Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2 Down 206 to go

Obama's first 14 days have been very rough .
Nominee's continue to be exposed as tax evaders lier's and lobbying bagmen . Obama's half brother who lives in a hut has been busted for Pot.
Yes comrades this administration is as full of corruption and Clinton henchmen as anyone could have feared .
Daschle received a ringing endorsement from OBAMA . “ I support him fully “ Ask any head football coach what this means when the HEAD guy gives you this endorsement. It means your about to be asked to resign or be fired in disgrace .
Killifer evaded paying less than 300 dollars of medicare taxes for her domestic help, resulting in a tax lien oh her home .For 18 months she has avoiding paying this SMALL amount . Obama says we cant have two sets of rules . When will he ask Geitner to step down ?

Chris Dodd has revealed he did nothing wrong obtaining his mortgages, BUT he is going to refinance them anyway ( the rate has dropped a good bit )

Cuba has demanded we abandon our base in Cuba . Iran has demanded we apologize to them for everything under the sun
Obama has announced he would cut military spending by 10% ( another play out of the Clinton rule book ) Obama will continue to make the same BLUNDERS Jimmy Carter made by cutting the B-1 bomber program and that Bill ( I never met a female I could resist biting her on the lip and asking for sexual favors)Clinton made cuttin the military funding . The result ? We will be viewed as WEAK . Already John Solecki, a top U.N. refugee official in the southwestern Pakistani city of Quetta, was snatched from his car early Monday while en route to his office . The terrorist received Obama's email via blackberry, its ok to screw with America we are closing Gitmo and we will not use the CIA to catch you .
Let's all hope Obama doesn't kill the F-22 fighter program ( he will bet on it ) this is the most advanced aircraft on the planet and ensures our safety . I will be a simple choice for Obama quit building airplanes to facilitate overseas abortion and fund FORCED abortion in China to control the bulging population
Obama continues to undermine Pelosi to republican leaders. He is a mere pawn .He is naive ,and inexperienced and in way over his head . The American people can call their Senator or watch our country crumble to the European Socialist model .
Republicans stood together and opposed the pork bill..every one single one of them.
Obama has no control of anything and it is turning ugly , even Katie Couric is asking him questions > can we even imagine what the " first 100 days " will be like ?

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