Tuesday, February 23, 2010


2-23-2010 9:33 AM EST

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) will ask the Justice Department of the Obama administration to launch a criminal investigation into what he calls the " “the greatest scientific scandal of our generation” — the actions of climate scientists revealed by the Climategate Files.

Inahofe has long been a vocal critic of the global fraud know as " Man Made Global Warming ".

The Senator will also request that Al Gore be called before Congress to explain his previous ( perjured ) testimony and explain the pack of lies in his documockery " An Inconvenient Truth"

How Ironic does the title of the PROPAGANDA film ALGORE released appear now?

Will the White House and or the democratic controlled congress block the investigation ?

Can Eric Holder try some sneaky way to exert " Presidential Privilege " ?

Will there be a bidding war on EBAY between Gore's Grammy and Obama's Nobel prize ?

Every bit of scientific evidence of Man made global warming has now been retracted !
Gore was called before Congress to help enable Obama's massive tax thinly disguised as " Cap and Trade " , it is only fitting he be called back to have his testimony read to him and squirm as he tries to spin and lie his way out of the FAILED role he played in trying to defrauding the American Public .

How many lawsuits will erupt demanding that Gore repay the hundreds of millions ( if not Billions ) he made off of his " Carbon Credit trading scheme " ?

Naturally , the American media is pandering to the leftist radicals in the Obama administration and have refused to cover the retractions of the "scientific community"

Try reading the U.K. newspapers as they are on top of the story .



Once Inahofe calls for Gore to be summoned before Congress , will corporations and investors in other countries demand investigations and launch lawsuits also?

How does this impact potential votes on the proposed " Health Care " bills ?
Elected officials that voted for Cap and Trade now suddenly have one more vote that ties them to Obama and makes re-election a very difficult task .
How many Democrats will announce they are retiring IF the investigation moves forward ?
How will the " institutions of higher learning " that have been conducting " white wash " investigations react ?
If Holder botches this call for investigation ( have faith as he is supremely incompetent ) , will this be the final straw for his resignation ?
Are Obama and Axelrod crafty enough to order Holder to refrain then fire him and call for an investigation of Holder , and stall Inahofe's investigation ?

Inahofe will post his announcement on his website

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