Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Timothy Geithner Resigns!!

2-11-09 Timothy Geithner will soon resign.He made a complete fool of himself , his supporters and most importantly OBAMA.Timothy Geithner delayed his press conference to outline his plan for TARP II . Geithner's plan is that he has no plan at all . He intends to print 1 trilion dollars of debt. If that doesn't work try another 1 trillion. Wall Street loved it and the DOW closed down 389 to go below the 8000 point line .By his own admission he says he will get it wrong but keep trying and spending money. Just what we need a few more TRILLIONS of debt. Gee what a BOZO . Timothy Geithner will release a statement that says something likes this .To help move the country out of this deep recession , I am going to step aside . I feel my MINOR oversight of a small tax issue could delay the recovery of the economy.Give me a break this guy is an idiot . Will he be the first cabinet member to flee OBAMA'S sinking ship ?

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