Monday, February 16, 2009

Henrietta Hughes is just another OBAMA scammer

Henrietta Hughes is a prime example of why the new " stimulus " package will not work. Imagine her story , she and her son homeless for years wander into an OBAMA press event.By just sheer coincidence Obama calls on her. Henrietta Hughes weaves a sad story of losing her home in 2003, living in a truck , and cries genuine crocodile tears. Hurrah!!! a good samaritan arrives to save the day .State Representative Nick Thompson and his wife Chene handed Henrietta Hughes the keys to their home in Hendry County. Hughes and her son will live at the home rent free. will Henrietta Hughes be required to claim this as income ? Never fear she is on SSDI so no one could get it from her anyway !!OOPS did anyone at Obama's "" research this tragic life story?Henrietta Hughes IS a home owner , as a matter of fact she bought 3 parcels of land .
6/18/01 - Henrietta and Corey Hughes purchases Lot 18 and 19, Block 35 of Lehigh Acres
8/17/01 - Henrietta and Corey Hughes purchases Lot 22, Block 35 of Lehigh Acres
10/29/01 - (same day) Henrietta and Corey Hughes secures mortgage financing from Riverside Bank of The Gulf Coast, Cape Coral, Florida (this would be for the building of the structure constructed by Holiday Builders) in the amount of $124,400.00

7/15/03 - Forclosure filed by Riverside Bank of the Gulf Coast on Lot 19, Block 35 Lehigh Acres in an amount of slightly over $123,600.00 (meaning she paid about $800 of the mortgage in 21 months)

10/16/2003 - Mortgage satisfaction filed by Riverside Bank granting ownership to Henrietta and Corey Hughes for Lot 19, Block 35 of Lehigh Acres for $124,400.00

6/30/05 - Lot 22, Block 35 of Lehigh Acres sold to Homeland, LLC.

8/9/06 - Quit claim deed signed by Henrietta Hughes to Corey Hughes for Lot 18, Block 35 of Lehigh Acres.

She originally owned 3 lots, #18, #19 and #22. Number #22 was sold in 2005 (when she claims she lost her home) to Homeland, LLC in June, 2005 and #18 was transferred to her son, Corey Lamont, on 8/9/06 (signing a quit claim deed gave him total ownership of #18 which they had bought jointly).
Not to mention she has turned down assistance from charitable organizations in Florida.Naturally she is getting a government hand out each month( thanks you hard working tax payers ) .Henrietta and Corey Hughes claim they moved to Florida from NY due to the lower cost of living . News Flash Henrietta and Corey Hughes should have took the 47K they made off with in 2005 and moved to rural Mississippi and paid CASH for a modest home and lived happily ever after on her monthly government hand out .Why do that when OBAMA will get you a free house ?

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