Friday, February 26, 2010


2-26-2012 1:25 PM EST

Hillary Clinton has grown increasingly critical and vocal recently about U.S. policy.

What is she thinking ?

Is this pressure she is exerting on Obama because she wants to be named " Health Care Czar " ?
Perhaps she simply doesn't want to resort to releasing audio recordings of Obama promising her a Supreme Court Appointment for endorsing him in his 2008 Presidential bid ?

The simplest explanation is that Obama's approval rating is plummeting and it is politically expedient for her to start criticizing Obama before the Democrats RAHM Health Care reform through the Senate via the vehicle of RECONCILIATION .

Hillary is on video denouncing the reconciliation process before Senators from the Bush Administration used it .
Will Hillary denounce Reconciliation if it is used to pass Health Care reform ?

Obama took a calculated risk , and appointed Hillary Sec. of State .
Obama must have figured as dumb as the American people are , it would be almost 2012 before they figured out he lied every time his lips moved and bankrupted the U.S.A.
If Obama could fool the American Public that long, Hillary would either be glad to fade in obscurity or have no chance of being elected President .

The Manchurian Candidate is alive and well in the White House and is proceeding page by page to destroy our country .
He has nationalized the car companies , the banks , and next he will have the mortgage companies.
If the crash of the Euro doesn't take the American dollar down with it , we still have HYPER inflation,enormous tax hikes, and a war with IRAN to help him make us all refugees .

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