Tuesday, January 26, 2010


1-26-2010 11:55 PM EST

Obama will give his " State of the Union " speech in less than 24 hours .
Surely we will be reminded how he " inherited this terrible mess " .
Teleprompters will flank him on both sides as he utters his doublespeak, still trying to con the average American into falling for his " NEO SOCIALISM ".

James O'Keefe was arrested today in Louisiana along with alleged co-conspirators Stan Dai,Joseph Basel, and Robert Flanagan.Robert Flanagan is the 24 year old son of Bill Flanagan, the acting U.S. Attorney based in Shreveport.

President Barack Obama's announced on January 20th, 2010 that he had nominated Stephanie Finley as U.S. Attorney for Louisiana's Western District. Sen. Landrieu recommended Finley for the post in July of last year.

Odd that Finley would replace Bill Flanagan ?
Sheer coincidence that United States Senator Mary L. Landrieu, D-La.,recommended MS Finley for the position ?
Stranger still that all these parties are linked together just 6 days after the announcement?

Jesse Jackson jr. is still sweating it out in Illinois with investigators about his role in " bidding "for Obama's vacant Senate seat .

Something is not quite right about all of this .I am AMAZED at the speed that Federal agencies investigated , indicted , and arrested these four men.I mean come on 24 hours ? Not even Jack Bauer could coerce a confession and obtain a warrant,track the suspects down and arrest them in that time frame.

Possible explanations ?
Perhaps Bill Flanagan was involved in an investigation of Senator Landrieu ,and his son found out about a legal wiretap?
Perhaps some one in the White House was listening in on Senator Landrieu's conversation , and making sure the BRIBE they paid her for the yeah vote on Health Care was not being backtracked on ?

James O'Keefe seems to be a bright young man ,I can't believe he would try to compromise a Senate office and place an illegal wiretap .
Does Mr. O'Keefe have a video tape or some other evidence he mailed a responsible 3rd party outlining what he was doing in case he got caught ?

Much was said about President Bush and his replacing US Attorneys .Obama has already in 1 year appointed more than Bush appointed in 8 years .
Where is the Media and their truth detectors ?

Already we have seen 2 Obama appointees have to withdraw .
Max Baucus recommended that the White House consider Melodee Hanes ( His GIRLFRIEND )
Stephanie Villafuerte withdrew her nomination ( thanks to tough questions by Alabama senator Jeff Sessions )
Stephanie Villafuerte and Colorado governor Bill Ritter are implicated in the persecution of of ICE agent Cory Voorhis, who was later acquitted of charges based largely on testimony by Ritter and Villafuerte made to the FBI.
Many people think Ritter and Villafuerte play special games with each other after work .

Why were they not prosecuted for making false testimony to the FBI ?

When will questions be asked about the circumstance in Louisiana ?

This whole "LouisianaGate" smells rotten !!

What are the Chances O 'Keefe comes to town, meets Robert Flanagan, enlists the help of two other men, and then they drive to Senator Landrieu's office ?

Hard to believe that the shady deals Senator Landrieu's struck for her vote on OBAMA CARE , the involvement of the US Attorney's son , and then throw Ms Finley in for good measure , are just coincidence and oddly connected .
Perhaps O;Keefe should be traveling the nation buying LOTTO tickets instead .

O'Keefe stumbled right into some kind of ongoing investigation , or possibly some corruption and was arrested to buy some time to cover it all up.
O'Keefe stated " the truth shall set him free " . I have to think you take the longshot and bet on the kid , seems to improbable any other way

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