Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Week 3 of the OBAMA Socialist reform movement and yes, more bad news. Chris Strohm a reporter was physically restrained as he tried to ask Leon Panetta a question. Several reporters witnessed this incident . Tim Starks a reporter for the Congressional Quarterly. Starks said he had NEVER seen this happen in his many years of covering the CIA .What is Panetta afraid of ? Could it be questions of how he earned more than 700k from " consulting fees" ( don't confuse this with lobbying or " pay for play " because OBAMA doesn't allow that in his administration ) Proud check writers include Merrill Lynch, Wachovia , the Carlyle group ( a consulting / lobbying firm , that also owns companies who receive lucrative contracts from the CIA and NSA ). Pacific Maritime Association was glad to write a check for 60k . I am sure this doesn't in any way influence their lobbying efforts on terrorism laws that affect shipping .
Naturally more tax evasion was discovered last week also .Hilda Solis the nominee for Labor Secretary disclosed her husband Sam Sayyad had failed to pay tax liens on his business as far back as 16 years.Naturally neither one were aware of the liens . Imagine that ? The county doesn't send notices ? Solis is also under fire for her role as a NON PAID board member and treasurer for a non profit. American Rights to Work is a pro union group that just so happened to contribute 310k on lobbying for ( yes you guessed it ) to support legislation Solis co -sponsored designed to make it much easier for unions to organize ( no conflict of interest here is it ? ) Obama also signed his 4ht executive order, and of course it rescinds a BUSH order .That's more of the look forward not backward OBAMA doctrine . The new order is pay back for the UNIONS . The order requires construction contractors to negotiate union officials and pay union wages.Why not just make the " NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION AGENCY '? Kiss another private sector industry good bye . Funny how all this works isn't it ? we are going to have a STIMULUS that has bridge and road work BUT the union will be MANDATED to be included ,and hire non white , non skilled laborers and pay them a premium wage ?
Good ole Charlie Rangel is back in the news . A report from the Sunlight cites 28 instances that Rangel failed to disclose assets of up to 831,000.00.Theses assets simply VANISH into thin air ? Offshore bank account perhaps? Speaking of Offshore accounts where is Hillary ?She has vanished? could it be that she an d BILL have huge tax issues also? Bill has Ltd. partnership in offshore accounts .My hunch is that all the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS he received for his library, some of it got lost , misplaced or VANISHED.
Add to the horrible failure of TARP II and the exposure of what a clown GEITNER really is .Israel has a new president .Make no mistake the new president will launch another war in the middle east and tell OBAMA to stay out of the way . Our foreign policy is in the toilet just 3 weeks in .
How long before we have a resignation? who will be first ? Geitner ? Robert Gibbs the supremely inept buffoon of a press secretary .Perhaps Panetta ?
Porkulus bill is full of hidden secrets like nationalization of health care . The UK model would be used where a doctor looks at your ailment , your age and decides if it's cost effective to treat you . Poll show 75% of Americans are against this CURRENT bill.But OBAMA doesn't care . Chuck Schummer dismisses this. After all its not your tax dollars they are spending, these are just " chips" the corrupt official in DC used to transact "Business as us usual " and keep score with .Obama has seized control of the US census , now that's fairness and transparency we can all live with . How bad is it ? Try buying ammo for you firearm in Florida. Florida gun dealers reveal they can't get ammo, that people are hoarding it all up and buying and pre paying for deliveries that may take months to receive . Sounds like the makings of fight for the 2nd amendment and possibly an overthrow of the government or succession from the union . Let's hope not but with OBAMA DICTATOR FOR LIFE in office anything could happen , move over Jimmy Carter Obama will replace you as the most naive , and ineffective US president in the last 100 years . only 205 more weeks to go .

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