Friday, February 13, 2009

Sen. Judd Gregg Trumps Obama

2-13-09 Sen. Judd Gregg announced Thursday 2-12-2009 he would withdraw from consideration as Commerce secretary. Gregg reveals he told the Obama camp earlier in the week of his intentions . Why the fallout ? Gregg has been an American for 61 years and after thinking about he decided he didn't want to be a communists and contribute to the downfall of the USA.Both sides deny it was over the Obama's attempt to grab the census and let his crooked pals at ACORN assist him in falsifying the 2010 census .Obama's fiendish plan to waste 800 billion on a false stimulus package was the other reason cited. Truth is not even France is left of OBAMA any more . Gregg Returns to the senate and now we only need one RINO to change their vote .Remember the 3 idiot Rino's who voted YES for the senate version also voted NOT guilty in Bill Clinton's impeachment,so no chance they are going to vote NO . Here in Alabama we only had 1 of our congressmen and senator's vote yes .The lone vote came from Arturo Davis who yearns to be the first black governor of Alabama . I think with all the negative press and broken promises about this bill we may get just 1 democrat to vote no .That will do it. Gregg's no vote and 1 Democrat can kill the bill .
Harry Reid also slipped 8 Billion in the bill for a high speed train from LA to VEGAS .Remember and Pelosi both said , no pork , no earmarks in this bill . What a joke !
Barry Sotero the first Socialist US president to make the trains run on time !!

VIVA LA OBAMA!!! HAIL Barry Sotero!!!!

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