Friday, February 13, 2009


2-13-09 Pelosi is trying to pull a fast one over on the American people ( now that's change we haven't see in Washington before ) . The 1071 page bill was written WITHOUT a single republican (More of OBAMA'S bi partisan change) .Obama promised this bill an all legislation would be available for all Americans to view for at least 72 hours before it was voted on . It was a big LIE !
Rep. John Culberson from Texas reveals Pelosi is in a hurry because she leaves for a 8 day trip tp ROME today at 6 pm? I wonder how much the taxpayers pay for this trip ? What will be Pelosi's carbon footprint for this trip? More non news from the mainstream media ?
Sen. Frank Lautenberg, a Democrat from NJ said , said NONE of his Senate colleagues would have a chance to read this bill before it was voted on today .What's the big rush ? What are they trying to hide from us ? They are trying to hide lots of things . One of which that provisions of the bill will be challenged in court. So the Bill we have to " hurry though" will be caught up in legal challenges and possibly go to the Supreme court !!

SEC. 1607. (a) CERTIFICATION BY GOVERNOR -- Not later than 45 days after the date of enactment of this Act, for funds provided to any State or agency thereof, the Governor of the State shall certify that: 1) the State request and use funds provided by this Act , and; 2) funds be used to create jobs and promote economic growth.

(b) ACCEPTANCE BY STATE LEGISLATURE -- If funds provided to any State in any division of this Act are not accepted for use by the Governor, then acceptance by the State legislature, by means of the adoption of a concurrent resolution, shall be sufficient to provide funding to such State.

So with one clean stroke of the pen, OBAMA has just decided your elected governor has no say anymore in how your State Government is run .Is this pure socialism and dictatorship? Perhaps. May be more of an initial strike to head off the anticipated lawsuits that will challenge all of the federally mandated , non funded government programs ( see the 10th amendment ) Think how embarrassing and politically damaging it would be for a few Governors to refuse the Stimulus $$ and ask for the money to be put back in the treasury?

This provision --– apparently aimed at conservative governors such as South Carolina’s Mark Sanford who does not want the federal money -- would overturn state laws and constitutions, intervening directly in the state’s government to give the legislature the power to overturn a government’s decision.

This provision probably violates the US Constitution, a matter which will be of no concern to Congressional Democrats. There is a simple reason for this, the provision is designed to COERCE state governments and a governor’s ability to control the state budget -- Good ole Chicago-style bipartisanship and corruption for all Americans .
Governor Bob Riley of ALABAMA is very vocal about his opposition to the PORK BILL . Riley says its unfair to all states ,the more densely populated states in particular .Riley concedes as bad is the bill is , it will probably pass. Riley was forced to hire lawyers at the rate of 190.00 dollars an hour to help with the process of deciding how to handle the proposed allocation of funds to his state . Paralegals will bill at the rate of 85.00 dollars per hour .How bad is it ? BAD really BAD .
This bill is so bad that even the Associated Press analyst report today concludes that the bill will not jump-start the economy. So there you have it, every one agrees it will not help, and the truth is OBAMA, PELOSI and REID are extorting money from every day American citizens to pay back all their crooked , socialist friends.
The pressing question is who will be the Senator to cast the 60th YES vote ? Ted ( I only committed vehicular manslaughter with a female I wanted to have sex with ) Kennedy will be absent due to his failing health . Senator Gregg will vote NO . We only need 1 , just 1 Democrat to say NO in the Senate .I think it will be interesting to see the Media report ( or not report) on the increasing number of Democrats who sided with republicans and voted NO. I feel like we will have a tighter margin in the house , and the big surprise will be only 59 votes in the SENATE !

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