Sunday, December 13, 2009


12-13-2009 12:50 PM EST

All information is for informational and amusement purposes ONLY !!!
All selections assume an initial wager that would RETURN a $ 100 profit

Selections are chosen by my CANINE / DOG

New Orleans -11


Minnesota -6


Arizona - 3
San Francisco


TOTAL ACTION = $300.00

Saturday, December 12, 2009


12-12-2009 1:05 PM EST


1) as I predicted Tiger DID issue a statement saying he was taking some time off from golf.

2) Elin is reported getting a re negotiated " pre nup" to stay with Tiger .

3)Michelle Braun (Madam ) was sentenced last month to 3 years' probation for money laundering and transporting a prostitute over state lines.

Madam Michele is now on the record admitting she arranged wild weekends for Tiger .

She said: "He had a pretty big appetite for girls. Never just one girl. He would want to set up a whole weekend of partying and have ten or 15 girls 24/7.

"In an average weekend in Las Vegas he'd probably spend $30,000 or $40,000."

"He liked girl-on-girl. He had sex with them together. He was tough to keep up with - days at a time on a booze and sex bender."

That should just about answer any questions about Tiger and 3 ways .

4) Ashley Samson ( The Botox Lip blonde in photos with TRAB #1 ) is said to have spilled the story to the National Enquirer after a cat fight with Rachel ( Trab 1 ). Ashley is suddenly quiet and un available for comments ...Tiger hush money at work here .

5) Rachel Uchitel and Kalika Moquin once worked Together at a High end night club in Las Vegas

6) Ashley Dupree has issued a statement scolding the loose lips of the TRABS .I guess she feels these gals have violated the code of ethics for call girls / escorts.

7) A new unidentified TRAB ( older than Tiger and smokin hot ) has come forth and said she tried for 2 years to secretly get pregnant ( unsuccesfully ) by Tiger .She like other TRABS say Tiger always had unprotected sex .

8) The name on Tiger's yacht has been covered and supplies are being brought on board .


1) Did TRAB # 1 really sleep with Tiger at Derek Jeter's Trump World Plaza apartment?

2) Can Jeter weather yet ANOTHER sex scandal involving him ?

3) Did TRAB #1 sleep with "Bones" hunk David Boreanaz for fun or money? Will Boreanaz face media scrutiny and lose his role on Bones ?

4) Can any one be indicted under RICO statues ( TRAB #1 & #3 are likely co conspirators )

5) How many Trabs will appear in Playboy and similar magazines ? ( TRAB # 3 is going to realize her dream and I wager TRAB #1 poses also ).

6) Is Tiger sailing away on his yacht ( which has a registry from The Cayman Islands ) a move for privacy or a fore thought plan to avoid being taken into custody ?

7) If Tiger's boat is registered in CI , does he have OTHER corporations , entities , bank accounts and assets that would be hard to identify and freeze?

8) What is Allred's plan? Is she going to claim Tiger's " carelessness " has ruined the lives , and slandered the names of the assorted TRABS under her representation ?

9) How many paid appearances or modeling jobs has NIKE awarded to TRABS ?

10)How many paternity suits will we see come from TRABS to come forward in the future ?

11) How long before the unsafe sex is questioned and how many will claim Tiger gave them a STD ?


1) LAW and Order will air an episode that mimics Tiger ( with their usual disclaimer about it being a story based on fictitious characters and plots )TRAB scandal, with the detectives flying to Vegas to interview TRABS

2)Saturday Night Live will have lots of skits about Tiger , and they go from the tame " I got hit with a golf club" , to sex orgies with TRABS and really air Tiger's laundry .Look for the on the new episode airing 12-12-09

3) Tiger boards his yacht and sails off to parts unknown, likely a destination that is under UK LAW or perhaps a country without an extradition treaty with the USA.

4) NIKE makes $800 MILLION a year from Tiger golf gear . NIKE will start being pro active and try to limit their liability and cover up their involvement in the whole TRAB scandal .

5) Tiger will use lots of lawyers to delay him from having to give a DNA sample ( small coincidence he wouldnt give the FHP a sample isn't it ?)

6)Explicit details of Tiger's Kinky behavior ..something tells me he is a FREAK

7) You Tube videos about Tiger and the TRABS go viral .

8) Details about Tiger's extravagant gambling ( $100K a hand ) and his enormous bar tabs are leaked .

9) MONEY every one wants some, and we will see any and everything bought by the tabloids and news organizations .

10) Tiger makes about $100 million a year in endorsements, wouldnt he really be smart to start writing checks for 3 million and up ? surely 200 million should shut every one up .

11) Tiger becomes the modern day " Howard Hughes "


Surely some one is going to claim Tiger was fascinated by Transvestites , I mean what else could be left ?

Friday, December 11, 2009


12-11-2009 5:40 PM EST

14 long days for TIGER since he " kissed the fire hydrant ".

Here are the updates :

1) Gloria Allred has issued a statement in which she declares an " Anonymous Mistress " (we will call her TRAB #12 ) has retained Allred's legal representation .
TRAB # 12 might be a 40ish smoking hot MILF who had a multi year affair with Tiger .
Allred also stated she was representing "a number of women" in regards to Tiger Woods.

2) Joy Behar of the VIEW ( I asked how long before this would happen in my 12-9 post)
Has had an apology issued on her behalf for calling Rachel Uchital a " HOOKER " on an airing of " The View'

3) TRAB #13 is reported to be model " Loredana " .Loredana was a nude Playboy "Cyber Girl" in 2004. Lordena is on " Model Mayhem" ,which is a high end alternative for " Craig's List " Loredana said she worked for former Madame Michelle Braun.
Braun told the New York Post that Woods paid $15,000 to be with Loredana.

I guess that just about answers any questions if any of these gals are highly paid escorts and advertising on the internet for their " companionship" .

4) Holly Sampson in addition to being a porn star has been a $ 600.00 an hour ESCORT for the last 7 years .Holly was apparently a PAID participant at Tiger's bachelor party and won a " topless audition " and slept with him the night of his bachelor party .

5) UK courts have issued a ruling BANNING any nude photos or Videos of TIGER
The court order prohibits the publication in the United Kingdom of "Any photographs, footage or images taken or obtained of the Claimant naked or any naked parts of the Claimant's body or of him involved in any sexual activity."

Tiger's lawyers had this to add "Our client is not aware of any images and in any event he would not have consented to any such photographs being taken nor would he have consented to the dissemination or exploitation of the same."

Additionally , "in the event that these photographs do exist, and it is not admitted, any such images may have been fabricated, altered, manipulated and or changed to create the false appearance and impression that they are nude photographs of our client."

Well I guess that pretty much answers any questions about TIGER shooting video with Porn Stars in LONDON .


1) Why do so many females need legal representation ? I think TAX EVASION is going to bite quite a few people

2) Can Tiger's assets be " frozen " once the lawsuits are filed ?

3) Could Tiger's wife ELIN and his children lose any or all of the money promised to her in the prenuptial because of all the greedy , hookers , porn stars, gold diggers and their lawyers get all of Tiger's money ?

4) Tiger's romps have take place across state lines and continents ,can anyone be guilty of conspiracy or promoting prostitution and it be handled by the FEDERAL PROSECUTORS?

5) Who will be the first person to release a " hidden video " of one of Tiger's entourage offering " HUSH MONEY "

6) How long before we see " blow up sex dolls " being sold in Tiger Woods Image ?

7) Will any of the females claim Tiger talked to them about doing a 3 way with his wife ?Why has she (ELIN) made no comment ? Is she just riding the GRAVY TRAIN and knew all along about Tiger's playmates and kept quiet?( This would put her in the same category as the TRABS ).

8) Has Tiger ever attended "SEX CLUBS " or " SWINGERS CLUBS "?

9) Can Tiger , if divorced , lose the chance to visit his children because of his " SEXUAL ADDICTION " ?


1) Some how a few of the companies paying Tiger the mountains of endorsement $$, or people who work for them will be implicated in providing benefits , money , giving jobs , or aiding in arrangements for Tiger's TRABS

2) Tiger will have to announce he is taking a " hiatus " from golf until this scandal is finished being splashed across the universe .

3) Gloria Allred files legal paperwork asking the court to freeze / allocate a pool of money that can be used to pay the " potential victims " she is representing .

4) Tiger's lawyers or a JUDGE will create a TRUST or some other financial diversion to make sure his children get something ( or more importantly so he can be like OJ and can continue to receive $$ from a source that can not be garnished ).

5) Tiger is getting help from powerful influential people who are implicated also ( especially in London) and soon this will leak out also .Politicians? PGA officials? TV executives ?

6) New women in Australia and ASIA will step forward and admit they are also TRAB'S

7) Detailed records of cell phones, hotel reservations , escort fees ,airline flights ,checks and payments ,jewelry , furs ,cars will become visible and some of the GALS will "plea bargain " ( expect TRAB #1 to be the first to get good ole GLORIA to strike a deal with the FEDS on her behalf )

8) Sadly we are going to see a few females be exposed in this scandal that moved on since being a TRAB and now have a husband , children ,and a respectable life .

9) INTERPOL and the FBI share notes and try to figure out which laws were broken and who should get charged and who gets immunity .

10) Members of the US government will be implicated in this scandal and will resign .( You dont think they were going to give Tiger a CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL " because he was a good golfer did you ? NO tiger was sharing the fun with other powerful and super wealthy people )


Tiger paid 60 THOUSAND for Threesomes with a few lucky females.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


12-9-2003 12.45 AM EST

Contestant # 11 seems to be Ms. Veronica Siwik-Daniels, aka JOSLYN JAMES.

JOSLYN likes to make films ,films that have very naughty Titles .
JOSLYN seems to have a penchant for yardsticks and makes sure she always has one handy at school, work or even at home in case a FRIENDLY Cable TV repairman or , plumber ,yard man , or swimming pool technician should " happpen by "
Whether she is "teaching school" or "bored at home " or a MILF out on a hunt looking for MILF BAIT ,suddenly observed by the roving " MILF HUNTER TV CREW " she has her handy yardstick with her !

With TWO well established PORN STARS out in the open , its a pretty sure bet we will see all kinds of JOKES , parodies and yes we now have two ladies that can star in a PORNO with a a " look a like " Tiger co star .

Perhaps we need a quick glimpse into Tigers mindset .As a little boy Tiger gleamed a great bit of knowledge ,information ,and inspiration .One adage that has always stood out in Tiger's mind is

"Son if it F**KS, FLY'S or FLOATS , it always cheaper to RENT than to OWN "

Tiger took that advice and heeded it well .
Tiger has playmmates ,lots of playmates and to help deter GLOBAL WARMING, to conserve BTU 's & Co2 emmissions I will use the acronym TRAB .

TRAB'S (Tiger's Rent A Babe )

Rachel Uchitel (TRAB #1) Immediately grabbed lawyer GLORIA ALLRED and " lawyered
up "

Kalika Moquin ( TRAB #2) 27-year-old club manager from Las Vegas would neither confirm nor deny the report she could even SPELL Tiger Woods .

Rachel is taking care of the party favors in NYC, While Kalika arranges the party in Vegas.
Who is handling the Orlando are? Is the Bahamas worked out of the same office?

Who is arranging the " Gathering of MILF'S and models " in London?

Australia ? who is in charge " Down Under " ?

Tiger has a big playground ( the entire globe ) so naturally his needs demand a selection of world wide playmates .

This is no "casual indiscretion " Tiger has his best team of lawyers , business managers , and entourage engaged in finding ,managing , assuring discretion, and keeping a pipeline of TRAB'S for his amusement .

Oh it is all quite legal and contracts are signed . Tiger is paying a few females to supply him with VIP treatments and the " employees "are full compensated for " providing something other than sex " like "witty conversation ", or their theories on current " avoiding global financial deflationary situations ".

Just imagine the gentleman that supplies " bartenders " for the local "convention/ shindig "
Pure COINCIDENCE they are all middle 30's attractive ,sexy and when the clock strikes midnight suddenly they have found a "playmate for the night " some where in the crowd while they were " bartending " .

Tiger was bold and brazen right here in America, I bet his escapades in Europe are the ones that really knock him to his knees .
This is going to be a HUGE media event and sports stars, movie stars , high profile personality's will all get the chance to be named ,when they are " naming names " .

Porn Stars only make about 150k a year .They also will stand at your Trade Show Exhibit in Vegas for a few hundred bucks. They also tour a set area as a " featured dancer " in the "gentleman's club" .They also moonlight as Escorts " in Las Vegas.

Tiger probably figured that out really quickly and decided for 10 - 20 thousand an encounter he could single handidly evaluate the " talent " of quite a few of the Porn Stars .


1)How much is Tiger paying his two " party planners " in NY and VEGAS? 200k a year " retainer '?
2)Are TV reporters and executives involved in suppressing the " behind the scenes" actions of Tiger from reaching the general public?
3)Which government officials will be swept up into this with the women involved with Tiger ?
4) If large sums of cash were exchanged has tiger or the TRAB'S violated federal or IRS laws ?
5) Who is the Unidentified Alleged Mistress No. 9? she is reported to be a “sexy” British TV presenter who was single at the time, but is now married.
Is she one of Tiger's first adulterous playmate and possibly similar ethnicity ? Is she a powerfull financial analyst,that Tiger had a " Genuine Affair " with years ago and is afraid of being drawn into the downward spiraling whirlpool of kiss n tell ?
6) How long before Obama, Rush, Jesse Jackson, some host on "THE VIEW " or some similar person commits a faux pas by uttering something on air about this ?


1) Divorce .She has Tiger where she wants him now . The prenuptial is thought to be 300 million .I Think she she will tell Tiger " give me 500 million " and I walk away no questions asked .
2) Photo's all of a sudden everyone will have "modeling photo's " for most of the TRAB'S
3) Tiger will have to make a new announcement and say he is " separated " from ELIN and entering " counseling " for his " transgressions"
4) The "side sandals " that spin off of the people who are implicated with Tiger and the friends of the TRAB'S that suddenly have their face posted along with the Tiger Woods Scandal
5)The lid is blown off in Britain and we find out Tiger has a " permanent floating " operation on every CONTINENT that he ever sets foot on, to supply him girls , prescription drugs , and any all the sordid fun that he could demand ?


Several TV Networks are negotiating rights to produce a TV game show .

"1 vs.100"

Contestants try to pick the 10 females out of 100 that slept with Tiger and did it for fun and not money .
David Letterman is said to be under consideration for HOST of the show.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


12-8-2009 1:50 PM EST

An ongoing glimpse of the people and events in Tiger's Scandal.

Day 12 of the " TIGER WOODS LEGACY "

Tigers Mother -in-Law is rushed to the ER form Tiger's home.

Has Elin Woods really left Tiger , but yet her MOM stayed behind ?

Many of the facts in this saga have common factors .

1)Most of the women work in high end nightclubs and usually in the VIP circle .
2)So far all have been white.
3)Clustered in a few cities LAS VEGAS, NYC, and ORLANDO.

The "circle of friends" seems to be large ( and growing daily ) and until recently remain cloaked in secrecy .
This string of women in different cities would be a full time job for someone ( an arranger ) to manage .
Making travel arrangements for women to coincide with Tigers itinerary , yet be totally separate would take good deal of planning and logistics and leave a paper trail .

It would appear TIGER spends a great deal of time in high end night clubs .

Questions to be asked

1) What are the common factors are in the night clubs ? Are they owned or managed by common corporations or people ?
2) Who was arranging the travel and hotels and meeting times for Tiger ?
3) Are these women working as " escorts "? When will the questions of escorts and prostitution arise ?
4) Why are women who wish NOT to be Identified retaining lawyers ? Obviously there are records of cell phone calls , texts , and emails. What actions ( criminal ) have these women engaged in while being jetted around the world by Tiger ?
5) How many prescriptions medications is Tiger taking ? Is one doctor prescribing the drugs to him ? Is there illegal drug use ?
6)How many women will be linked to TIGER in Britain or other foreign countries ?
7) How many women have participated in making ADULT FILMS ,Posed in ADULT Magazines, or offered their "escort services" on "Craigs List " or similar venues?
8) Will the mountain of money Tiger has spent on his extra marital affairs be questioned and who will develop tax issues from this revelation ?
9) Will the benefactors of Tiger's endorsement contract be unable to cancel his contracts and instead just not air or run any of the ads going forward ?
10) Where are the feminists groups ?Why are they not criticizing TIGER ?


1) A rash of Tiger themed porn films and actors with names similar to the players in the real life drama.
2)Voice messages, texts ,emails, and Photo's of Tiger and his escapades.
3) Video of Tiger and his playmates?
4) Offers to appear in Men's magazines ..which two of the mistress will do a joint photo layout ?
5) Lawsuits .....lots of lawsuits !!
6) More women, LOTS MORE come forward and we learn Tiger was having even more fun across the Atlantic Ocean .
7)People will come forward and say " I knew it was going on and kept quiet , but here is what I know about it "
8)The liberal US media will see it START to spin out of control ,and then minimize the coverage and ask everyone " to respect the family's privacy and give them a chance to heal "
9) the British media will dig deep ,very deep into this story and report it to all .
10) The scandal will spill over to other athletes , Movie stars and other personalities . Illegal drug use will rear its head up .

It is a Heidi Fleiss " escort service " scandal all over

The list of women currently in Focus with Tiger .
1.) Rachel Uchitel.( NYC ) The club hostess was the first to get a Lawyer ( Gloria Allred ) Lives in NY and may have already taken 1 MILLION in hush money

2.) Jamie Grubbs. (LAS VEGAS ) 24-year-old reality show contestant and cocktail waitress claims she carried on a 31-month-long affair with Woods until his crash last month. She offered a Woods voicemail to prove it.APPEARING IN PLAYBOY

3.) Kalika Moquin. The 27-year-old club manager from Las Vegas is reported to have had a brief sexual relationship with Woods. She would neither confirm nor deny the report.

4.) Cori Rist. ( NYC ) The 31-year-old swimsuit model reportedly met Woods at a Manhattan club last year before they began a sexual relationship that led to Woods flying her out to various secret locations for hook-ups, and her introducing the golfer to her 7-year-old son.

5.) Jamie Jungers. The 26-year-old, who sold her story to a British newspaper, is a former employee of Trashy Girls Lingerie. She said she met Woods in Las Vegas.

6.) Mindy Lawton. The 33-year-old pancake house waitress from Orlando claims she was dumped by Woods in 2007. According to the Post, it was her affair with Woods that was caught on camera by the National Enquirer, when he was snapped dropping her off at her trailer park. The threatening news later led to a Woods Men’s Fitness cover in exchange for the magazine’s silence about the alleged affair, the New York Post reports.

7.) Holly Sampson. The 36-year-old from Los Angeles is a former porn star, who has starred in such films as “OMG, Stop Tickling Me” and “Flying Solo 2.” According to the Sun, she has neither confirmed nor denied her affair with Woods.

8.) Unidentified Alleged Mistress No. 8. A former cocktail waitress from Orlando, Fla. does want to reveal her identity yet, according to her attorney Michael O’Quinn. But this she has said: at the time the affair allegedly began, she was 20 years old and met Woods at the Roxy in Orlando, where she was a VIP server.

9.) Unidentified Alleged Mistress No. 9 is reported to be a “sexy” British TV presenter who was single at the time, but is now married.

10.) Unidentified Alleged Mistress No. 10. is reported in a UK paper to be a “sex-addicted cougar.”

Saturday, December 5, 2009


All information is for informational and amusement purposes ONLY !!!
All selections assume an initial wager that would RETURN a $ 100 profit

Selections are chosen by my CANINE / DOG

Last week resulted in a -$140 for College and a -$10 for PRO , for a net gain / loss of -$150 and a running total of a LOSS of -$505

Week 8 resulted in a 4-5 record

Season record is
NCAA 37-28 ATS and 2-0 Money Line
NFL 9-12-1 ATS and 7-4 Money line

Combined 46-39-1 ATS and 9-4 Money Line


Cincinnati -2


Houston -2.5
East Carolina


Fresno State
Illinois -3

Southern Cal -7

Florida -5.5


California -7



Denver at -4.5
Kansas City


New Orleans at -10


Tampa Bay at
Carolina -5

New England at -4.5


Minnesota at -3


NFL ACTION = $500.00
TOTAL ACTION =$1100.00

Thursday, December 3, 2009


12-3-2009 5:25 PM EST
Al Gore has canceled ONE of his scheduled speaking engagement in Copenhagen .
Gore was going to be speaking about his new book "Our Choice".
Tickets ranged from a mere $ 40.00 U.S.D. to $1200.00 U.S.D. to actually meet and shake the hand of the " profiteer in charge of climate falsehoods "

NASA has now gone back and changed their data . A HUGE scandal is brewing and the emails are authentic and implicate many .
Is GORE running scared ? What happens when the propaganda in his " MOCKUMENTARY " is exposed as a pack of lies?
Did GORE commit crimes in his scheme of " global warming " while in the White House ?
How many in the English , and American government will be investigated and found guilty of this FRAUD?
How far up the "chain of command " does the blame go ?

Must be a money trail for HUNDREDS of people to be involved in this SCAM .
The trail HAS to lead back to AL GORE as he has made more than anyone on this elaborate HOAX of "climate change"

Will AL GORE lose his NOBEL PRIZE?( not that mean anything as OBAMA was awarded one the basis of ? His race ? His Socialist agenda? His promise to ruin America?)

Maybe GORE is afraid he will have to field questions about his lifestyle , jetting around the world in his private jet , profits from this scheme, now that they will all FINALLY be asked to him?

This conspiracy and subsequent cover up HOPEFULLY will open the eyes up of EVERYONE and let them grasp the concept that the SOCIALIST ELITE are trying to take our freedoms and re distribute our wealth .

How much of this is being reported on network NEWS ? ODD isnt it?
The coverage is non existent after the NEWS and Hollywood people have advanced this AGENDA and rammed it down our throats?
Perhaps GE sold NBC to limit its exposure to lawsuits from the propaganda it spread on shows like 30 ROCK?

At the center of this elaborate global SCHEME is the UNITED NATIONS .
Our old friends who have a life long mission to steal wealth from the prosperous nations of the world and pretend to help poor nations of the world .
The UN is rife with corruption and previous scandals, the most recent is the IRAQI OIL fraud perpetrated by Kaufi Anan .
And we wonder why the rest of the world APPLAUDS BARRY SOETORO ?

The answer is quite simple , he is the infiltrator that is attempting to topple America from within !!

Where is the " TRANSPARENCY " we were promised by " THE ONE "?

Why are not Frank, Pelosi, Schumer, Kerry ,Waxman, Boxer , Feinstein, Obama and HOLDER ( Head of the GESTAPO ) not screaming for investigations ?

What about the media? Where are they ?

Safe to say if we replace " AL GORE " with " DICK CHENEY" , then Obama would declare a national emergency ,the National Guard would be mobilized and we would have answers and the very minutia of every document and email would be dissected and splattered all over TV for the WORLD to condemm .

Fortunately our friends in NEW ZEALAND and Australia have exposed this and heads are rolling down under .
The British will be forced to expose it next .
ALAS, America under the guidance of OBEY ME will be the last ones to call for investigations .
Should we expect any less from an administration that is lead by a Socialist, one that can can proudly claim a long list of terrorists as friends?