Friday, February 26, 2010


2-26-2010 12:55 PM EST

Thursday the White House rolled out a new website .

No doubt this is just the latest streak of Genius from Master Astro Turfer David Axelrod and Obama's Campaign Manager David Plouffe .

Yes with all the problems our country is now facing Obama is already back in Full Campaign Mode ( did he ever exit campaign mode ?) .

Hillary has become increasingly vocal in the last 3-4 days , and is being critical about the current US policy and how it is ruining the rest of the world .
That subject however is the subject of my next blog .

Obama's latest Astro Turf tactic will fail and fail miserably .

Here a few ways Talk show hosts can make the OBOTS look silly when they call.

1) Play the You Tube Clips of Obama and Democratic Senators denouncing RECONCILIATION, and the Clip of Obama admitting he is deeply involved with ACORN .

2) Read the EXACT text from talking point # 1 and OMIT the word " too " and substitute "can " for "can't"

3) Read the EXACT text from talking point # 2 and OMIT the word "cut " and substitute "unaffordable " for "affordable " .

4) Read the EXACT text from talking point # 3 and substitute the word "more " for the word " less " ,substitute the word " Bureaucrats " for the word " consumers ",
substitute the word " TAXES " for the words " TAX CUTS " ,substitute the word " increasing " for the word " reducing ".

5) Play the audio clip of Joe Biden bragging he actually does NOTHING as Vice President .

6) Simply have a discussion with the caller , after all they are mindless OBOTS and cant really be very smart ............

The lingering question must be , would a liberal OBOT realize that the talk show host is reading the text and making fun of the caller ?
My guess is NO , the caller would be oblivious and re tell the account of his call to his fellow OBOTS at the next Global Warming rally or SEIU meeting they attend .

Not to worry Government take over and Tyranny is coming to all Americans , the only question is will it become before or after , the crash of the Euro Dollar , The crash of the American Dollar , or Israeli attack on Iran .

By now every one should realize why Obama doesn't send his half brother money , Obama really wants 99% of all Americans living in a HUT and surviving on $10 New World Order Dollars a year

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