Thursday, February 19, 2009


2-19-2009 Obama has been in office for 30 days . As he "rushed " the 787 billion of wasteful spending called a " Stimulus" , we get even worse news .Now OBAMA wants 410 billion more for a " spending bill" .Perhaps we should have had a smaller REAL stimulus and then let them fight out a spending bill?
Of course we still have plenty of corruption emerge in week 4 . Murtha is under investigation. Burris is being thrown out of congress for PERJURY . WOW and to thank with out Burris' vote Obama would not have had 60 votes in the Senate . What a shame !
Rahm Emanuel also has tax problems . Hillary experienced a mass shoe throwing as she visited Indonesia . Today she is stirring up trouble in Korea . Allen Stanford is on the run for a new financial fraud scheme . the FBI says he is being investigated for Drug charges . in 20006 Stanford flew Tom Delay 16 times on Sanford's private jet . Stanford and his wife, Susan, also donated $931,100 of their own money, with 78 percent going to Democrats, including $4,600 to President Barack Obama's presidential campaign last May 31. Records show $2,300 of that was returned on the same day. Throw in another 200 million Sanford has donated to political campaigns and it looks very bad for the Obama camp . Reports also emerged Wednesday that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has launched an investigation into whether Stanford was involved in laundering drug money for Mexico's powerful Gulf cartel.

ABC News, citing unnamed federal officials, said Mexican police detained one of Stanford's private planes and found checks inside believed to be linked to the ultra-violent cartel.

Sanford donated HUNDREDS of millions for the 2008 Democratic convention and actually hugged NANCY PELOSI on stage .
Naturally Sanford has unpaid taxes also !!over 200 million. WOW everyone near Obama has unpaid tax issues .Watch and see the crooked Democrats scramble to donate the Sanford contributions to charity. Clinton's legacy was that every one near him had a suicide problem.Will Obama be remembered as the president that only palled around with terrorists and tax cheats ? How deep does the Sanford corruption and scandal go ? How much exposure does Nancy Pelosi have ? .The rest of the world is in shock as the banks are experiencing runs and running out of cash due do to the massive corruption in the US . Under the BUSH administration the whistles blew , the alarms were sounded and the Democrats pushed it all under the rug.

More good news!!! Wholesale inflation takes the biggest jump in 6 months. The Labor Department said Thursday that wholesale prices increased by 0.8 percent last month, the biggest gain since last July and well above the 0.2 percent increase that economists had expected.We are no seeing the tip of the inflation bubble from the 1st of the bail out money from 2008.Wait till July 2009, the 13 bucks will make you laugh because its not worth anything .
Obama is on the road in a "campaign mode" . Obama was met with protesters in Colorado and Phoenix AZ who are unhappy with massive spending spree he has embarked on . At an Arizona high school former OBAMA supporter, Senior Brandon Miller wore a shirt with the words, "Hitler gave great speeches, too" above a picture of Obama.New sod was laid in front of the school Tuesday, and Daudfar said, "The joke at the school is they're going to take it away when he (Obama) leaves."Now that's a green renewable resource we can all appreciate !!! Democrats constantly say republicans make sure rich people pay less taxes. Tell that to Microsoft co- founder Paul Allen. Allen will avoid 1 BILLION in taxes due to loop holes in the tax law in the stimulus package.Where is NBC and CBS ? Why is Katie Couric not outraged ? Chris Matthews what say you ?

I have often said OBAMA is a mere puppet .Sources confirm OBAMA will have a HI TECH podium. One that will display questions for reporters to ask, show the reporters location so Obama doesn't look like an idiot because he cant remember their names and faces. Of course Obama will be able to get ANSWERS from his staff in REAL TIME to answer any questions that pop up.

Obama has the COMMUNIST play book and is running it play by play.
HE has signed law making a whole new class of needy American victims ( future voters ) . He has proposed buying mortgages for less than they are worth . His next step is to nationalize the banks . Limit free speech of those who oppose him .The big gun grab is coming . Reads like HITLER'S diary. Obama has very cleverly started down a path to bankrupt our financial system, devalue our currency ,and put us on the road to a UNIVERSAL WORLD CURRENCY .
IN August when every one realizes the so called tax breaks and stimulus are not working and its gloomy ,then watch and see how many people tear Obama bumper stickers off their cars.
Until next week read the LONDON newspapers and follow this ever evolving soap opera of corruption and tax cheats.
4 weeks down 204 to go

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