Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Today Obama is expected to sign the worst bill into law we have ever seen in this country.Don't take my word for it , just ask the stock market .Dow futures indicate the stock market will open about 250 points lower than it closed on its last trade . The problem? there is no stimulus. The HUGE tax break? 13 dollars a week and you will not see that until June. " Sell in May and go away" , that's an old adage and will hold true here also. June through October are the worst months for the stock market.If the tax breaks are seen on your paycheck in June ,the devaluation of the dollar will erase any gain you might have seen in your take home pay. The worse news? Obama's gift keeps on giving and giving. That's right he is not going to pay 65% of laid workers health insurance only to pull the rug out from under them. This bill keeps taking and taking and taking . We will go back to 70% tax rates. ALL WELFARE reform in the last 20 years has been erased .Obama will form a " ministry of automobiles",this Auto bail out will not work ,Detroit will take the money and take the money, we are on round 2 already!!!. Wouldn't it be smarter to give every American over 18 with driver's license a voucher for 20 thousand dollars towards a new car? The stock market will vote today and it will be UGLY . It will be one of the biggest one day losses since 1987 .This week will be horrible for the stock market as it plunges and options expire and come due , awful it will be just awful. OBAMA continues to call this the worst economy since the great depression , it's not it's the worst since JIMMY CARTER !!


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