Wednesday, February 11, 2009


2-11-09 I blogged on 2-4-2009 that we should all be concerned that OBAMA would axe the F-22 fighter program .Never fear BARNEY FRANK declared this was a waste full un needed program and should be discontinued on his appearance on " MEET THE PRESS " on Sunday 2-8-2009. Have no fear Barny will lead the march to dismantle the US armed forces . That's right it's more important to provide government assistance for gender change operations , provide every welfare recipient a new car and a free kitchen.Obama and his communists pals are trying every day to control every aspect of your life .Whether it s google monitoring your power usage or some government doctor declaring your macular degeneration must make you go blind in one eye before your eligible to receive treatment for the other eye .The whole idea of CEO's have a ceiling put on their salary is utterly STUPID. 12 of the fortune 1000 make less than 500k per year . Moist are like Steve jobs and receive $ 1 per year and a truckload of stock option. Greedy Corporate executives will find a loophole . Just more window dressing for FOOLISH American's to believe in OBAMA.

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