Sunday, March 28, 2010



The Thunderbirds were flying Saturday , and I decided to take a trip to my new river retreat , and take a cruise up the river and watch the airshow from the river .
The show drew more than 100,000 people and getting on the base would have proved to been a slow process.

Recently I bought some land on the river and built an eco friendly house upon it .
My accountant said over the long run it looks like it will be a great investment.
The combination of the decades low interest rate , the tax incentives and rebates to build a " green " structure , and the close proximity of celebrities, all make the total cost of ownership very reasonable .

An official from the Energy Dept contacted me and it looks like I may receive an
" eco grant " to make a video so others can understand how to harness the incredible
" Ocean-Atmosphere coupling " concept to cool their waterfront homes

The idea came to me one weekend while watching the Nascar race from the balcony at the beach .( I discovered if you turn the ceiling fan on REVERSE , and read the book "Jonathan Livingston Seagull", written by Richard Bach, into the KAROKE machine , then at the end of each chapter a caution flag or pit stop will happen )

Here is the photo of my new retreat , it is built entirely from
" reclaimed lumber", instead of nails we used recycled plastic plungers from an ice cream novelty ( "push ups" ) , and it takes full advantage of the natural process of the fact that land cools faster than adjacent bodies of water , and the water creates a natural cooling breeze .

As we made our way up the river I took photos of some of the natural beauty and the people who enjoy the river lifestyle .
Here is a photo of one of my celebrity neighbors' property .
Bubba Gump is Forrest's younger brother .
Bubba has a phobia of seagulls, so he chose to run a "trot line " operation rather than be a shrimper like his brother .
Here is a photo of the ship he uses daily to run his trot line ,and if you look closely you can see his luxury pre manufactured home ( it's the envy of everyone on the river ) in the background

A quick stop to let Bubba aboard and we were on our way .
Bubba thanked me again for telling him about Air America, and told me even though AA filed for bankruptcy and is off the air , he had learned much from them and he is looking at health care reform as a GOOD THING .

Bubba said although he has made the decision to lay off all of the hard working illegal aliens on his crew, utilizing new technology would increase his efficiency and this would make for higher productivity at a drastically lower cost .
Bubba said he is going to give a portion of his catch to the poor, to help offset the jobs he destroyed from the outcomes of Health Care reform and Carbon Taxes .

Bubba is moving to the SAMUS system, and is going to abandon the traditional trotline method for harvesting River Cats .

Below are a couple of examples of other people who use this method to harvest fish

Big fish are easy to catch

We drove past two guys who were using their vantage point at work to see the airshow.

This photo shows the " water line " from the recent flooding on the young trees growing on the " sand bar "

This is a photo showing trees that have been caught on the power line pedestal as the flood waters receded from the flooding two weeks ago .

Next we went under the " old bridge "

Watching the old bridge disappear aft , we came to the " new bridge "

The new bridge has a new way to monitor and report the river level via the internet

Check river level here

I manage to capture 2 rare photo's of the seldom seen River Bovine .
The River Bovine is classified as an endangered species and are protected under federal law.
Opinions varied on the boat , some thought they were present to watch the airshow , while others thought perhaps they were grazing on Crawfish ( their favorite food ) as the flood waters were receding and made the mud bugs easier to catch .

This is a photo of the " Red Albino River Bovine " this rare genetic variation is estimated to occur only in 1 in 500,000 births and it is thought only 7 Red Albino's exist in the world today .
Notice the " RED " is in very cautious and uses the rest of the herd to shield him .

A few more folks had the same idea to watch the air show from the river .
All kinds of boats were present and here is a brightly colored one .

This is one of my friend's boat, it is called the " CAT BOAT " , it has an all carbon fibre hull , two huge 540 CI supercharged engines ,and polished chromed everything .It is built to go racing the day it arrived, he races it in Lake Pontchartrain and has exceeded 160 M.P.H. in it .

Water patrol was present and accounted for to ensure everyone's safety

Bringing the right gear is essential to make sure a day at the river is fun rather than frustrating .
The boat anchored next to us was an experienced " river rat ", and had the correct gear to make sure he had a fun outing .
Make sure you have the right shoes !

A sturdy chair with beverage holder and a " lil red rib cooker " make the trip very comfortable .

Bubba bought his newest invention with him .
Bubba was present when I constructed the " River Retreat " , and we have become pretty good friends .
Bubba was gracious enough to allow me to purchase a 40% share of his new invention ,and when my check clears the bank next week,we are going to visit his
brother-in-law ( he is a lawyer ) and file for the patent .

The new invention is called the :


The " SKI N PEE " has all the functionality a world class river skier demands in a ski rope, and the added benefit of allowing the female passengers to quickly and safely climb the river bank to " answer the call of nature "
( Proper Ladies would never descend the ladder on the back of the boat and use the river as a bathroom )

I drew on my experiences and contacts in Vegas to provide the proper packaging of the tissue .

WW II vintage aircraft were the first to take to the air

Another one

This group of 4 flew in formation and the sound of their rotary engines was awesome.

This is a C-130 about to drop cargo

The cargo drop

Once the vintage propeller aircraft were back on the runway , the Air Force flew it's latest aircraft over for every one to see .
This aircraft uses the "NEGATIVE REFRACTION " technology to make it invisible !
It is also emits virtually no greenhouse gasses

The F-18 belongs to one of the local guard units.

The B-52 was huge.

The boat was anchored in a direct path of the " 18 " runway .

Thunder Birds flew directly over us at treetop level ( less than 50 feet high ) and it was difficult to get crisp photos, but I managed to get a few

Solo TBird

Solo bird banking to join the others

A pair

These 3 had the landing gear down, I think they were going to demonstrate a " touch and go "

4Tbirds in tight formation

4 Tbirds deploying smoke

I am glad I had the chance to see the airshow .
Bubba says we may never have the chance to see another one .
He told me that in the future Cap N Trade would make the show go from a free family oriented event, to a a mega expensive event that only a few super rich Billionaires and Large Corporations could afford to pay the " Carbon Tax " and attend .

Bubba also told me that because so many " Teabaggers " live here and own firearms they might consider this a " terrorist zone " once the November 2010 elections are held under the watchful eye of Martial Law .

Thursday, March 25, 2010


3-25-2010 11:10 AM EST

What actions can honest , hard working Americans take to show their opposition to Obamacare , and the corrupt,disgusting politicians in Washington D.C. ?

A ) First and foremost,make the individual decision to take an active role in YOUR government .

Become informed by looking for factual information ( from both Conservative and Liberal sources ) .
Study this information so you can engage in discussions and activities in a calm and respectful manner .

The mainstream media in America is colluding with the Liberal strategists, corrupt politicians , tyrants , and foreign Socialists to find anything they can spin, edit, and show out of context to its dwindling audience to portray the INVOLVED Americans as " Kooks , Nuts , and " Fringe "

They must do this because when these FABRICATED labels are stripped away , then the MAJORITY of Americans are simply put, " CORRECT " about the massive intrusion and takeover of our personal freedoms by this corrupt administration .

B ) The November 2010 elections will determine if our country continues down the path of financial ruin and massive intervention by the government into personal lives .
The conservative Senators and Representatives are going to pursue a daily fight for our freedoms ,and do their best to expose the tyranny in D.C.

Be sure you take the initiative on a daily basis to help them accomplish their task .

Call , email , and write your elected officials ....... Senators and Representatives ( both State and Federal ) .

Take the initiative to make this a daily activity . Put a sticky note in your cubicle or in the kitchen to remind you to do this on a daily basis .
How long does it take to fire off a quick email, or leave a voice mail for your congressman who is afraid to actually take calls from his constituents ?
Make a point to be POLITE , concise and firm with your message .
Let the public servant that works for YOU know , that you will donate your time, money, and effort to help HIS opponent get elected if he is not making the right decisions for you and your family .

The first two action items are easy to accomplish and do not require very much time or money to accomplish , as we move down the list it takes more individual involvement and commitment .

C ) Obama has chose to take our country down a path of economic recovery via the path of John Maynard Keynes .Keynes was a socialist economist from the 1930's, who advocated Governments running huge deficits in times of recession .
This model has failed every time it has been tried !
The tried and true methods of balancing budgets do work , just ask Ronald Reagan !!!!
If Obama is correct ( and he is not ) the massive government spending will lift our country out of the recession .
Do your part by saving your money .
You will need this money once the economy has floundered for a few years and the FED'S raise interest rates.
Do not spend any money that is not absolutely necessary !!
Try and spend your hard earned dollars at a local business.This helps out your friends and neighbors .
Avoid larger national chains .
National chains spend MILLIONS to lobby and influence Politicians .
If the influential Conglomerates feel the pain , they will be forced to use their bribe money to make the changes in economic policy to benefit American citizens.
Reduced profits from large corporations are visible by the whole country .
Local and national media can get away with suppressing information about local or regional recessions .
They can not suppress the financial results of publicly held corporations .

Makes sure that when you DO spend your dollars, to tell the people at the establishment you are not spending as much as you COULD , rather you are saving your money to protest the huge tax increases and the radical agenda that Obama and his socialist co conspirators have placed upon you and your family .
The economy is not going to recover and this will play a huge role come November in defeating the traitors who are voting with Pelosi and Reid .

D ) Obama will be traveling the country to " SELL " the American people on this massive and horrendous TAX ( thinly disguised as Health Care reform ) he has signed into law .

Make a point to attend one of these propaganda events near you !!
If you can't attend, then donate your time , money ,skills , or materials to help concerned citizens that can attend the event .

Hopefully by now , you will have networked with other like minded Americans and can help plan and organize trips from your local area to show opposition to the Socialist agenda being forced upon our country .

Yes it is perfectly OK ( Hillary has made this perfectly clear ) to voice your opposition about the current administration , and or the President .

Large crowds can shout REPEAL IT , NO MORE TAXES , NO MORE OBAMA , and yes its OK to BOO the President !!

The media will swarm to these events . The media will be there scouring the crowd for ANYTHING to paint the conservative protesters in a negative light, so be on your best behavior.
If you have a video camera or a video device like a FLIP, use it .
We ALL know the media will not BROADCAST the audio or video of people opposing the President and his radical agenda, but the internet and conservative news outlets will make sure the whole world will get a chance to view the footage .

Be prepared to quickly identify anyone that is promoting violence , making slurs , or using any kind of unacceptable behavior.
Make sure they are filmed and reported to local law enforcement , if they are democratic political operatives they will be exposed .
If they are radical , violent conservatives , we do not need them in our ranks and they will be ousted ,nor do we need them to be viewed as representative of our cause .

E ) Follow up on your promise to help elect non incumbents into office .
The hotly contested LOCAL primary elections will draw national scrutiny and help other conservative challengers gain momentum .
Take an initiative to donate JUST ONE DOLLAR to a candidate and oust the traitors that voted for OBAMACARE .
Donate your time , effort ,and money to candidates out of your district or state .

Bart Stupak grandstanded and pandered and in the end sold his vote to OBAMA and Pelosi .

Send Mr. Stupak a message, donate just one American dollar to his opponent DAN BENISHEK ( a Physician )

Show the whole nation how powerful individuals can be in defeating corrupt politicians .
Every candidate will see the crushing defeat of Stupak, and will cower and run for cover.

Pay attention and identify other candidates that can be ousted and replaced by HONEST Americans that are willing to go to D.C. and represent our American values.
Help these candidates in any way you can . Time , money, skills , and materials . Even 1 dollar helps !

Join the Face Book , Twitter and other FREE electronic venues that support these candidates .

Primaries will be held, and it will become obvious that incumbents that voted with OBAMA are going to be voted out .
Election laws allow Elected officials to " retire " , keep their campaign warchest ( MILLIONS ) and retreat back to their district, live a long life of luxury ( afforded by the bribes and corruption they participated in D.C ) all the while relying on their CONGRESSIONAL HEALTH CARE PLAN ( that is to good for you ) .

Small contributions by millions of true Americans can help restore SOME of our freedoms , that until now many Americans took for granted and neglected to monitor the constant pressure being applied to erode or eliminate these God given , and constitutionally guaranteed freedoms .

The chances of repealing ObamaCare or the Supreme Court striking down ObamaCare are slim and none .
We must ALL use the power of the ballot box to purge local, State, and Federal politicians that are by their direct actions, bankrupting and ruining our country .
Once we get Honest Americans in office we can try and minimize the damage ( that may take decades or longer to repair ) that Obama has subjected our country to .

The message is simple !

Get involved .

Conduct your self in a respectful, moral and legal manner .

Seek out groups of like minded individuals and join or from a local group of lawful citizens to voice opposition to Obama and his corrupt administration .

Use YOUR PERSONAL RIGHT to assemble and protest the actions of these tyrants and their agenda.

DAILY...make it a point to make positive strides to defeat corrupt politicians every single day !

TALK to people you spend your hard earned money with, and let them know how disgusted you are with the current administration .
Remember they need your hard earned dollars much more than you need their goods or service .

Remember that idiots in other parts of our country elected CORRUPT politicians that ALWAYS vote contrary to our values , and we can do something to help influence the out come of these elections even though they may be outside our local district .

Remind yourself and others every day , that MOST of America did not want OBAMACARE .

Realize that certain districts pander to the small group of citizens that believe the government should pay for everything , and take dollars form hard working Americans to fund their lazy pathetic lifestyle .

Remind yourself,that in these districts we can never get an honest politician elected.
Instead concentrate your efforts in the districts where responsible citizens can be elected to uphold the constitution, we must ALL take a personal stake in ensuring that is made to happen!

We only need a handful of corrupt incumbents voted out , so we can take back control of the House of Representatives and the Senate , and ensure we regain control our individual lives .

Remember that SUNSHINE is the best cure for corruption .

Support the men and women that made the BRAVE choice to subject themselves and their families to the daily onslaught of intense scrutiny and malicious attacks perpetuated upon them to bring you the truth on radio , television ,news outlets ,and blogs .

Buy products from the corporations that support their broadcasts and venues .

Boycott and write corporations that undermine our American values and support viewpoints that oppose the conservative members of the media .

It really works !!
The cartoon network draws more viewers than MSNBC or HLN.
Olberman can pander his hate to the small group of idiots and the sponsors of programs such as his can suffer the fallout at the cash register.

Remind yourself every day of these simple facts .

It's your country and they work for us !

It's your children and grandchildren that will live under the rule of tyrants if we do not stop this madness !

Individual efforts that are performed repeatedly by millions of people across our country will succeed !
A concerned citizen could set aside 25 dollars .
10 million Americans donating a single dollar to 25 candidates , would give 25 honest candidates a 10 million dollar campaign fund !

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing !

Friday, March 19, 2010



Obama's new TAX plan that is thinly disguised as a massive Health Care entitlement will cause Doctors to flee the workforce or reduce the number of patients they will treat .

Let's take a look at a hypothetical situation .

The setting is a typical practice with 2 Doctors .
The practice would also employ 12 additional "staff" .

Doctors typically work 4 days per week .
$400,000.00 for each doctor is a very believable gross income .

Under the current Tax brackets each Doctor would be in the 35% bracket and pay about $140,000.00 in taxes , leaving about $260,000.00 BEFORE any state or local taxes .

What happens under Obama's new Socialist Medical plan ?

The Doctor now finds he is in the (minimum ) 43.9% bracket ( keep in mind it can be as high as 46.9% under Obama's plan ).
Now the Doctor is over the $250,000.00 cap , and is going to pay much more in taxes !
The tax liability is now $175,600.00 , leaving the Doctor $224,600.00 before state and local taxes !
Additionally the Doctor would have the HONOR of paying an extra 2.9% Medicare tax !
That makes the Doctor net about $213,000.00.
The financial reward for your Doctor's efforts has now been reduced by 19%

That's HOPE N CHANGE everyone wanted right ? Do the same work make 19% less ?

What is a smart Doctor going to do ?
He is making 20% less , why not cut back some and play more golf ?

Cutting his work load, seeing fewer patients and reduce the amount of taxes he pays seems like the smart way to go .

Going to a 3 day workday, his gross now would be $300,000.00.
The tax liability would be $131,700.00 , factor in the 2.9% Medicare penalty ( $8,700.00) and that leaves about $159,600 before local taxes .

What happens if he cuts his patient load in HALF ?
Now he is below Obama's threshold and would land in an entirely lower bracket !!
The Doctor would now land in the 30% Tax bracket .
His $200,000.00 salary would now lose $60,000.00 dollars to the IRS and be exempt from Obama's gracious offer to pay an extra Medicare tax .
Now he has $140,000.00 before state and local taxes .

Hmmm work only 2 days and only take a 12 % pay cut?
What would you do if you had the option to work 1/3 less hours and only lose 12% of your income ?

What if the Doctor decided he wanted to make , oh lets say, %249,000.00?
His tax liability would be $74,700.00 , leaving him %174,300.00 before state and local taxes ( and no added Medicare tax ) .
Well now that sounds like the best option, work 2 days of 9.5 hours each and call it a week .
March into your employer's office and tell him you are going to work 17.5% less hours and he needs to increase your take home pay by 9% !!

The Liberals in control of our government leave many questions unanswered in their Government take over plan .

Will ALL doctors be required to accept ANY insurance plan that emerges from this Health care take over ?(many hospitals and doctors currently will not accept Medicaid ).

Currently Doctors do not have to accept Medicaid ( it only pays about 65% of their customary fee schedule ).
Medicare is going to take a 500 BILLION dollar hit so , it only makes sense the fee schedule would go down ,and the Doctor would stop accepting Medicare also !!

How does it handle a wife who is on the husband's insurance plan ?
Will EACH employer be FORCED to supply insurance for every employee and force you to come off your spouses health plan ?

Obama's has said " you could keep your current plan if you want to " , and that " people who cant afford insurance would be subsidized ".
Someone has to pay for the people that cant afford insurance ( this would be the NEW TAXES Obama swore would never happen )

The reality is , the doctor you are happy with will be forced to make hard decisions.
He will " ration " his time to a group that has the insurance plan that pays him the most for his services .
This group would be comprised of local or state employees ( many times Union members ) ,that have Blue Cross, Humana ,United or another MAJOR health insurance plan .

The Doctor will have his office manager run a report of all the patients with Blue Cross, then he would take JUST the patients that work for the city or state , and inform all other patients he is referring them to another Doctor.

The practice keeps JUST enough patients to slip under the $250,000.00 cap .

What does this mean for the average American ?

Will your employer decides to keep your current group health plan , rather than pay the 8% penalty and force you into the " government pool of plans " ?

Here are a few examples :

Example 1
Walmart worker makes $15,000.00 per year .Insurance would cost the employer $ 250.00 a month , or $3000.00 per year .Walmart could simply pay the 8% penalty ( and put the employee in the desirable situation of paying a 2.5% penalty if he does not find an insurance plan ) .
What will Walmart do ? Pay the 8% penalty ( $1200.00 ) or buy the $3000.00 insurance policy ?

Rejoice in the fact, that either way as a consumer, YOU GET TO PAY FOR IT!!!

Example 2
Male with a wife and 2 children making $60,000 a year .
Employer provided plan costs $1200.00 per month ( and figure they pay 80% of the premium ).
This would cost the employer $11,500 per year .
Employer has the option of paying the 8% penalty of the workers salary ($4800.00),
OR pay the FULL amount of $14,400.00 for the insurance policy .

What will your boss do ? If he cancels the group plan he has given you a $10,000.00 salary DECREASE !! ( and adds $6,700.00 to the bottom line without buying , selling , or transacting any form of business )

MAGICALLY the 8% penalty is more cost effective up to the $250,000.00 salary cap ( if you are making 250K per year you probably live in a state that the group plan would be $1600.00 per month or more )

I used VERY LOW cost examples for the insurance policy, check your local rates, and find out for your self !

Let's assume you retain your Blue Cross insurance , and you want to see the Physician you have seen for years , decades, and in many cases for generations.
The office manager will inform you, that the practice has cut their patient load and can no longer retain you as a patient .

Obama has promised you can keep the current plan that you are happy with, trouble is that the penalty for your employer makes it almost impossible for him to keep your plan.
The Doctor you have seen for years no longer will see you .
Obama is telling the truth you can keep this plan , but it is really no good to anyone, as you can't find a doctor that will see you !!

Soon the private insures all go out of business, and you are forced into the " Government Plan "

This plan allows you to go to work every day, and work hard ,and worry about your job security in this tough economic down .
Your reward is to have an inferior health plan, much like the plan that people on the welfare role enjoy today ,and liberals moan about being inadequate .
One might ask , why not just quit your job and become a " government dependent ".

This is the devious side of Obama's evil socialism!
Throw in amnesty for illegal aliens , and we may never be able to vote the tyrants out of office !!

More taxes , job losses, rationed health care , long waits for procedures ,inability to see your current doctor ,and Private insures cease to exist .
These are the rewards of Obama's " Vision " !

Thursday, March 18, 2010


3-18-2010 9:50 AM EST

National drug store chain Walgreens has announced that as of April 16, 2010 it will no longer participate in filling prescriptions for Medicaid patients in the state of Washington .
This is a growing trend that many Physicians and Hospitals have decided to adopt .
Why take government subsidized payments when the payment causes the provider to LOSE money ?

Many critics of Obama's Health Care reform plan have said the plan will force " rationing "
Rationing will be swift and immediate , most of the QUALIFIED doctors and hospitals will "OPT " not to accept it !!

Medicaid,like other government entitlements is DEEPLY in debt .

Have you asked your doctor if he accepts Medicaid ?
Try checking the ER in your town , chances are it has a sign that says something like this :

By law we must admit and treat all patients , however once we have stabilized the patient we will provide transport ( at our expense ) to a facility that accepts Medicaid . We do not accept Medicaid at this facility .

The so called " Doc Fix " is a bail out of Medicaid .
Obama's plan will not only help those who cant afford insurance , it will entrap and create a whole new class of patient , a patient that has to settle for SUBSTANDARD health care .

Doctors do not want to accept Medicaid because it is not profitable , if Congress does not STOP the next decrease in the schedule fee for Medicaid providers very few will be willing to accept this form of payment .

1/2 of OBAMACARE is to be paid for by CUTS in Medicare .
I do not for one second think our elected representatives will show their face and tell the voters they ruined the FORCED insurance plan that Grandma and Grandpa are enrolled in because they slashed the payment schedule and no one will accept it anymore .
It's very simple , either Congress will pass an amendment or law that retracts the 500 BILLION decrease ,OR Medicare will be a worthless form of insurance .

Does Obama care REQUIRE any and all doctors, hospitals , and clinics to accept ANY form of insurance that a patient would present ?
If not , then all it is going to accomplish is a HUGE tax increase , destroy existing insurance companies and plans , and enroll TENS OF MILLIONS of Americans in an insurance plan that NO qualified physician or Hospital would accept .

Do not think you are safe because you have an Employer provided insurance plan ?
The Government will set the rules of coverage and most employers will find out it is much cheaper to eliminate the GOOD insurance you have now and pay the " penalty " and let you fall into the 'Government plan"

The tax runs much deeper than you think , EVERYONE will be mandated to enroll.
What does this mean to WalMart , fast food , grocery stores , and other entry level and low paying jobs ?

HUGE price increases !!

Do not worry about the " Tanning bed tax " , typically these are college students working part time . Imagine what the cost of a tanning session will be once the tax is enacted and the employer is force to either provide insurance or pay the penalty.

This employee will all of a sudden go from being a $8.00 an hour employee to a $ 14.00 an hour employee .
For employees making 36K or more a year the increase will not be as drastic, YET the people who provide MOST of our daily goods, services , and point of sale transaction will effectively have the cost of their employment go up by 40% or more .

What does this mean to you ?
HUGE price increases !

Doctors make a great living .
They also many times work weekends and long hours .

The doctor you would need the most to save your life like a Cardiologist, is not going to be willing to work all weekend ,nights an holidays for a very low paycheck

Ask yourself this question, if you or a loved one had a stroke or heart attack would you like the cardio doctor and his team to treat you that night or over the weekend or would you prefer to have some 22 yr old inept " practitioner " look at your chart and say " well you had a heart incident , we will get in you in the line to see the Cardiologist , please remain calm and patient for the next week or so "

Obama's new plan will put them in the 44% tax bracket and cut their fees in HALF .
No good Doctor would even reach over to the night table and turn the pager OFF for that kind of compensation

To make it worse many doctors will just throw the towel in and call it quits .
The new American health plan will resemble the " Doc in a box " model and you will wait DAYS to be seen by a an inexperienced " medical technician "
Rich people MAY still have Blue Cross or Humana or a REAL insurance plan , but the rest of us will not .


UNIONS are exempt from all of this !!

HOPE N CHANGE you can believe in !!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


3-16-2010 10:45 AM EST

South Dakota joins Montana , Utah , Tennessee , and Wyoming as states that have passed legislation declaring any firearm manufactured within state borders , and remains within the borders to be EXEMPT from any and all federal laws and regulations .

The current movement sweeping across the USA is known as the " Firearm Freedom Act "

The spark has ignited a grassroots awareness and now the flames are beginning to burn .

The 10th Amendment is very clear , yet our Government regularly tramples on it and mandates programs that are bankrupting our states and country .

Obama, as well as generations of corrupt and greedy elected officials have all but stolen our great country from us .
Stand up for your rights , as if you do not vote these scoundrels out in November 2010, then you will be forced to live as a peasant or even worse be caught in the middle of a civil war .

More info here

and here


3-16-2010 10:20 AM EST

Hypocrisy is rampant in D.C. , and naturally Pelosi is at the forefront of the current wave of " Well it's ok as long as it advances our left wing agenda "

Nancy Pelosi , Henry Waxman , and Louise Slaughter ALL opposed this dirty trick when Republicans used it in 2005 .

Not only did these 3 oppose it , they joined in a lawsuit filed by an organization led by none other than Ralph Nader .

Nader's legal activist group, PUBLIC CITIZEN filed a lawsuit in the United States Court of Appeals for the District Of Columbia .

Public Citizen lost their case .

Bottom line is Pelosi can do almost anything she wants and RAHM this farce of Health Care reform through the House .

The good news is that ,Scalia was a dissenting vote , and perhaps the loophole could be that since this bill has FUNDING in it , by law it must have originated in the HOUSE ( It's a Senate bill ) .

Why are our elected officials playing all these games ?
Simple answer is they do not have the votes either in the House or Senate to pass a good bill.
The " Obama summit" was ,like many predicted an orchestrated dog and pony show .

Call your elected representative and let them know what a joke this is and how hard you will work to make sure that ANYONE in any state or district will lose in their next election .
We may not can rely on our representatives doing what is right for the American People , but we can appeal to their immense source of GREED , and EGO !!!

Copy of the lawsuit

More info here

SHOCKED PELOSI would use dirty tricks and back room deals

Monday, March 15, 2010


3-15-2010 12:55 PM EST

Another anonymous advertisement has appeared on the roadside of a major interstate freeway in the outer-ring suburbs of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolis area, on I-94 just outside of Albertville on the way from St. Cloud to Minneapolis. This ad recalls a President that never got his due in Minnesota:



Challenges Could Drag Out Votes...

HATCH WARNS HOUSE: 'If those people think they're only going to vote on this once, they're nuts'...

CATERPILLAR: Bill would cost company $100M -- in the first year alone!
'Expands IRS Power'...

NOONAN: Now for the Slaughter!

Anti-abortion Dems working on 'deal'...

SEN. MCCONNELL: More Medicare cuts, more taxes AND taxpayer funded abortion in new bill...

Obama: Our fates are tied...

GALLUP: President's Approval Rating Lowest Yet, Congress Nears All-time Low...

100,000 Calls Per Hour To Congress...

Sheriff Joe launches immigration sweep in AZ...

Obama endorses immigration blueprint...

Won't Rule Out Using 'Slaughter' on Immigration Or Other Bills...

COURT: Fed Must Release Bailout Documents Identifying Firms on Brink...


Sarkozy Opposes IMF Involvement in Greek Crisis, Widening Rift With Merkel...

TN governor tells Corker, Gordon that state can’t afford ObamaCare

Former Bush economic advisor: Reconciliation bill contains several “Byrd rule violations”

Thought of the day: “If you don’t tie our hands, we will keep stealing”

More no-mentum: Lynch says firm “no” from earlier yes on ObamaCare

The Health-Care Wars Are Only Beginning
The president's health plan won't solve a problem. It will be the start of bitter fights over funding and policy that will consume the nation for decades to come.a problem. It will be the start of bitter fights over funding and policy that will consume the nation for decades to come.

Attorneys General in South Carolina and Florida Set to Sue on Health Care Reform

Fox News Poll: 68% Say Vote Out All Incumbents


Walgreens: no new Medicaid patients as of April 16

Cash-Strapped New York State Halts $500 Million In Tax Rebate Checks...

Debate On Soda Tax Gets Heated At Philly's City Hall...


Clinton piles pressure on Israel...

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Petraeus: Iran aiding al Qaeda...

DEAL: California water may secure two more yesses...

No CBO score Wednesday night; Saturday healthcare vote unlikely....

Idaho first to sign law to sue fed gov't over healthcare; 37 other states consider...

Virginia will sue...

DON'T ASK, DON'T TELL: Hawaii considering law to ignore Obama 'birthers'...

New photographs of Obama's childhood in Indonesia emerge...

Arrest Made In Investigation Linked To Actor Haim...

Capitol Hill cops decry bullying Congressional staff members...

Hurt dog finds way to emergency room...

Video: Slaughter strategy ripped by … Chris Matthews

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AP fact check: Premiums will rise under ObamaCare

Obama on Slaughter strategy: “I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about what the … rules are”; Update: “Combative” video added

Record-breaker: Obama runs up $2 trillion in debt in 421 days

Republican lawyers warn Democrats of "deem and pass" consequences

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Price tag for Tiger’s transgressions? $50 million

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Phone lines jammed...

LA utility rates may rise between 8% and 28% to pay for mayor's 'green' initiatives...,0,7870063.story

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NY TIMES cuts 150 jobs; 8% of newsroom...

Pelosi: 'Nobody Wants to Vote for the Senate Bill'...

Plane kills jogger in beach emergency landing...

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Will Kucinich Cave?

House may try to pass Senate healthcare bill -- without voting on it!

Corruptocrat AG Eric Holder and his terror-coddling DOJ, Pt. 9,899


Gitmo's Indefensible Lawyers


The Anti-Jobs Bill

Obama's Trade Trouble

Obama Nominates Missile Defense Critic to Key White House Spot

Box Office: Alice Turns Damon a Sickly Green,8599,1971941,00.html

Thursday, March 11, 2010


3-11-2010 9:55 AM EST

Obama , and ranking Democrats have whined for weeks about " needing an up or down vote on HealthCare reform "
Why has the Bill not been voted on ?
Pelosi does not have the votes , and it looks like more and more that she can't buy or bribe enough Democrats to get the votes .

Pelosi's latest plan is to PASS the Senate bill WITHOUT actually having our elected representatives actually vote on the bill !!

How could this be ?

Each bill that comes before the House for a vote on final passage must be given a rule that determines things like whether the minority would be able to offer amendments to it from the floor.

In the Slaughter Solution, the rule would declare that the House "deems" the Senate version of Obamacare to have been passed by the House. House members would still have to vote on whether to accept the rule, but they would then be able to say they only voted for a rule, not for the bill itself.

Louise Slaughter is waiting to receive scoring from the CBO and then Pelosi might try to use this tactic .

There you have it ! Nancy is going to " DEEM " the bill to Obama's desk for his signature.

How could this be happening in America?

Regardless of your party affiliation or opinion on this bill ,EVERYONE should call their elected officials and tell them that this is WRONG .

We live in America , not Venezuela, Cuba, or Libya .

The long term implications of letting a bill arrive onto the President's desk without actually voting on the bill are horrible .

Can anyone deny that this administration , and the wacko's in Congress have us on a course not only to Socialism but a destination far worse ?


For the first time, Democrats admit what Americans already know about their health care bill: it would raise premiums, it's a windfall for drug companies and insurance companies, votes were secured through backroom deals, it cuts hundreds of billions of dollars from Medicare, and it raises taxes.

Read more at the Washington Examiner:



Pentagon Shooter's Guns Were Once Tennessee Police ...

L.A. City Hall fears ripple effect of layoffs

Probe Fails to Duplicate California Prius Tale

Mission: Impossible' Star Peter Graves Dead at 83

Cashing In Uncle Sam's IOUs

Social Security is ready to cash in their IOUs, but the government may not have the money to give them

British regulator: Gov’t AGW claims “not based on solid science”

“Thousands” rally at Minnesota capital to “Kill the Bill”

Most Americans want health care reform

Gibbs: By next Sunday, healthcare reform will be the 'law of the land'

Graham: Obama just paying lip service to immigration reform

Confident Axelrod challenges GOP: said he relished the prospect of Republicans campaigning on a repeal of the health care reform legislation in 2010.

Justice's wife launches 'tea party' group,0,3190750,full.story

MTP Clyburn: We don’t have the votes — yet

Obama Supports DNA Sampling Upon Arrest...

MEXICO UNDER SIEGE: 13 killed in Acapulco area, 11 others elsewhere...,0,5589087.story

Gunmen kill American consulate staff...

Cocaine users 'making global warming worse'...

SPACEX says rocket test fire is success; Privately developed spaceship 'to fly cargo'...

Dem Whip: Not enough votes...

Linsdey Graham To Axlerod: American People 'Tired Of Crap'...

Demand for Obama wanes among Dem moderates...


Kissinger Hospitalized in SKorea...

Clinton warns Netanyahu to renew peace efforts...

GOOGLE '99.9%' sure to shut China search engine...

Att'y general failed to give legal briefs to Senate...

SNEAK: TWITTER watching you; New tech tells world where you're tweeting from...

Chavez thanks Penn for slamming his critics...

Reporter booted from Sean Penn event...


Mexican helicopter over Texas sparks concern...


Daughter: James Brown's body is 'missing from its crypt'...

Obama-backed website on government spending found lacking...,0,1749979.story

Al-Qaeda suspect worked at SIX nuclear plants...

Donald Trump on Al Gore: 'Take Away His Nobel Prize'...

Ruling Kills an Option for Moving Bill...

HORROR: Student Stabbed 16 Times With Steak Knife at Manhattan High School...


Tiger Likely to Play at Masters...

'Net Posse Tracked 'Jihad Jane' for Three Years...

Rosie Devotes Increasing Airtime To Debunked 9-11 Silliness

'Racial Conspiracy' Abortion Ban Bill

Is Second Terror Arrest Jihad... Jamie?
Small-town mom Jamie Paulin-Ramirez is 2nd U.S. woman nabbed in alleged plot to kill Swedish cartoonist,2933,589147,00.html

EMTs Believed Woods' Crash Was Domestic Violence,2933,589121,00.html?test=latestnews

- California County Files Suit Over Toyota Defects

Lead Story
Constitution Butchers: Stop Pelosi’s Slaughter House

NYT pity party for Obama bundler-turned-bungler Desiree Rogers

Panic at the Team O: Asia jaunt delayed for Demcare

The South Jersey jihadist

Harry Reid hides behind 11-year-old kiddie shield Marcelas Owens

A wrench in Dems’ Wreckonciliation plans, but…

Holding Corruption-Enabler of the House Nancy Pelosi accountable; GOP resolution on Massa ethics probe passes 404-2 402-1; roll call vote added

Corruptocrat AG Eric Holder’s “forgetfulness” strikes again

Dump Demcare: 2,000 protest in St. Louis; keep the no-mentum going; Dems push “Slaughter Solution;” March 16 Call to Action



Pelosi's office was told of concerns about Massa...

Romney Tops Bestseller List...


Biden scolds Israel over settlement plan...

Kennedy Yells: Media Doing 'Despicable' Job Covering Afghanistan!

Govt. workers feel no economic pain; Security, wages, benefits beat private sector's...

Canadian dollar likely to trump US ...

Monthly Federal Budget Deficit Balloons to Record; Up 14% from 2009...

Pro-Life House Dems: Senate Health Care Bill Dead on Arrival...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


3-10-2010 11:08 AM EST

Robert Reich is a washed up propagandist / Secretary of Labor from the Clinton administration .
George Will completely blows his point out of the water in a mere 18 seconds .
The other 112 seconds is just Reich being a windbag .
Pay close attention as Reich never ever tries to dispute Will's facts , instead he asserts that Americans are to stupid to decide things for themselves.
Perhaps Reich should get a history book and study what happened with airline de regulation .

Friday, March 5, 2010


3-5-2010 9:50 AM EST

Thursday afternoon a 36 year old man attempted to enter the Pentagon .
Security guards asked for his ID, and the man reached into his pocket and produced a handgun and opened fire on two security guards .
The 2 Security guards injured in the incident are recovering in the hospital and both are expected to survive.

Reliable sources report the identity of the man as John Patrick Bedell , a 36 year old man from California .

Make no mistake this man is a TERRORIST !!!!

Bedell is "911 Truther " , he believes that the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center were plotted and carried out by our own government .

How long before the U.S government changes its stance and admits this ?

Bedell has a previous conviction for cultivating marijuana ( he must be to stupid to apply for medical marijuana ).

Sadly ( for liberals ) , the media will not be able to connect this lunatic to the "Tea Party " movement .

Perhaps the media should start keeping score ? Times are tough in America, and it looks like the Liberal nut cases are now starting to embrace " suicide martyr " methods .

Let's all be thankful that President Bush took an aggressive stance towards Terrorism .

How long before these nutcases find the radical Muslim groups and gain possession of SYMTEC or some other powerful explosive ?
How many " sleepers " are now in our military and could steal a small brick of C-4 and allow it to fall in the hands of nutcase like this man ?
The radical Muslims would dance in the street if they could get a white man to strap on a suicide bomber jacket and kill innocent Americans here on our home turf .

Dick Cheney has said many times we would be less safe under Obama's leadership .
I think we all have to seriously consider , that if we are not already there , then we are surely headed down the path Mr. Cheney described .

Will Napolitano mishandle this latest incident ?
If she does will it lead to her resignation ?

How will this incident play out on the local college campus for the students who are protesting the defunding of their colleges ?

Where is Obama ?
Is he waiting on the speech to be written and loaded on to the TOTUS ?

How can BUSH be blamed for all of this ?

Pelosi lacks the votes to pass the Senate Health Care bill ,and the current administration has either flip flopped on every policy decision they have made or will soon.

Hillary was right ,Obama got the 3 A.M. call and its now 3:45 and everyday an inept President allows our country to be drawn further and further into a cesspool of corruption and inexperienced leadership .,2933,588074,00.html

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


3-3-2010 12.24 PM EST

I think the best lies Obama told were told in the brief moments he actually campaigned against McCain , rather than BUSH .
Don't trust the media or right wing Bloggers , Let Obama tell you in his own words .
I think it is safe to say with or without TOTUS , anything that comes out of his mouth is just a plain out right lie .
To make it better, it only takes a few months for it to be exposed !!!



3-3-2010 11:55 AM EST

Charlie Rangel being the nice guy he is ,has offered to take a " Hiatus " until the ethics committee finishes the investigation into his felonious actions .
Pelosi forgot to tell us this investigation will wrap up sometime about , of , so after the 2012 elections .
Artur Davis jumped on the bandwagon, calling for Rangel's resignation yesterday. ( only 2 years too late but hey he has a tough set of folks back home to answer to )
What a joke .