Monday, February 23, 2009


Wait till you see the Dictator and his new plan . Look for the F-22 fighter to be shelved .Obama will cut most of the Military contracts. California will be hurt the most and plunge further in debt .Obama will weaken the California economy, mire the New York Economy is welfare spending and send the rest of the US into a vicious downward spiral .The rest of the will feel the pain and the welfare roles will grow and taxes will soar.Obama will put in place HUGE taxes and penalties for manufacturing .The cost will be passed onto the consumer. the Deficit MAY shrink but you will paying double for power, food and anything you buy. Food is transported on trucks and trucks produce emissions. Obama will announce he is going to let the Bush tax cuts expire . This is pure genius!! Obama kills the stock market with this one simple tax increase . Fortune 1000 companies will not be able to borrow the money they need to operate .The Chinese quit buying our bonds, and perhaps even start cashing the bonds in .The few Banks that the government have not taken over will go under . Doctors and every one making over 250k ( or what ever # Obama likes ..could be 100 k or 60 k )will consider retiring or drastically scaling back their business.This works great for Obama as he institutes National Health Care. National Health Care will bring a shortage of health care to the average American . Medical treatment will be rationed . Here is what you get from all of this . A Weaker US that can no longer protect its border , or even think about defending our country against an invasion. Money that is worthless and no one will want it .Talks about making Mexico part of America and instantly creating more welfare recipients and Democratic voters .Food shortages. lots of slum housing for the masses . ENVY , yes you get tons of ENVY and you don't have to pay hard currency for it . Anything you would want as a luxury you can only dream about as the price is only affordable to a multi millionaire .Wait until Obama outlines his new plan, the outrage will be heard .Britain has announced it anticipates lots of riots and protests this summer .I think Americans will do the same .Obama needs to be asked on very simple question . When has ANY ONE of this policies worked? the answer is NEVER . The media will not ask this question and if an average citizen ask questions they will be taken to " re education camp" or fired from their job .
Will Obama have his new HI TECH podium in place for his speech? How obvious will it be the questions and answers were rehearsed before hand ?

The change is coming . Trains will be built and run on time , banks will be nationalized ,Welfare becomes the the job for the majority of people in our country. Health care will be nationalized and rationed . Elderly people will lose some of their health care benefits . Obama will create a " civilian police force " Guns ownership will be outlawed . Business will be taxed and penalized to the brink of extinction .
Internet and Radio will be monitored and censored . Sound like your in China? or North Korea? Try Germany under HITLER . For you silly people who voted for OBAMA you will suffer the most .Your life will become a struggle to find food and health for your children.Jobs will no longer exist for you. You see the plan is to make every one poor and reliant on government hand outs . Conservatives who shunned the Obama socialism plan are busy stockpiling food and guns and buying gold . Obama is creating a new class of slavery . Again A black man will enslave his own race and this time he will enslave some stupid white people along with them . If you voted for OBAMA your going to get what he has promised ,and your not going to like it . Watch the Conservative wealthy people move to conservative states or out of the country and abandon the welfare states . Watch a ton of large business owners re locate off shore to avoid paying taxes in the US .Why do you think OBAMA is after the Swiss bank accounts ?
Obama lays out a new chapter in 1 day be ready for it . Its HISTORIC !!!

Thank GOD for people like Alan Keyes !!


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