Monday, February 22, 2010


2-22-2010 10:40 AM EST

Obama has announced a Televised Health care debate between Democrats and Republicans .
The millions of hours of TELEVISED Health Cared debate that Obama CAMPAIGNED on and CSPAN promised to deliver , never quite materialized.

Obama now has a feather for his cap .

Today he surpassed George Bush's record of 214 days without a formal press conference . ( you have to love the TRANSPARENCY of this new REGIME )

Details are leaking out on the Health Care Proposal Obama will present in just 3 days .

Let's examine some of the leaked details .( Keep in mind these details are deemed reliable but unconfirmed , then again it may be a deliberate leak to let " ASTRO ROD " gauge the public sentiment and use the CLINTON TRIANGUALTION process )

A) Obama uses the word tax 35 times ( does this mean he LIED 35 seperate times? MANY video clips exist of him saying "Now let me be clear I will not raise your taxes if you make less than 250 thousand dollars a year ")

B)Increases fees on Pharmaceuticals ( You see by TAXING key suppliers in the supply chain of American Health care system, these companies will actually absorb the increases and adjust their business model from a FOR PROFIT model to one that loses money on a yearly basis )

C)Broaden 'Tax Base for High-Income Taxpayers' .I will not comment on the 83% income tax the wealthy in London are paying .

D) Orders 'Comprehensive Database' On Health Claims .Can you spell BIG BROTHER and inefficiency in government administration ?

E) 'Raises percent of income assessment that individuals pay if they choose not to become insured' .Not only do you lose your choice but if you resist then you pay through the nose .

F) 'Funds will be transferred to the Social Security Trust' if necessary ( this is my personal favorite )

Social Security is going BANKRUPT because most of the tax we pay to Social Security pays for other BANKRUPT ENTITLEMENTS ( M-E-D-I-C-A-I-D )
This whole " solution " is simply a SCAM to redistribute TAX DOLLARS , and place a BANDAID on Medicaid,Medicare and the rest of the fraudulent SOCIAL ENTITLEMENTS that perpetuate poverty in America .

How long will the " proposal " be ?
How many pages will be dedicated to TORT REFORM , BUYING ACROSS STATE LINES , TAX CREDITS , and other ideas recommended by CONSERVATIVES? ( not a single one !!)

We have 3 HUGE programs that the government can't pay for and the " fix " is to launch a new wealth redistribution program that will raise taxes and immediately go down the same path of Bankruptcy.

Perhaps we should FIRST pass a law that Forbids ANY money collected for SOCIAL SECURITY to be used for OTHER purpose , if not lets END THE PROGRAM !

Americans are now subject to a radical government that has decided to control bank profits and bonuses .
They also control the Car companies , and now they claim they are going to dictate what rates an insurance company can charge their customers .
Next is the HEALTH CARE system and 18% of the economy ( which will balloon to 30 % in 2-3 years )
Why cant we be like Mexico and let the government FIX and subsidize the cost of Gasoline?

Do Americans really wish to be governed like the people of Venezuela ,Mexico, France , or other Western European countries ? If they did wouldn't they simply pack their bags and move to one of those countries ?

Nationalization of services and controlling private industry , all the while we have a RULER that will not accept questions about policy , instead he just rolls propaganda out through his puppets .
If we search the History books what would these circumstances be called ?

People in London are paying 83% income tax ,America is mired in debt and in 10 years or so we will be there also. It will be wonderful the youthful un employed will take to the streets and burn cars . Married couples will spend their days at work wondering how they will put food on the table and spend sleepless nights knowing their elderly parents are thankful to have a few cans of dog food to enjoy in the twilight of their lives .

I think I would like to just cling to my guns an religion and let everyone else keep my share of the change and just go on down the road and leave me alone.

Remember this , VAT or other hidden taxes, penalties or fees are in FACT TAXES .
If you are told no one is going to force you to take government healthcare , they are not telling you that no private companies will exist as the government plan will operate from DAY ONE as a DEFICIT and there will be no private company for you to pay your premiums to .

It is all BUSH'S fault and OABAMA has no CHOICE but to raise your taxes .
If you believed OBAMA could enact any of his campaign promises, and NOT raise taxes then you are silly at best and let's hope the 22 % of those folks vote for him again !!

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