his corrupt policies ( OH NO ! not more lectures from " the one ") .
The losses in IL will likely be blamed on BLAGO.
Palin and the Tea Party will be a constant theme .

" People expected change to come faster , and this is the over reaction " Sure , yeah thats what it is

Independents and conservatives are voting agianst LIBERAL candidates and the corruption that accompanies them

"Republicans failed to capture 50 Senate seats "
That line will be used over and over again .
That will be the rallying cry " to show Republicnas failed "

Campaigns for 2102 will begin mere days after the election .

Expect the " unexpected " term to be over used , along with "The real question is will Republicans agree to work with the President "
The Obam pivot ? It is not even being considered .

Obama ,Pelosi , and Reid have been aloof and RULED , not governed , and it will be a tough road ahead for the Democrats .
Gridlock will be good thing!
Wait till we see Obama waffle when Republicans say they have to subtract $$ from one area of the budget to pass a new bill.
OBSTRUCTION,he will proclaim
Suddenly politicians like Collins & Snowe will vote against everything Obama .
Democratic Senators in 2012 are very vulnerable .
Will Chuck take his chalkboard and add up the wins in Florida, IL, and Nevada and do the math on potential 2012 electoral votes ?
Expect "some races to close to call " to be a common theme .
Challenges and lawsuits will linger for days and weeks
How many votes in AZ will be challenged because illegals cast them ?
Eric Holder is on the job , likely the story will be " DOJ made sure it didnt happen " SURE !
Obama has punched enough holes in the ship ,that it WILL sink , not If but when .
I guess as we watch him campaign for UN President we can all be proud!
Chuck really wants Gibbs' propaganda puppet job , how will he explain the reversal of direction if Republicans end up with 240 0r 250 seats in the House ?
I am with HANK JR .!