Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and hard-line leader Benjamin Netanyahu are both claiming victory in the recent election. The tie breaker will likely go to Netanyahu. He is a conservative , right wing hardliner . Say hello to a new war in the middle east. Hundreds of terrorists are staged in southern Egypt to enter GAZA .Obama has already angered Pakistan by breaching their border .Hugo Chavez has funneled more than 1 million dollars to the taliban .Former soviet states have closed our supply routes to Afghanistan,. Castro 's regime is poised to fall . Castro is very friendly with Chavez , look for Chavez to sweep into Cuba gain control of the oil contracts with China and create World chaos . Factor in Soviet hardware is in Chavez' backyard and also in CUBA. Obama's plan? Drastically slash the military and say pretty please to the World wide terrorist community.Many experts agree we face as big a threat from the radical muslim element in the UK and the dictator HUGO CHAVEZ. No wonder they are hoarding ammo up in Florida .They are going to be the front line of defense as Obama's "youth regiment" that will inherit the military budget will not be armed and will generally be degenerates and losers from the welfare sector.Obama said he wants the whole world to like the USA .They are going to love us as they push us around and dictate our foreign policy .Where is Hillary? Hiding from the IRS perhaps ?

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