Friday, February 26, 2010


2-26-2012 1:25 PM EST

Hillary Clinton has grown increasingly critical and vocal recently about U.S. policy.

What is she thinking ?

Is this pressure she is exerting on Obama because she wants to be named " Health Care Czar " ?
Perhaps she simply doesn't want to resort to releasing audio recordings of Obama promising her a Supreme Court Appointment for endorsing him in his 2008 Presidential bid ?

The simplest explanation is that Obama's approval rating is plummeting and it is politically expedient for her to start criticizing Obama before the Democrats RAHM Health Care reform through the Senate via the vehicle of RECONCILIATION .

Hillary is on video denouncing the reconciliation process before Senators from the Bush Administration used it .
Will Hillary denounce Reconciliation if it is used to pass Health Care reform ?

Obama took a calculated risk , and appointed Hillary Sec. of State .
Obama must have figured as dumb as the American people are , it would be almost 2012 before they figured out he lied every time his lips moved and bankrupted the U.S.A.
If Obama could fool the American Public that long, Hillary would either be glad to fade in obscurity or have no chance of being elected President .

The Manchurian Candidate is alive and well in the White House and is proceeding page by page to destroy our country .
He has nationalized the car companies , the banks , and next he will have the mortgage companies.
If the crash of the Euro doesn't take the American dollar down with it , we still have HYPER inflation,enormous tax hikes, and a war with IRAN to help him make us all refugees .


2-26-2010 12:55 PM EST

Thursday the White House rolled out a new website .

No doubt this is just the latest streak of Genius from Master Astro Turfer David Axelrod and Obama's Campaign Manager David Plouffe .

Yes with all the problems our country is now facing Obama is already back in Full Campaign Mode ( did he ever exit campaign mode ?) .

Hillary has become increasingly vocal in the last 3-4 days , and is being critical about the current US policy and how it is ruining the rest of the world .
That subject however is the subject of my next blog .

Obama's latest Astro Turf tactic will fail and fail miserably .

Here a few ways Talk show hosts can make the OBOTS look silly when they call.

1) Play the You Tube Clips of Obama and Democratic Senators denouncing RECONCILIATION, and the Clip of Obama admitting he is deeply involved with ACORN .

2) Read the EXACT text from talking point # 1 and OMIT the word " too " and substitute "can " for "can't"

3) Read the EXACT text from talking point # 2 and OMIT the word "cut " and substitute "unaffordable " for "affordable " .

4) Read the EXACT text from talking point # 3 and substitute the word "more " for the word " less " ,substitute the word " Bureaucrats " for the word " consumers ",
substitute the word " TAXES " for the words " TAX CUTS " ,substitute the word " increasing " for the word " reducing ".

5) Play the audio clip of Joe Biden bragging he actually does NOTHING as Vice President .

6) Simply have a discussion with the caller , after all they are mindless OBOTS and cant really be very smart ............

The lingering question must be , would a liberal OBOT realize that the talk show host is reading the text and making fun of the caller ?
My guess is NO , the caller would be oblivious and re tell the account of his call to his fellow OBOTS at the next Global Warming rally or SEIU meeting they attend .

Not to worry Government take over and Tyranny is coming to all Americans , the only question is will it become before or after , the crash of the Euro Dollar , The crash of the American Dollar , or Israeli attack on Iran .

By now every one should realize why Obama doesn't send his half brother money , Obama really wants 99% of all Americans living in a HUT and surviving on $10 New World Order Dollars a year


2-26-2010 11:55 AM EST

PETA has decided to use an image of Tiger Woods in a new billboard advertisement .
PETA made this statement .
"Tiger has no formal affiliation with the organization and has not previewed or endorsed the ad but the image and the idea were too good to pass up when it comes to helping find homes for animals who will otherwise be left out in the cold,”


2-26-2010 10:20 AM EST

The Euro Dollar is in a " hard place " , and Greece is looking for a bailout .
Spain will be next as unemployment hovers at the 20 % mark .

Goldman Sachs is being probed in its role of the Greek Crisis .
Derivatives are at the heart of the issue , ONCE AGAIN!

If the Euro Dollar crumbles ,( and it will ) then History may very well start to repeat .

The World will be left with a few strong countries in Europe ....Germany , France , the U.K. , and RUSSIA .

The Soviets are placing military assets in Venezuela .

Thursday, February 25, 2010


2-25-2010 9:20 AM EST

Rubio has emerged as the latest example that corruption , greed , and pandering to special interests is rampant in BOTH political parties in the Unites States .

How bad is it ?

Depends on what Rubio's opponent credit card statements reveal .
Folks in Florida are voting AGAINST Crist , so if Rubio enters crash and burn mode , then another candidate will quickly emerge .

I suspect that the Media will make this a HUGE story , and at the same time continue to ignore the enormous abuses of Nancy Pelosi .

The solution is quite simple .

1) Vote all the incumbents out of office .
2) Remove ALL corporate contributions to politics .
3) Outlaw Lobbyists and impose the death penalty for anyone found guilty of engaging in the business of Lobbying ( Bribing/ influence buying ) .

Perhaps this is a good thing and we will see more and more candidates examined under a microscope .

MONEY is a huge factor in elections .
Look at Bloomberg , he changed the term limit law then pumped HUNDREDS of Millions of dollars to get elected Mayor .

Wouldnt we be better if we just removed the money ?
TV stations could be mandated to televise debates, and a few hours on television should be enough for the average person to decide who is the candidate for them .

Never happen as there is way to much money in the production of Campaign commercials .

What will Donny Deutsch have to say about Rubio ?
Will Crist be quite because he has more to hide than Rubio ?
What about the timing ?

Just pure coincidence it happens on the morning of the great
" Obama Health Care Infomercial II "?

The upside is that Olbermann will make some insane comment about this issue and YOU TUBE will provide laughs for millions of people on Friday !

Which makes more sense , to rent a limo or pay for car repairs ?
Perhaps the solution is to let the government lease a new car for every American every 2 years ?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


2-24-2010 3:20 PM EST

Obama will take the opportunity Thursday during the televised Health Care summit to announce he has just anointed himself the most HONEST President ever !

Doris Kearns Goodwin has been appointed to a CZARSHIP ( Senate oversight and confirmation not needed ) to preserve the moments in history of Obama.

Kearns-Goodwin considers this the crowning touch of her career , a lengthy career consisting of twisting, distorting , and outright fabricating Presidential moments to pander to the radical left.

As you view the video , ask yourself did Obama leave the cherry tree out of the background on purpose or was he just so ever clever to omit it and subsequently squash any questions about his hidden past or schooling ?

Gee could Bill Clinton be worried about Obama surpassing him for biggest lie ever told by a President ....only 3 short years left !!!!


2-24-2010 3:10 PM EST .

Keith Olbermann ( in his twisted egomaniacal mind ) has exceeded even the loftiest levels of journalism .
Could he be receiving a Pulitzer for this expose ?

The comments are great, as well as Broliath's blog .

I only have 1 question for Olbermann.............

Will we EVER see ( or will he be the worst person ) Donny Deutsch on your show and questioned about his " coconut remark ?
Just Saying !!


2-24-2010 2:50 PM EST

Head Idiot in charge of Homelands Security, Janet Napolitano has changed her mind and is now calling the Ft. Hood shooting an " Act of Terrorism "
Perhaps you remember how quick Napolitano was to declare this was NOT terrorism at the time of the incident ?

How long will it take the Obama cronies to call the Austin Tx. Kamikaze pilot a Terrorist act ?

Has any one seen the video footage from Austin ?

How long before the " 911 truthers " produce video footage of a missile slamming into the IRS building ?

On another note Bill Clinton will be calling a press conference to announce his recent Heart Attack was really just an ANXIETY Attack , brought on by the sudden realization that he could no longer claim to be the " King of Triangulation and Spin " , now that Obama is in the White House


2-24-2009 2:25 PM EST

Obama on video giving his opinion why Reconciliation is against the constitution, unjust and has no place in American politics .
Rallying around the President are Senators Clinton,Schumer,Reid , Feinstein ,Biden, Dodd, and of course Max Baucus .


2-24-2010 1:35 PM EST

Rashad Hussain is Obama's handpicked " Envoy " to the Organization of Islamic Conference.

Rashad was a vocal sympathizer for Sami al-Arian,a convicted TERRORIST and former professor of computer engineering at the University of South Florida .

The White House denied this allegation and said the comments were wrongly attributed to Rashad .
The next day Rashad changed his story and said he " couldn't recall making the comments "
Friday Rashad changes his story once again, and said the comments were taken out of context , and BRAGGED he had made phone calls and had the comments " scrubbed from the 2004 article in the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs "( edited to delete all of Hussain's comments )

Well they might have gotten away with this scheme if not for Politico releasing the audio tape .

Should we expect anything less from a Presidential appointee that doesn't require Senate confirmation ?
Rashad's position is the equivalent of an AMBASSADOR .

The President proudly announced that Hussain is a Hafiz, someone who has completely memorized the Qur'an. (Obama feels this is very important because entry level JIHADIST are required to memorize the Qur'an before advancing to more advanced courses on IED bomb making , Human suicide bomber , and KamiKazi airline pilot )

Shocking as that might seem , in November 2009 Members of Congress inquired to Eric Holder ( Gestapo Chief ) how many lawyers who work on terrorist issues at the Justice Department represented terrorist detainees before joining the Obama administration.

Just 3 simple questions :
Who are they?
Who did they represent?
What are their duties at the Justice Department today?

Last week Holder gave them an answer :
at least nine (9) department officials formerly represented detainees. (It is "at least" because Holder conceded that he did not make a complete survey of DOJ's political appointees.)

Just another example of why SENATE oversight is a waste of taxpayer time and money !!

3 months to get that incomplete watered down EXCUSE of an answer ?

The bottom line ....... Change has come !!

We now Mirandize all terrorists.
DOJ wants to try them as common criminals in civilian court.
We use former Terrorist sympathizers to prosecute them .


This is a major news event and if you require more information just tune into
Olbermann and Maddow will devote at least 45 minutes to the topic Wednesday night .

Obama has asked several times for Americans to NOT watch Fox news .
BIll O'Reilly exposed Sami al-Arian , and now FOX has brought the Rashad Hussain story into the daylight.

Good Patriotic Americans should not watch FOX ,and therefore none of the OBAMA corruption would ever surface .

Rashad was asked if he or any of his relatives had ties to Saudi oil money ?
He replied " NO " that his family tree CLEARLY shows no branches to the CHENEY family tree .

Rashad was asked if he was related to President Obama, and he replied that he thought his birth certificate was a private matter and referred all future questions to White House council Robert Bauer .


2-24-2010 8:55 AM EST

A shooting took place on Tuesday at a Colorado school .
2 children were injured at Deer Creek middle school in Littleton Colorado .

A 14 year old boy was shot in the chest and is in critical condition .
The other victim is a 13 year old girl shot in the arm .

The alleged shooter is a 32 year old man ( Bruco Strongeagle Eastwood ) who is disqualified from owning a firearm .
His Domestic Violence conviction disqualifies him from possessing a firearm, as well as his felony conviction for auto theft .

Math Teacher David Benke ( un armed ) subdued and disarmed the shooter, and with help of other faculty held him until police arrived .

Most of the news account describe the weapon as a " high powered rifle " , and at least one describe it as a " deer rifle ".

Benke was interviewed on NBC and he said as the man "cycled the action ", he rushed him and disarmed him .
This leads me to believe the rifle is a 30.06 bolt action rifle .
The rifle is believed to be owned by the shooter's father .

Bruco War Eagle Eastwood , the shooter's father made a statement and said his son had always had problems .
The shooter had been unemployed for 5 years .

This is a real tragedy , I fear the boy will not survive as a chest wound from a 30.06 is hard to recover from .

No amount of laws or metal detectors could have prevented this horrible event .
When will American's decide that a " gun free zone " is the PERFECT place for a person to get shot ?
Teachers should be allowed to be certified and carry a weapon on campus .

If Benke was carrying a handgun he could have taken the shooter out after the first shot ,instead of waiting .
The same goes for the tragedy in Huntsville Alabama, The faculty members waiting until the shooter ran out of ammo then rushed her .

All Americans should be grateful a brave , unselfish David Benke was on the scene Tuesday.

David Benke was modest ,shy and unassuming in his TV Interview .
I bet he is just a typical " red blooded American " that threw his caution to the wind and acted to help some one else out .,0,4782874.story

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


2-23-2010 1:40 PM EST

Premier Danny Williams has voiced his opinion on why the AMERICAN Health Care system is the best in the world

"This was my heart, my choice and my health," Williams said late Monday from his condominium in Sarasota, Fla.

"I did not sign away my right to get the best possible health care for myself when I entered politics."

I think the one time I will need the best Health Care in the world is when my heart has issues .
The clincher? This guy says he doesn't really care if he is eligible to be reimbursed from the Canadian government for the operation he paid for in AMERICA .

Does this really mean that because this person is a wealthy, powerful elected official , he escaped a fate the ordinary citizen would not ?

I guess all the talk about " Death panels " was a bit premature ...what would people say now ?

Obviously this was a life and death scenario for Mr. Williams and he opted to avoid his own Government's " Death Panel "

What about the average Canadian citizen? How hard is to get permission to go to America for Health care ? How expensive is it ? Can the average Canadian citizen afford it ?
I guess we can all look forward to Obama telling us how many American lives were " extended or saved "


2-23-2010 12.45 PM EST

"In the face of a White House denial, U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak stuck to his story yesterday that the Obama administration offered him a "high-ranking" government post if he would not run against U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania’s Democratic primary." — Philadelphia Inquirer, February 19, 2010

"D.C. job alleged as attempt to deter Romanoff" –Denver Post, September 27, 2009

Joe Sestak alleges that someone in the inner sanctum of the White House offered him a bribe to withdraw in his Senate bid against Arlen Specter .

What is truly amazing, is that this revelation and the one brought forth by Andrew Romanoff, both come from mouths of DEMOCRATS !!!

Whoever solicits or receives … anything of value, in consideration of the promise of support or use of influence in obtaining for any person any appointive office or place under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both." — 18 USC Sec. 211 — Bribery, Graft and Conflicts of Interest: Acceptance or solicitation to obtain appointive public office

So there we have it 2 Democrats engaged in a race for a seat currently held by a Democrat have publicly declared a bribe was offered .

Sestak was offered the position of SECRETARY OF THE NAVY !!
One thing is for sure "Chicago corruption doesn't come cheap " , but OBAMA is willing to pay whatever it takes .

Which of the usual corrupt Obama cronies have culpability?
Deputy White House Chief of Staff Jim Messina," Messina’s immediate boss is White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel.

Senator Specter,Governor ED Rendell,Attorney General Holder
How quickly would e-mails and phone calls between the White House, Sestak, Specter, Romanoff and Bennet be produced?

Either Sestak and ROMANOFF are telling lies or the White House is drowning in corruption .
How many times will Rahm, Axelrod, and Obama ignore and try to strip away the "will of the people " before they come back to reality ?

Where is Pelosi ? ( oh I forgot she is to busy making sure that Charlie Rangel avoids investigation )
How about REID ?
No witch hunts to make the Newspapers reveal their sources and turn over the reporters ?

Sestak and Romanoff should be hauled before Congress and made to testify .
Some one needs to go to jail ....follow the trail wherever it may lead !!

Rahm and the whole Chicago mafia in the White House should be compelled to testify ( hold your breath )

We have seen EVERY ATTEMPT by this administration to manipulate empty seats and make sure they go to corrupt Democrats !!

Look at Massachusetts, when Romney was Governor and needed to appoint someone the law was changed to make it a special election. The " SWIMMER " dies and the law is changed back to an appointment . Scott Brown won the seat .

Not to worry the charges of BRIBERY are felonious and therefore rise above " High Crimes and Misdemeanors " , so it will be completely covered up .


Maybe this explains why Obama is in day 216+ without holding a press conference , he can not take the chance this question ,Climategate , or the newly published videos of him swearing his allegiance to ACORN will be asked upon him ?

For more great reading on this situation check this blog out


2-23-2010 9:33 AM EST

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) will ask the Justice Department of the Obama administration to launch a criminal investigation into what he calls the " “the greatest scientific scandal of our generation” — the actions of climate scientists revealed by the Climategate Files.

Inahofe has long been a vocal critic of the global fraud know as " Man Made Global Warming ".

The Senator will also request that Al Gore be called before Congress to explain his previous ( perjured ) testimony and explain the pack of lies in his documockery " An Inconvenient Truth"

How Ironic does the title of the PROPAGANDA film ALGORE released appear now?

Will the White House and or the democratic controlled congress block the investigation ?

Can Eric Holder try some sneaky way to exert " Presidential Privilege " ?

Will there be a bidding war on EBAY between Gore's Grammy and Obama's Nobel prize ?

Every bit of scientific evidence of Man made global warming has now been retracted !
Gore was called before Congress to help enable Obama's massive tax thinly disguised as " Cap and Trade " , it is only fitting he be called back to have his testimony read to him and squirm as he tries to spin and lie his way out of the FAILED role he played in trying to defrauding the American Public .

How many lawsuits will erupt demanding that Gore repay the hundreds of millions ( if not Billions ) he made off of his " Carbon Credit trading scheme " ?

Naturally , the American media is pandering to the leftist radicals in the Obama administration and have refused to cover the retractions of the "scientific community"

Try reading the U.K. newspapers as they are on top of the story .

Once Inahofe calls for Gore to be summoned before Congress , will corporations and investors in other countries demand investigations and launch lawsuits also?

How does this impact potential votes on the proposed " Health Care " bills ?
Elected officials that voted for Cap and Trade now suddenly have one more vote that ties them to Obama and makes re-election a very difficult task .
How many Democrats will announce they are retiring IF the investigation moves forward ?
How will the " institutions of higher learning " that have been conducting " white wash " investigations react ?
If Holder botches this call for investigation ( have faith as he is supremely incompetent ) , will this be the final straw for his resignation ?
Are Obama and Axelrod crafty enough to order Holder to refrain then fire him and call for an investigation of Holder , and stall Inahofe's investigation ?

Inahofe will post his announcement on his website

More info here

Monday, February 22, 2010


2-22-2010 2:00 PM EST

The Liberal biased media helps the radical left perpetuate this mis conception .

Timeline 1977 Jimmy Carter's Community Reinvestment Act which required banks and savings institutions to make loans to the lower-income areas in the communities they served.
Passed by a Democratically controlled Congress and signed into law by the great BUMBLER IN CHIEF Jimmy Carter .

Timeline 1994 President William Jefferson Clinton ( a.k.a. " Slick Willie " / " Bill " )directed HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros to come up with a plan ."The National Homeownership Strategy"

Both of these plans enacted penalties for non compliance . One of the most notable is removing the FIDC Deposit insurance guarantee from Banks that did not participate.
Would you choose to put your money in a bank that the government guaranteed the deposit up to 100 K per account , or choose to put you deposit in a financial institution that could close the doors and say " ADIOS AMIGO "?

Banks were forced to seek out and approve a % of low income and minority loan applicants .
A minority applicant with a POOR credit score ( non qualified ) would be granted a loan . As bankers explained it to me " you find the better qualified applicant from the pool of people with substandard credit scores and you were forced to give them loans "

The banks complied and began selling the loans off to the Wall Street Bunch .
Collateralized Debt Obligations or CDO'S as they became to be know were invented .
These kind of financial instruments are DERAVATIVES.This lead to other investment vehicles " credit default swaps " .These are pure from of gambling that was fueled by Wall Street greed.

Timeline 1996 Bill Clinton appoints Brooksley Born as chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission ( CFTC )
Brooksley Testifies to congress and also the usual crooks like Greenspan, Lawrence Summers, Robert Rubin and a host of Goldman Sachs cronies.
Brooksley spelled out the complete lack of TRANSPARENCY and REGULATION in the OTC Futures trading could lead to a financial meltdown that would threaten the very existence of the USA.The Group of Greenspan and corrupt cronies dismissed her warnings , and ran her out of town .
Flash forward to 1998 , Longterm Capital Management is a hedge fund that is in danger of going broke . NOSTRADAMEUS could not have predicted it better than Brooksley
The government decides that LCM is " to large to fail" and FORCES a group of large US banks to pay 4.7 BILLION to bail the hedge fund out .
Goldman Sachs naturally is appointed to run the bailed out company .

Sound familiar ? It should as it has happened time and time Again !!

1995 Citi and GS have reaped HUGE profits from MEXICAN bonds . The Mexican government is going to default on the Bonds .

Clinton's Treasury Secretary, Robert Rubin, former chairman of Goldman, decides AMERICANS should pay the 25 BILLION debt for the Mexican government .
Clinton decides that GS should be bailed out , but the Republican said NO .

So the Clinton administration did an end run around the Republicans in Congress and rescued improvident Wall Street bankers by giving Mexico a $20 billion line of credit directly from the Treasury's Exchange Stabilization Fund.

1997 Goldman Sachs is bailed out on bad bets on Thai, Indonesian, and South Korean bonds gone bad .
1998 Goldman Sachs is bailed out yet again for buying bad Russian bonds .

A few things are very clear Carter and Clinton established HOME LOAN WELFARE and as bad idea grew worse they bailed out their friends at GOLDMAN SACHS time and time again !!!

21 st century , Barney Frank and Chris Dodd block and defeat all attempts by Republicans to stop an impending housing bubble .Dodd received sweet heart loans from Country Wide Mortgage Dodd decides to retire rather than face the horrors of re election and the facts being used against him by his opponents.

The American people are told if we do not lend Wall Street money then our economy will crumble .
The part they didnt tell you that FANNY MAE and FREDDIE MAC ( Government Sponsored Enterprises ) management is full of corrupt CLINTON CRONIES .These crooks have been making BAD loans and in turn paying themselves MILLIONS in Bonus .
How bad are the loans ?
How about a migrant fruit picker earning 24 thousand per year , being approved for a 724 THOUSAND dollar house ?

We are told that the bailout is the only way out .
The truth is that the WHOLE WORLD was worried about Fanny and Freddie.
The fear was that if these GSE were in default , then the all USA treasury bonds were also worthless.
AIG has sold insurance for all the bad mortgages and will fail if we do not give them money .
Fanny and Freddie are still not solvent and NOTHING has been done to fix this same problem we " cured "in 2008

This could be the biggest lie ever told in the history of man .

Timeline January 20, 2001 George W.Bush is sworn in as 43rd President of the United States .
A Republican President and a Republican controlled Congress. Bush / Republicans passed the US budgets for years 2001-2007 .
Terrorists attacked NYC and it took a few years for Bush to take the "Clinton Surplus " and reallocate the MONEY Clinton stole for the DEFENSE portion of the budget and gave to thugs to play " midnight basketball" and Earned Income Rebates so single welfare moms could take a 7 day Mexican vacation every year.
Naturally this exhausted the " SURPLUS "
Spending in the FY 2002 was 2.011 Trillion and by 2007 the Republicans had managed to increase it to 2.7 Trillion
So what about 2008 ? Bush's last year in office ?
The Democrats hold a Super Majority in both the House and Senate enjoyed and led by Pelosi and REID . The 2008 Budget was drawn up by DEMOCRATS .
The Democrats then HELD the budget and refused to send it to BUSH for fear he might veto it .
The 2008 Budget was 2.9 Trillon.

OBAMA signed this BUDGET into law and REID AND PELOSI made the 2008 budget NOT BUSH and the Republicans .
Obama's also owns the 2009 budget which INCREASE spending by 600 BILLION , and mount equal to all the BUDGET increases under BUSH
OBAMA did in just ONE YEAR what it took BUSH 6 years to do !

Global Warming is now being retracted as a HUGE FRAUD with made up data
Obama is huge believer in global warming .

ALL of the projections by the Obama team have been WAY off !!!
8% un employment ,the deficit it goes on and one ...
We still have STAGGERING INFLATION and Treasury bond sales that now one attends to look forward to.
So the next time some one tries to convince you that BUSH caused it all ask them to show you how .I bet they cant produce any kind of FACTS to support their view point , if they do refer to this or contact me I will be more than glad to have a polite friendly debate , and with no name calling or silliness


2-22-2010 10:40 AM EST

Obama has announced a Televised Health care debate between Democrats and Republicans .
The millions of hours of TELEVISED Health Cared debate that Obama CAMPAIGNED on and CSPAN promised to deliver , never quite materialized.

Obama now has a feather for his cap .

Today he surpassed George Bush's record of 214 days without a formal press conference . ( you have to love the TRANSPARENCY of this new REGIME )

Details are leaking out on the Health Care Proposal Obama will present in just 3 days .

Let's examine some of the leaked details .( Keep in mind these details are deemed reliable but unconfirmed , then again it may be a deliberate leak to let " ASTRO ROD " gauge the public sentiment and use the CLINTON TRIANGUALTION process )

A) Obama uses the word tax 35 times ( does this mean he LIED 35 seperate times? MANY video clips exist of him saying "Now let me be clear I will not raise your taxes if you make less than 250 thousand dollars a year ")

B)Increases fees on Pharmaceuticals ( You see by TAXING key suppliers in the supply chain of American Health care system, these companies will actually absorb the increases and adjust their business model from a FOR PROFIT model to one that loses money on a yearly basis )

C)Broaden 'Tax Base for High-Income Taxpayers' .I will not comment on the 83% income tax the wealthy in London are paying .

D) Orders 'Comprehensive Database' On Health Claims .Can you spell BIG BROTHER and inefficiency in government administration ?

E) 'Raises percent of income assessment that individuals pay if they choose not to become insured' .Not only do you lose your choice but if you resist then you pay through the nose .

F) 'Funds will be transferred to the Social Security Trust' if necessary ( this is my personal favorite )

Social Security is going BANKRUPT because most of the tax we pay to Social Security pays for other BANKRUPT ENTITLEMENTS ( M-E-D-I-C-A-I-D )
This whole " solution " is simply a SCAM to redistribute TAX DOLLARS , and place a BANDAID on Medicaid,Medicare and the rest of the fraudulent SOCIAL ENTITLEMENTS that perpetuate poverty in America .

How long will the " proposal " be ?
How many pages will be dedicated to TORT REFORM , BUYING ACROSS STATE LINES , TAX CREDITS , and other ideas recommended by CONSERVATIVES? ( not a single one !!)

We have 3 HUGE programs that the government can't pay for and the " fix " is to launch a new wealth redistribution program that will raise taxes and immediately go down the same path of Bankruptcy.

Perhaps we should FIRST pass a law that Forbids ANY money collected for SOCIAL SECURITY to be used for OTHER purpose , if not lets END THE PROGRAM !

Americans are now subject to a radical government that has decided to control bank profits and bonuses .
They also control the Car companies , and now they claim they are going to dictate what rates an insurance company can charge their customers .
Next is the HEALTH CARE system and 18% of the economy ( which will balloon to 30 % in 2-3 years )
Why cant we be like Mexico and let the government FIX and subsidize the cost of Gasoline?

Do Americans really wish to be governed like the people of Venezuela ,Mexico, France , or other Western European countries ? If they did wouldn't they simply pack their bags and move to one of those countries ?

Nationalization of services and controlling private industry , all the while we have a RULER that will not accept questions about policy , instead he just rolls propaganda out through his puppets .
If we search the History books what would these circumstances be called ?

People in London are paying 83% income tax ,America is mired in debt and in 10 years or so we will be there also. It will be wonderful the youthful un employed will take to the streets and burn cars . Married couples will spend their days at work wondering how they will put food on the table and spend sleepless nights knowing their elderly parents are thankful to have a few cans of dog food to enjoy in the twilight of their lives .

I think I would like to just cling to my guns an religion and let everyone else keep my share of the change and just go on down the road and leave me alone.

Remember this , VAT or other hidden taxes, penalties or fees are in FACT TAXES .
If you are told no one is going to force you to take government healthcare , they are not telling you that no private companies will exist as the government plan will operate from DAY ONE as a DEFICIT and there will be no private company for you to pay your premiums to .

It is all BUSH'S fault and OABAMA has no CHOICE but to raise your taxes .
If you believed OBAMA could enact any of his campaign promises, and NOT raise taxes then you are silly at best and let's hope the 22 % of those folks vote for him again !!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


2-18-2010 3:40 PM EST

Tiger Woods will hold a press conference on Friday 2-19-2010

The airwaves are buzzing with the " over / under " propositions .

The following "what if's" seem to be the most common .

1) Will Tiger's wife attend ? ( NO )

2) Will Tiger wear his wedding ring ? ( YES )

3) Will Tiger wear a NIKE hat or a T.W hat ( NIKE )

4) How many people will " stand by Tiger " at the press conference other than his agent ? (4)

Expect Charles Barkley ( a confirmed racist and all around vile character ) Charles enjoys driving his auto while intoxicated and letting a HOOKER give him "oral dissertations" so he and Tiger have lots in common and belong to the same support group ( washed up athletes who are addicted to hookers and porn stars )

Michael Jackson is dead so he cant attend !

Could Kobe Bryant show up to show his support?
Charlie Sheen ?
Wilt Chamberlain ?

Perhaps Tiger has a new 24/ 7 assistant that is in charge of helping him with his sex addiction ?

One thing is for sure, in just 82 days Tiger has gone from a certified sex fiend with a 2 hooker a day habit , porn star every weekend , orgy buying idiot to COMPLETELY CURED !!!

Hollywood insiders reveal Veronica Siwik-Daniels (aka Joslyn James)will be starring in a new film

" Around the world in 82 days "

Joslyn James will star in the film which depicts a RENT A BABE that will trek around the world with her handy TAPE MEASURE and Spot check various athletes and report on how they " measure up " to her friend TIGER .

Gloria Allred is demanding that Tiger publicly apologize to Ms. James and use her name .
Gloria claims Tiger ruined this female's life.
Seems she quit making PORN MOVIES because she was convinced Tiger was only PAYING HER to have sex with him ,and she was content letting him play " Sugar DADDY " with her .
Imagine that....... a PORN career destroyed by a rich athlete paying a female for sex!!!

Ms. James also allegedly aborted 2 of Tiger's offspring.

Tiger is now in what ROD STEWART immortalized in song , a " BALL TRAP ".
If Tiger apologizes in public to MS. JAMES then Gloria wins a big fat lawsuit .
If Tiger fails to apologize , then Gloria still wins a big fat lawsuit, it merely takes a few more weeks is all .

What are your predictions on Tigers press conference ?
If Tiger were to apologize to each victim would it last 4 hours ?
This will be the beginning of many a lawsuit !


2-18-2009 1:05 PM EST
Tragedy has struck in Austin Texas .
Reports are still trickling in but it now seems that the man responsible for the incident set his own house on fire and then stole an airplane and flew it into an office building in Austin Texas .

The IRS is located in the building .

Homeland Security was quick to say " it is not terrorism"
Ok why is it not terrorism ?

What is the race and ethnicity of the pilot ?

If he lives will he be read his Miranda rights ?

Could this be the first of many cases where a terminally ill American decides he will wage war against the corrupt American Government ?

The Southern Law Poverty center ( a hate based ,racist, fear mongering organization ) is on record saying people like the OATH KEEPERS are violent extremists .
What will they have to say about this incident ?
Could it be possible a single individual not attached to a TEA party, KKK , or milita be capable of a horrible action like this ?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010



HopenChange is the vague and undefined platform Obama ran for President in 2008.
Americans everyday ask themselves what EXACTLY is different under the reign of the Socialist in chief.
Obama was adamant that he would not have lobbyists and the usual " pay for play " culture in his administration .

Flash forward one year and we now know that Obama has granted " exemptions " for lobbyists to be allowed into his administration .
Obama has appointed hoardes of " campaign bundlers " to diplomatic positions,more than any in other president in the last 40 years .Obama accomplished this in less than 1 year

Obama has awarded 69 appointments to cronies that bundled campaign money to Obama's 2008 campaign .

Bundlers from California , D.C. , and Illinois amount for 1/2 of the appointments !!
What other common factors do the appointees share ?

Only 3 appointees reside in a RED state .

Most come from states in the corridor directly north of D.C.

So where is the definitive proof ?
Here is what has changed .

Under the Clinton administration the bundlers who gathered up dirty money and manipulated the Federal Election guidelines were allowed to spend the night in the Lincoln bedroom in the White House.

In the new regime of " HopenChange " initiated be Obama, a bundler gets a 4 year vacation in a nice cozy country complete with full diplomatic privileges .

This kind of behavior, along with the "CZARS" Obama has appointed would be called a " Puppet Dictatorship" or a " Banana Republic " or a term Hillary recently used " Military Dictatorship "

Full story here :

Electoral Map

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


2-16-2009 5.45PM EST

Senator Bayh has dropped a bombshell by announcing he will not seek re election as the Senator for Indiana
What is really going on here?
The timing is suspect, did he tip his hand so only one or a few could qualify in time?
Did he throw the Republicans a bone ?
Bayh say she will not run for President in 2012.

These are career politicians there is ALWAYS a hidden agenda

I think Holder and RAHM should be worried that Bayh has struck a deal to take a cabinet job.

RAHM by everyone's account is totally ineffective and as camera shy as Dan Quayle.
Holder is a complete idiot.

Bayh holds a JD from the University of Virginia school of law.

Meanwhile the daily revelations of the massive fraud in the Global Warming scam are reported in the U.K. but not here in America.
The surge in Afghanistan is painted as rosey and cheery.

Days like this make me wonder that if Paul McCartney did experience a dose of Nostradamus when he wrote the hit song "Back in the U.S.S.R." in 1968

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


2-10-2010 5:05 PM EST

February 11th marks the anniversary of the 1979 revolution in IRAN .
Perhaps you remember this happened under the inept administration of Jimmy Carter . The Iranians thumbed their nose at America until the DAY Reagan was sworn into office .
Carter allowed the tyrants of the world to mock us , so much that Charlie Daniels wrote a song entitled " In America" .

Thursday we will find out what the Iranians plan to announce to the world .

Some think it might be a nuclear test .
Others say Iran has made contact with the Romulans .
Is it going to be the demonstration of a new Russian radar and surface to air defense system ?

I have often said that MONEY is the most powerful weapon in the world today .
What if Iran makes a deal with China to sell them MILLIONS of barrels of crude oil at 3% below the current market value ?
China would pay Iran with the US treasury bonds they hold .
Iran then sells the bonds at a discount .
China rattles it's sabre about the USA selling Taiwan weapons and Iran gets to pull our chain at the same time .

Many laughed at Obama's intent to hold discussions with rogue nations like IRAN .
Now every one realizes we have wasted over a year and the whole world is in deeper danger from the fanatics in IRAN

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


2-2-2010 4:46 PM EST

Harry Reid has proclaimed that America's National Security is in jeopardy and points the finger of blame at Republican Senators.

“Republicans have repeatedly asked fearful families to put their concerns on hold while they score political points and play partisan games," Reid said.

Reid claims that VITAL posts at the State Department and Homeland Security are vacant because of Republican filibusters.

News flash , Scott Brown has not been seated in the Senate and the Democrats still hold 60 Seats . How are Republicans obstructing bills in the Senate ?

Republicans claim the blame for the lag in nominee confirmation falls squarely on Reid's shoulders, since he makes the Senate schedule. ( Hmm perhaps Harry should have allocated less time to Health Care and trying to buy votes and concentrated on National Security or the Economy ?)

"The majority leader schedules the floor and currently has 60 votes in his conference. If he is concerned that we’re not processing Homeland nominees, then why are we currently considering a labor nominee instead on the Senate floor?," a GOP leadership aide told POLITICO.

Senator John Cornyn of Texas states his view :“Who's the nominee that's on the floor now?” “It's somebody in the Dept. of Labor. If the majority leader was serious about that, you would think he would call up a national security position that he doesn't think is being filled. I don't think there's much to his argument.”

Obama has blamed the Republicans for " obstruction " The plain truth is that Pelosi cant get anything done in Congress .Democrats hold a 257- 178 advantage in the House of representatives .Democrats can have 39 people vote with the Republicans and still pass ANY BILL that Pelosi could bring to the floor . 178 republicans voted NO for TARP .I think we all know if Congress could re vote on that bill it wouldn't pass .

Harry is way behind in the polls in Nevada ,and is desperate to get himself a " Signature piece of legislation " passed before he is forced to retire ,other wise he will be forced to endure the humility of defeat at the hands of the people of Nevada .

The propaganda HAS to come forth in a fast furious pace now that Obama failed in delivering his first State of the Union speech .

The " tax cuts " he lied about are going away in his new budget . Nothing of what Obama promised in his SOTU speech has an ounce of truth in it .

Harry has joined the OBEYME in his laughable explanation of how the Democrats hold a SUPER Majority in the Senate yet Republicans are responsible for the " obstruction"

Harry it's only going to get worse .Primaries will become a HUGE focus in the next 90 days .June will be upon us quickly and as soon as Americans indicate they are going to throw EVERYONE out that agrees with Obama's TYRANNY , there will be no more bills signed into LAW.

On a bright note , MAYBE in year 3 Obama will abolish " Don't Ask , Don't Tell "

How long before Obama tell us " due to poor economic conditions I inherited we are going to have to raise taxes " ?

With any luck Obama can hold out until the mid term elections , but if the economy takes another dip ( and it will ) it may come sooner .

The best part has to be that after Obama's failed 787 BILLION stimulus, ( He should be smart and take the UNSPENT 500 BILLION and reduce the deficit ) he is proposing TAX CUTS .

A republican idea that he proclaimed as " foolish" .
As we all remember Obama shot TAX CUTS down and said " those are the failed policies that got us in this mess"

Many believed that the Economy would have to cure itself .Obama is now caught in a trap . If the Tax cuts work then he wasted a whole year and many folks suffered because of it . If the economy remains stagnant ( and it will ) Then he has taken 2 shots at the issue and come up with failure both times .

Ronald Reagan corrected the country's economic problems and added over 20 million jobs .( vastly different than the UNPROVEABLE " Jobs Saved " Obama touts )

Reagan took the hard choices to correct the mistakes of Jimmy Carter .
Obama is using the same methods and tactics as good ole Jimmy did .It will not work and the American people will be forced to pay higher taxes and dive deeper in the well of LIBERAL lies, miscalculations, and ineptitude .

Who will be there to bring us bank from the brink of destruction ?

Obama and his administration have been WAY OFF on all of their projections , and it continues today .
This constant parade of errors and mis calculations CAN NOT be attributed to in experience , rather it is a calculated , cold contrived plan to wreck our economy and country .
Obama is a NEO FASCIST and as such he realizes he greatest weapon is MONEY .He works hard every day to destroy the VALUE of the American Dollar.
Entitlements, and programs that encourage people to stay un employed and sponge off the government can not work


more details here


2-2-2010 9:55 AM EST

5 Democrats joined forces with the 18 Republicans in the Virginia Senate to pass a bill that would make it illegal to require individuals to purchase health insurance in the commonwealth of Virginia .

How will the DC based Senators and Congressmen from Virginia respond to this revelation ?

One would think the have to vote NO on the current bill that Dirty Harry bribed through the Senate.

Things are falling apart in DC , NERO fiddles as the city burns .

Other States have similar legislation in the works .Of course the will of the States gets trampled if OBEYMECARE passes.

The legislation is symbolic and shows not only do most Americans not want another huge entitlement ( have any of the entitlement programs worked? ) program , but it also reveals that really Americans want nothing to do with any of the left leaning liberal agenda the Tyrants in Washington are trying to implement to take over our country .

Obama's SOTU speech failed .Now as the details leak out out we find out how hollow the promises really are

Don't ask don't tell ..this turns out to be a YEAR long STUDY on the subject.This means it is impossible for Obama to change this policy until YEAR 3 of his administration. If it takes that long to change a simple thing like GAYS in the armed forces , shouldnt we really slow down the Health care initiative and get a thorough study of it also ?

High speed rail 8 billion...experts all agree it would take 200 BILLION to build a single system , yet Obama has generously allocated 8 BILLION to several cities .This money will be squandered .

Nuclear energy and offshore exploration...just mere words nothing is being done for either ( however Obama is allocating more funds for NUCLEAR WEAPONS ) that just strengthens his " eliminate all nuclear weapons" pipe dream .

HUGE new budget ...shouldnt we be putting the brakes on NOW not in 2011? Obama promised NO EARMARKS , yet signed his first budget and claimed he couldnt change it.
What will be his excuse on this Budget ?