Tuesday, June 22, 2010


6-22-2010 11:40 AM EST

Bloomberg, the BBC , and FOX have all posted articles that show the White House knew there was a serious problem on the BP rig Horizon at least 11 weeks before the rig blew out .

Bloomberg story here MMS received emails on Feb 13th

BP filed records with Minerals Management Service on Feb. 13th, detailing the problems on Horizon .

77 days ? So the Obama administration knew for 77 days there WAS a serious problem on a BP rig that was about a mile under the ocean ?

On March 10, BP executive Scherie Douglas e-mailed Frank Patton, the mineral service’s drilling engineer for the New Orleans district, telling him: “We’re in the midst of a well control situation.”

The incident was a “showstopper,” said Robert Bea, an engineering professor at the University of California, Berkeley, who has consulted with the Interior Department on offshore drilling safety. “They damn near blew up the rig.”

The BBC also has an interview with a worker on the rig that told a similar story
Tyrone Bentonidentified a leak in the oil rig's safety equipment weeks before the explosion

Transocean was the operator of the Horizon oil rig . Why has Obama and his " green police" not mentioned Transocean ?
Because Obama is making sure the spill goes on for as long as he can !!
He wants to pass his "Cap n Tax " plan and is destroying the Gulf for his own personal agenda

Obama is to busy playing golf to worry about the Gulf Coast .
Naturally Obama had his puppets go on the Sunday talk shows and they criticized Tony Hayward for taking a personal day back in England .
Perhaps Obama could take a hint from Tony and be onsite like , well, EVERY DAY ?

Sen. George LeMieux (R-Fla.) calls Obama out, and says there are over 2000 " skimmers " in the US , but Obama has only put 20 into the gulf .
Watch the video ............

On the surface it looks like Obama and his team of " experts " dropped the ball and never had a plan .
The real explanation is that , they saw an opportunity , and knew they had to seize it .
*Obama ignored the plan that the NOAA had in place for YEARS , to burn the oil as soon as it was spilled .
*Obama refused the help of 17 nations who offered help
*Obama has failed to suspend ( Bush took 3 days to suspend it during Katrina and the press screamed bloddy murder ) the Jones Act .

Yes folks Obama mada plan and he is sticking to it .
Many people have been trying for MONTHS to help clean up the spill , but the Coast Guard and the EPA both block all efforts .
17 years ago the Saudi spill was cleaned up by taking oil Super tankers and sucking the sea water into the tanker keeping the oil, and expelling the water.
Hmmm that would be to easy wouldnt it ?

Monday, June 21, 2010


6-21-2010 10:30 AM EST

Headlines from across the pond indicate RAHM has had his fill of " Hope N Change " and may want out .
Naturally, Media puppet Robert Gibbs says it's not even worth talking about .

Obama has blown the whole Diplomatic trust between the U.S. and Israel .
Maybe Hillary could persuade the Jewish Population of New York , and Florida , that her and RAHMBO had to bail out, and now will bring the TRUE Hope N Change in 2012 .

History teaches us , that when a politician blows something as badly as Obama has blow the oil spill then heads must roll .

Evidence is leaking out that BP and the MMS BOTH knew there was a problem weeks before the accident .
What is going to happen if the investigations reveals TRANSOCEAN was negligent and BP is in no way at fault ?

BP is losing MILLIONS everyday in leaked oil ,and every time the stock price erodes 1 CENT , they lose 30 MILLION .
BP would end if it they could .

Goldman Sachs is said to have SOLD 1/2 of it's BP stock days before the accident .

HMMM GS and BP both deeply in bed with RAHM ..............................

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


6-16-2010 11:20 AM EST

Tuesday night Obama gave his first speech from the Oval Office .
Critics from both the left and right have said the speech was a total joke .
Obama had the U.S. flag pin in his lapel . Funny how since the oil spill he uses this as a fashion accessory , and during his campaign he refused to wear it ?

Obama said he is , and has been , in complete control since day 1 of the spill .

* He called the BP CEO and Chairman of the board ( no this would go against his general " don't confuse the matter with facts" , a method the White House used in Denouncing the AZ immigration law .... didn't read SB 1070 before they declared it unconstitutional mentality )
* He repealed the " JONES ACT " ( no he can't because of his union buddies ).
* He accepted the immediate help offered by 14 nations ( no he couldn't do that or the oil spill might be contained by now )
* He called in experts on previous clean up efforts ( uhmm no guess again )
* He consulted the experts from the Katrina effort ( no if he had done that many mistakes he is making now wouldn't be happening now )
* He called in the one AMERICAN who knows more about dealing with OIL Companies and vetting their info ( NOW you really didn't think in a million years he would call SARAH PALIN did you ?)

If asked what he has done all he can offer is :
* " We told BP that they needed to drill a second relief well " and if you don't believe him just ask David Axelrod he can repeat it word for word for you .
* " I instituted a 6 month moratorium on offshore drilling "....lost jobs , the oil rigs are already being moved to foreign countries and will NEVER come back to the USA waters.

WOW 58 days and that's all they can claim ?

Obama failed to tell the American people that the chances of the relief well stopping the the oil spill is equal to one hitting the LOTTERY.
No mention that in fact there is a greater chance of the relief well making the problem worse by opening up yet another hole in the reservoir oil beneath the ocean floor , than stopping the flow of oil .

The first well is scheduled to be completed on or about August 2nd , the secondary well 2 weeks after that .
What happens if the relief wells do not stop the oil spill ?( and they will not )
No one has an answer on how to stop it .
Bill O'Reilly asked Sarah Palin that question , and for a moment she almost told him the answer , but instead held her comment .

That's all that's going to stop the oil spill , it's about a mile underwater and that is far to deep to really be able to work on it .

Video from the Russian government explains how it works......

Russian video of nuked gas well

Obama claims he has made the Gulf oil spill his " Top Priority " , that is after golf , fund raising, and Concerts by POP stars at the White House .

An Alabama man has been trying to implement a plan to clean up the Alabama waters since MAY 3 rd!! Joe Flood interview

The real TRUTH here is that OBAMA is using this disaster to roll out a new FUND RAISING PROGRAM !!!
Laura Ingraham has a copy of the letter Obama is sending out

Obama claims he is in COMPLETE control of the situation.
Maybe he should tell that to: FAIRHOPE CITY COUNCIL
KEY WEST is not waiting around either .

Obama may think he is in control , but obviously he is not as elected officials in cities , counties and states are saying they will take action and deal with the "Clown in Chief " later .
Does Obama have enough political might to prosecute these people AFTER the fact ?

Obama is comparing this to 911 , SHAME ON HIM !!

" SIEGE " is the new buzz word , Obama used it from the Oval Office , and Axelrod repeated it on NBC this morning .


Obama said we must embrace new energy sources and have the can do attitude Americans had to win WW II and send a man to the moon .

IRONIC that Obama killed both the F-22 and funding to NASA to send astronauts to the ISS?

Maybe the best part is that Obama's motorcade had to drive right by this billboard on his last trip to the Gulf .....

Obama is doing NOTHING to help the matter , and lots of things to obstruct progress.
Come on, he wouldn't let Jindal build sand bars for almost 3 weeks .
Here is how Obama claims he is going meet with BP execs and " kick some ass " .

* Obama claims he is going to tell BP not to pay dividends.
* Obama claims he is going to MAKE BP start an escrow ( most reports are 20 BILLION )
* Obama legally can't do EITHER of those two " promises " , and if he did Fortune 500 companies will flee America .
* Who is going to LOAN BP the money ?
* Reports are surfacing that no one is willing to invest in oil contracts of more than 1 year with BP .
* BP loses 30 MILLION dollars for every 1 CENT erosion of the BP stock price .
* Obama is clueless on what to do and BP is not going to jump through hoops for him.

Obama MUST be planning to take BP over , as his plans are designed to create a massive short selling of BP stock ( including PREFERRED shares ).

GEORGE SOROS is smelling like 4 dozen roses . Obama gave money to a foreign country and Soros has invested almost 1 BILLION in that country since the " OBAMAGIFT " .

* Obama gives Brazil 2 BILLION for offshore drilling ( "drill baby drill", is not good enough for America but good enough for Brazil ).
* Soros pumps another 811 MILLION into Petrobras
* Petrobras has announced a 25 BILLION dollar IPO .

Obama and his " NO DRILL " policy is sending the very oil rigs in our waters to PETROBRAS ,and Soros WILL get rich on oil exploration, while also cashing in on betting against the EURO .

Where are the foaming at the mouth liberals who concocted all the BUSH / CHENEY big oil conspiracies ?

The good news ? Obama is going to appoint a new CZAR , a man with NO experience in the OIL BIZ !


Tuesday, June 15, 2010


6-15-2009 11:55 AM EST

Alvin Greene won the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate in South Carolina, and suddenly the wrath of the Democratic party to get him thrown off the ballot is exploding more and more each day .

Greene won 60% of the vote so a re count will not work for the Dem's

The conspiracy reaches all the way up to the White House, as David Axelrod has expressed his dismay in the results.

State Rep. Todd Rutherford told Fox News that he went to Greene's house to discuss with him how Greene succeeded last week in becoming the candidate to challenge Republican Sen. Jim DeMint in the November election, but he found it difficult to decipher an answer.

"About two questions into a conversation with him, it would become apparent that he is not probably fit to answer the questions befitting a Senate candidate," said Rutherford, a Democrat. "If he was put into this, then it is a joke that is funny to all the rest of us, but he doesn't get it -- because I don't know that his mental status is such that he can get it."

WOW !!! Does this mean that MAXINE WATERS would immediately be removed from her position representing the 35th district of California in the House of Representatives??

On Friday South Carolina authorities launched a formal investigation into Greene's unlikely win.

South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn, the House majority whip, said he could reach no conclusion except that Greene is a PLANT .
Well shouldn't we know by now by Greene's bank records where the money for the qualifying fee( $10,400) came from ?
Would it be shocking to find out Greene is telling the truth and has been saving $ 40 .00 dollars a week for years ?

Senior White House Adviser David Axelrod said he also is trying to find an explanation for the improbable victory.

"The whole thing is odd. I don't really know how to explain it and I don't think anybody else does either," Axelrod said on NBC's "Meet the Press."

Axelrod said he thinks the people of South Carolina deserve the best nominee on the ballot, although he supposes Greene would argue that since he won the election, he is the best candidate.

"How he won the primary is a big mystery though, and until you resolve that I don't think he can claim to be a strong, credible candidate," he said.

So what does that mean? Axlerod doesn't think this simple man can be bribed and controlled in the scheme of the Obama administration and he wants him taken off the ballot ?

Vic Rawl is the defeated incumbent and has filed a challenge of Greene's victory .

Rawl seems to think since he ( Rawl ) won 84 % of the absentee vote in one county that he should have won the entire election . NEWSFLASH the absentee votes are usually where the voter fraud is most prevalent .

Others have suggested that the voting machines malfunctioned . REALLY ? every machine in the state ?
Does this mean Nikki Haley will be kicked off the ballot as well ?
Did the machine malfunction state wide for JUST this one candidate ?

Is it so hard to believe that the people of South Carolina voted for a military veteran with no political experience rather than a corrupt career politician ?
If that's the case should OBAMA be worried about being recalled ?

Questions which need to be answered .
* Does S.C. law allow Republicans to vote for democratic candidates in the primary ?
If it does and TONS of Republicans voted for Greene , it should still stand
HOLD THAT THOUGHT as the new law in California is going to be a real nightmare !!!
* Was the Money in Greene's account for a long period of time as he claims ?
* Does S.C. law forbid others from giving Greene money to run ?
* Why is the Senior advisor to the President voicing his opinion in a matter that he has no business being involved in ?
* In America could LEGAL voters actually go to the polls and elect a candidate and then the government interfere and remove the candidate because he is not the " smartest guy in the world " ?
* What provisions are in S.C. or U.S. law pertaining to candidates or elected Senators that are accused or convicted of what ever crime Greene is accused of committing ?

Obama wants to dictate to BP about how and when it will pay dividends , and now Axlerod wants to decide to second guess the voters of S.C and remove their elected nominee.

Will we be able to vote in November or will Martial law and " National security concerns " arise and postpone voting ?

Is this a dangerous precedent in which people who do not speak clearly ( beware Barney Frank ) or people who are not really smart enough to cross the street ( Maxine Waters comes to mind ) or if you are a black man and have not secretly committed to the Socialist grab of American rights you are not allowed to be elected to Congress ?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

This has to be the perfect gift for Dad
Check it out ....

Gutter cleaning robot

Friday, June 11, 2010


6-11-2010 12:10 PM EST

Your really can't make stuff like this up .

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) was struck in the hand by one of the two male mohair goats today at a press conference.

It wasn't immediately clear which goat -- Lancelot or Arthur -- was the culprit. But we do know that Weiner ended up with a cut on his right hand after the goat-related mishap and that blood was drawn.

Can you imagine the fun the late night comics will have with this ?

* The Representative from New York's 9th congressional district is a 45 year old single man.
* His surname is WIENER .

Questions that need to be answered :

** What is a single , 45 year old white man doing with two goats ? Do they live with him ? Or does he just know " the right people to talk to " , if you find yourself suddenly in need of a couple of Goats ?

** Have the Goats been testing for STD's ?

** Is it legal for goats to live with a man in D.C.? How about in New York ?

** What is Wiener's position on NAMBLA?

** Will the good folks at PETA investigate to make sure the Goat was not abused or mistreated either before or after the incident ?

** Should Mr. Wiener had some kind of permits to have the goats at a press conference ?

** Were the goats subject to the usual rules and guidelines that the Hollywood lefties impose on animals in movies?

** Did Wiener run a disclaimer that " no animal was hurt during the filming of this press conference " ?

Take a good look at Wiener and notice how he has the goat grasped by it's horn and ask yourself , Does it look like he has handled this goat before ?
And if so , Where , When , and under what circumstances did the interaction occur ?

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Has anyone else noticed that Axlerod , Rahm , Jarrett , and the rest of the Obama MARXIST delegation have become invisible ?
Suddenly they are not appearing on Meet the Press or other news programs ?

Many experts are baffled as to why BP stock took a nosedive Wednesday .
Now the explanation is clear .
Obama has had his team of Propaganda spewers busy making a short film to Blame BUSH , Cheney , and BP for everything .

Supporting cast is believed to include " Dirty Harry" and " Nazi Pelosi "
No word yet on if Micheal Moore is directed the short feature ..........

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


6-9-2010 11:00 AM EST
Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich waltzed in to the courtroom on Tuesday to begin his corruption trial .
Why is this story not being shown over and over ?
Americans are fed up with corruption and " politics as usual " , yet this story is not being reported on the evening news .

The simple explanation is that the Obama administration is filled with corrupt rats that are tied to this trial.
Rahm Emanuel and Valerie Jarrett have both been subpoenaed.

Again we see Raham's name uttered in the same sentence as bribery , extortion , vote fixing , corruption , etc .

How will the following people be exposed in the spotlight of the trial ?

* Tony Rezko Found guilty on 16 counts of corruption in JUNE 2008
Rezko was to be sentenced on Sept. 3 , 2008

Sentencing was delayed and then in October delayed once again .
On December 15th 2008 Rezko's sentencing was delayed " indefinitely "
Rezko is tied to Obama in many ways including a sweetheart real estate for the Obama home in Chicago.
* Jarrett and Rezko took MILLIONS for the failed Grove Parc Plaza,which was later condemned .Jarrett also tried to profit from the failed 2016 Chicago Summer Olympics bid with this property .
* Nadhmi Auchi , an Iraqi Billionaire businessman convicted in the ELF oil scandal and tied to the CORRUPT U.N food for oil scandal .He loaned REZKO 3.5 million to buy Obama's house , at a time when REZKO was flat broke .
Auchi was denied entry into the US , and tried to buy his way in .Obama is tied to 2 fundraisers for his cause.
* Dr. Eric Whitaker , a bagman and middle man for Rezko and Blago . Whitaker was the Director Of The Illinois Department Of Public Health After Obama Recommended him for The post through Obama's Friend Tony Rezko.
* Abdelhamid "Ali" Chaib, a Muslim who is a long-time Rezko associate who ran Crucial Concessions Food Business set up by Jabir Muhammad, and allegedly was involved in a $1.32 million partner scheme to securitize loans, in part to assist Jabir Herert Huhammad purchase a pizza franchise that questionably added to the Rezko-Jabir Muhammad food concessions business. Obama returned to Chaib in 2004 a $5,000 campaign contribution made in 2003 to Obama's 2004 U.S. Senate campaign after Chaib's indictment in the alleged Crucial Concessions Food fraud scheme was announced.
* Davis Miner Branhill & Galland. This was the law firm for which Obama worked starting in 1993. While here he represented "Rezmar," a community development firm owned by Tony Rezko and Dan Mahru that bilked low-income community housing projects that borrowed billions for property developments allegedly made fraudently. Eleven of the 30 alleged failed Rezmar properties were in Obama's state senate district.

Jesse Jackson jr, Roland Burris, Rahm , and Harry Reid were ALL recorded by the FBI leading up to Blago's arrest .

Important questions to be answered .

* Where is Tony Rezko and why is he not in jail ?
* Will Obama appear to testify if asked to do so ?
* How much will be covered up or obscured by Obama refusing to allow Rahm and Jarrett to testify ?
* Will documents and evidence be withheld because White House Chief Counsel Bob Bauer (Bauer was Obama's personal lawyer in charge of blocking all lawsuits seeking birth records , adoption records , school records ,and Selective Service records from being viewed by the American public)by asserting "attorney client privilege" .
* With the flow of oil slowing from the Gulf crisis how long can the media avoid this story ?
* What are Michelle Obama's ties to Rezko and his wife ?
* Will the judge make sure vital information is blocked or redacted so Americans can't see the evidence ?
* Will Obama be bold enough to claim " National Security concerns " to sweep this matter under the rug ?
* Which candidates will use information from the trial to denounce Obama and his corrupt administration as they campaign for the November mid term elections .

Maybe it is possible that Obama sat in front of Jeremiah Wright for 20 years and knew nothing .
Obama's performance surely indicates he is clueless .
Then again Obama may just be a corrupt thug who twists , turns , spins and tries to tell LIES to cover his tracks .


Tuesday, June 8, 2010


6-8-2010 9:20 AM EST

NBC was kind enough to air an interview between Matt Lauer and the CLOWN that now calls the White House home .
The " Today Show " aired the segment , which was just another White House contrived propaganda ( it was not even a cleverly disguised piece) segment on Tuesday .

Lauer asked Obama why he hasn't spoke to BP CEO Tony Hayward.
Obama told Matt that when you talk to people like a CEO they are only going to " tell you what you want to hear "

HMMM interesting revelation .

Following Obama's train of thought , shouldn't one ask why we pulled the Goldman Sach's executives into a congressional hearing?

Should we be surprised Obama isn't talking to his peers in foreign governments ?

Why did Obama campaign on the concept of he would open talks with terrorist nations like Iran and Syria ?
Surely rogue nations who are involved in financing and training individuals to kill innocent American's wouldn't just promise anything in order to keep us from imposing sanctions would they ?

Does Obama's attitude explain why our long standing allies like England and Israel are shunned by this corrupt administration , while Obama hugs dictators and bows to kings ?

Obama has a new buzz phrase " BP will pay for everything , and I will make sure of that ".

This is an OUTRIGHT LIE .

The Oil Pollution Act of 1990, caps BP's liability to fishermen, property owners and other individuals and businesses at only $75 million for all claims.

So which is it ?
Is OBAMA " all on this since day 1 ", yet amazingly ignorant of the law ?
Is OBAMA in his infinite wisdom just going to change the law at his personal whim ?
Perhaps OBAMA is just telling yet another LIE and repeating it often enough that he expects people to believe it ?

Obama keeps bring up the point of BP paying dividends before the cleanup is complete.

Is he such a MORON that he doesn't realize that :
A He LEGALY can not stop this .
B It would kill the price of the BP stock and cost FAR MORE than paying the dividends
C This is the definition of MARXISM .
D The flight of corporations to move to BERMUDA or another friendly country would crash the WORLD markets in mere HOURS .

Perhaps Obama spoke with SOROS and found out SOROS is shorting BP , like he is the EURO and Obama is helping him STEAL BILLIONS from the world .

Elitism is based on a few people stealing money from the masses then making it impossible for anyone else to get wealthy .

The truth is that the media has criticized Obama for not taking charge , and now AXELHACK has rolled out this new plan to keep the American people in the dark .

Bill O'Reilly Criticized BP monday night for launching a $50 million dollar PR campaign to hopefully keep BP's image from being tarnished .

HMMM everyone is worried about BP being in business to pay for all the damages .
Is Bill to stupid to realize that with 3.13 BILLION shares of stock , BP loses 60 million for each 2CENTS that stock price drops ?

BP has lost close to 68 BILLION due to the erosion of the price of it's stock since the oil spill in the Gulf .

Perhaps Bill should be asking who is advising BP and how the money trail leads back to RAHM ?

Obama also proclaimed that by YEAR 3 everything in the marshes ,beaches , and coastline would begin to return to normal.

OK which is it ?
Either this is the worst Ecological disaster to EVER occur or it's no big deal .

Obama has time to host concerts , go to fundraisers for Barbara Boxer ( who will face a TOUGH BATTLE today's primary ) , talk to basketball teams , play golf .....

Some compare Obama to Jimmy Carter , I think NERO is a much better comparison.

Obama is incompetent, coupled with his pre contrived plan to cripple and ruin America.

This biggest hypocrisy has to be Robert Gibbs , saying " I haven't spoke directly to the President on this matter".

Gibbs uses this standard reply for all the tough questions that are asked and are NOT favorably to the administration .

However , if a reporter asks an easy question, Gibbs replies " I have spoke directly to the President and he said ................
Convenient huh ?

Obama blamed his unfavorable rating of his handling of the Gulf oil spill on the " 24 hour news cycle "
Hmmm funny how Obama bragged how he ORGANIZED voters to contribute $$$$ for his Presidential campaign and raised SMALL ( most of which could not be traced and probably came from foreign and corporate sources in violation of campaign finance laws ) donations due to his use of this same modern technology .
Should we even mention his Blackberry addiction ?

Perhaps we should be worried Obama wants to tax and censor internet news sites , blogs and create a pool of GOVERNMENT funded reporters to provide us news on a daily basis .
Straight out of 1930's Europe !!!!!

I guess Obama is out today " finding some one's ass to kick" .
Perhaps he is out vacationing or playing golf sans a shirt.
WE have nothing more than a CHICAGO THUG , that is getting his hat handed to him while ATTEMPTING to run the country.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Monday, June 7, 2010

White House fakes an apology for Helen Thomas

The White House decided today it would scold Helen Thomas .

During Monday's White House Press Briefing, Robert Gibbs was asked to react to Helen Thomas' controversial remarks on the Middle East:

"Those remarks are offensive and reprehensible."

He added that she has apologized and should have.

"Those remarks certainly don’t reflect the opinion of folks here or the administration.

WOW !! that's all ? And it only took a few days to announce it ?
The White House can slip the name of a Supreme Court nominee over the weekend but blatant RACIST comments get a pass ?

Thomas is the POSTER child for liberalism , and has a front row seat in the White House Press briefings .
Many think that Obama is waiting for Hearst to fire Thomas , so Obama will not have to revoke her White House Credentials .

Only in the Post Modern America could Rush Limbaugh be denied the opportunity to invest his personal money to buy a NFL franchise , yet Helen Thomas , the self proclaimed " biggest Liberal in the world " can get away with probably the most blatant act of racism since George Wallace Stood at the doors of the University of Alabama to block a black student from entering the school.

Should any one have any doubt what will happen when Iran follows through on the promise to escort ships to Gaza ?
Israel killed several armed scuba divers , and no doubt they will be proved to be part of the elite Republican Guard from Iran .

Hillary warned us , but the naive " Hope N Changers " refused to listen.
The News media was complicit in its non reporting and vetting of FACTS about Obama .
Europe is in shambles as the UK begins rationing health care , and Germany is enacting welfare cuts .
Time has run out for Socialism , and it can only mean war is about to emerge .

Will Obama use " Executive Privilege " to shield Jarrett and Rahm from testifying ?
Of course he will no good Socialist would let the facts confuse the issues


6-7-2010 11:50 AM EST

New facts are coming to light that Obama was briefed in the first days after the spill , and was told it would be a huge spill that would linger for MONTHS .
Allegations have surfaced that BP supplied the administration with video proof of the amount of oil gushing from the damaged well and told the White House not to show it to anyone .

So why all the secrecy ?
Rahm of course is the corrupt center of it all!

As far back as Feb. 24, 2009 Andrew Zajac wrote in the Chicago Tribune about how Rahm Emanuel lived for five years rent-free in an apartment owned by Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., and her husband, Stanley Greenberg .
Greenberg's consulting firm (Greenberg Quinlan Rosner)has received LOTS of cash from BP .
Greenberg Quinlan Rosner is also tied heavily to the Democratic Party, as it created a sister political consulting company named "GCS," an acronym based on the last names of the principals – Stanley Greenberg of GQR, James Carville, the long-term adviser of Bill Clinton, and Bob Schrum, the campaign manager for Sen. John Kerry's unsuccessful 2004 presidential campaign.

Emanuel served as chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee – which gave Greenberg huge polling contracts."

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee paid Greenberg's firm $239,996 in 2006 and $317,775 in 2008.

Once again we find Rahm at the bottom of the pile of a corruption that leads back to OBAMA .
Rahm's finger in BP cash pie

A great plan to remove the oil from the Gulf has been presented , but every one involved is not interested .

Panamax tanker plan to rid gulf of oil slick


Recently Renergie, Inc. submitted unsolicited proposals to U.S. Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL), the Governor of Louisiana, and the USCG for the purpose of: (a) collecting the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico with three Panamax crude tankers; (b) separating the oil and water onboard the tankers; and (c) transporting the separated crude oil to a shoreside facility. The three tankers employed by Renergie, Inc. would be capable of collecting 1,419,000 barrels of the BP oil spill; and, via a series of onboard skid-mounted three-stage oil/water separators, be able to separate a combined total of 432,000 barrels/day of the BP oil spill.

To date, U.S. Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) has not responded.

The Office of the Governor of Louisiana forwarded Renergie’s proposal to BP and the USCG for their review.

The USCG response, sent via three emails, stated, “The Coast Guard is not currently hiring contractors. BP, the responsible party, continues to handle all contracting requirements.” and “Unfortunately, the Coast Guard does not currently have a mission and is not hiring contractors. However, if BP requests names, I will recommend and forward your company.”

So just how OBAMA on top of this and is STUPID enough to claim it is his " Number one Priority "?

The phone keeps ringing and Obama can't answer it , and if he could he would only manage to say something stupid.
Where are the monthly Press conferences he promises ?
Why is the media not asking about his statement during the campaign wher he criticized Palin as inexperienced and boasted he could easily handle an impeding Hurricane headed for the Gulf ?

The same corrupt Democrats and Liberals keep rearing their head up in the administration that was to discard the " D.C Way , and boldly embark on a bold new path of CHANGE .

How long before REID announces he is going to retire and take his 9.5 million dollar campaign warchest and slink back to his slimey lair in Nevada ?
This administration is Corrupt, inept , cloaked in secrecy and mired in corruption .
We will be lucky to be able to go to the polls in November , by then if Obama hasn't declared martial law , we will probably be in a HUGE new conflict in the Middle East

Where are they foaming at the mouth liberals that decried Bush and Cheney's ties to big oil?
Couldnt they at least shed light on Obama and Rahm and declare them completely INNOCENT ?

Now we know Obama cant spell , when he repeatedly uttered T-R-A-N-S-P-A-R-E-N-C-Y,
he was really spelling HYPOCRISY , or he lied ........
I know which explanation I have believed for over 2 years , which one do you pick?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


6-2-2010 10:30 AM EST

The explanation of what transpired between SESTAK and Bill Clinton doesn't quite add up .

Why , If nothing " funny was going on" , would the White House enlist Bill Clinton to deliver the message ?
Why not RAHM ?

Why would they offer SESTAK an UNPAID position on an board that prohibited him being a congressman and serving on the board at the same time ?

So now we are supposed to believe they expected him abandon his campaign , leave his congressional seat , AND then take a non paying job ?

HMMM yeah where can I sign up for that program ?

Look at who is involved :
Robert Bauer , the lawyer OBAMA paid almost 3 million dollars to bury the numerous lawsuits about his birth and school records .

Rahm , who is absent from all of this ( no chance of that )

Bill Clinton , KING of the LIARS .
So who are we going to believe a 3 star Admiral or Bill ( I didn't inhale , and oh yeah she has produced a blue dress , well on second thought I might have been fooling around in the oval office after all ) Clinton ? .

Now Robert Gibbs has CHANGED the story that was just released on Friday ( conveniently timed to coincide with the Memorial Day weekend ) .

Sestak and the Obama administration both said the congressman would have kept his seat in the House if he took a spot on the PIAB. But the PIAB is comprised of individuals who are " outside the government "

Gibbs confirmed Tuesday that Sestak could not have served on the PIAB.

So now the story is that OBAMA asked Bill to talk to congressman SESTAK and offer him a position that did not pay a salary , therefore no laws were broken , yet today
Gibbs said that in fact SESTAK would have not been eligible to serve on the board .

So there you have it , Bill Clinton offered a congressman a job that didnt pay anything , that he was ineligible to accept, and it took almost a year to EXPLAIN this brief ( less than 60 second conversation ) because " nothing really happened " .

What will the story be Friday ?

Good news is that Obama is " fiddling " around with an OIL spill that he " IS ALL ON TOP OF " , yet has no idea how to solve .
Add the economy, jobs, the issue with ISRAEL , and he looks like a deer in the headlights