Wednesday, February 11, 2009

OBAMA'S First Press conference

2-11-09 Obama had his first press conference a few nights ago and it was eerily similar to a campaign speech. Obama revealed Timothy Geithner would have the plan to save America( boy that one backfired ) Obama released the video of the press conference but he has edited out the PRESS and their questions , sounds like a good ole Propaganda film from the 1940's .Obama looked silly as he called on reporters for questions . He called names off of a list and then looked around the room to see where they might be .Helen Thomas asked OBAMA if any middle east countries had nukes and he sidestepped the questions .She also refers to " so called terrorists" .All this from a near 100 year old crackpot who is quoted as " never saw liberal bias in the media" How long before we can't call them terrorists? ? It was obvious Obama read the reporter's names off a list , could we also rationalize they questions were planted? .One might think so , as Obama rambled on and on with the answer to each " random " question . The Huffington Post reporter had a front row seat , but we saw no questions from the FOX NEWS team. The hardball question of the night was served up by Mara Liasson. Sad day when the NPR reporter is the one we have to rely on to ask a the tough question to a SOCIALIST President .American's knows this PORK BILL is a scam and many governors are speaking out . It will never work . Cost over runs and UNION corruption will make the cost 3 times what is budgeted for infrastructure. Britain has announced its initiative to make all medical records electronic failed on a massive scale with huge cost overrun . EDS and ACCENTURE made the implementation in Britain . It did not work there and it will be worse on this side of the pond .
Yes the First White house press conference was a farce . Obama knows his agenda is being rejected by much of America just 3 weeks in . Have Faith the personal attacks will ramp up . Rush was first . Ann Coulter is being investigated for VOTER FRAUD .who will be number 3 ? Smart money says its SEAN HANNITY. Look for the OBAMA " Truth Squad " to go after Michelle Malkin. World Net Daily , and other conservative media outlet that dares to critique his REGIME !! Could OBAMA ask for ACORN to be investigated ? NO!!.Instead he wants to funnel them more money and let the white house do the 2010 census . How many ACORN people will be involved with census ? One has to ask when will the national train initiative be inserted in the bill and who will be the corrupt politician to do it ? Who will be nominated to make sure the trains run on time? Oh how the days of Lenin and Stalin and the train schedules come to mind

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