Friday, July 31, 2009

Car Allowance Rebate System Shut Down

7-31-2009 2.40 PM EST
Car Allowance Rebate System Shut Down

The tiny 1 Billion dollar government entitlement program that was launched n on July 24 ,2009 was shut down on July 30, 2009.
What are the possible reasons this programs was shut down in less than 1 week ?

The program was designed to take the evil , older gas guzzlers off the road and send them to be crushed and sold for scrap metal .The program was flawed form the very beginning .Imagine an American that is struggling to make ends meet in this recession and driving a 1990 gas guzzler. Does this person choose to drive a 20 year old car or is he driving it because he simply does not have the resources to buy a new car? Does this person have a credit score over 700 and salary that allows for $400.00 plus monthly car payments ?

Did the brilliant socialists in the White house really devise a 120 day program that had to be shut down in less than one week? Obama has admitted his vast pool of genius talent miscalculated the severity of the recession .Today the Commerce Department released a report showing that during the current recession we saw the economy shrink more than twice as much as previously estimated, reflecting even bigger declines in consumer spending and housing .Now the CARS program is shut down in just 7 days ? Perhaps we should question the projections for Obama's massive Health care ENTITLEMENT?

The idiots in the White House are lying to us and ignoring the estimates of the CBO .They are only interested in wrecking the economy and making this a socialized country like in Europe and creating a Global Currency

Perhaps this program had to be shut down so quickly because its great ammo for critics of OBAMAS flawed policies? Many people thought we could have declared a federal income tax holiday for 1 year and put that money back in consumer's hands . Others said we should take the 787 billion TARP divide it between LEGAL adults in this country over 18 and give every one $250,000 dollars .Many of our conservative lawmakers proposed TAX CUT for individuals and corporations .

The CARS programs just proves that when you put more money in a consumer's pockets, that is what stimulates spending .
It also proves that EVERY Republican member of the House of Representatives voted AGAINST the TARP bailout were correct in saying it was not going to work .

In the coming weeks we will find out the CARS program was riddled with FRAUD and the largest group that received the rebates were actually the small business owner and not individuals .

Imagine this fraud scenario , a seasoned welfare scammer takes an aging Buick Lesabre to the auto dealer .The car is traded in on a small FOREIGN import .The new car is traded back into a car dealer for a nice muscle car or SUV . The car dealer buys the fuel efficient car back at a loss of $1,000. dollars for the consumer .Now the dealer can re sell the car as new as it has never been “ titled “ .The consumer gets a nice fat down payment from the government .The other option if for the scammer to take the $3500.00 leave the lot and go pay $800.00 for another clunker and make a quick paycheck .

Now lets look at a small business that has small fleet of vehicles for delivery or sales people . How many of these fleet cars were traded in on new vehicles ? For a construction company or a company that has delivery vehicles its like dollars falling from heaven .

The down on his luck American is left completely out of the program that SHOULD have benefited him .
This is a classic example of Trickle down economics or as the democrats called it back in the day “ VODOO ECONOMICS” .Trickle Down economics really works and the Liberals despise it because they lose control and it takes needy dependent t recipients of government hand outs vanish from their “indentured automatic voter pool”

The Republican ideas to ignite the economy are sure fire and work great , yet our radically left controlled Congress refuses to even have a discussion on the subject .

Questions we need to have answered
1)How many individuals purchased the vehicles vs corporations ?
2)How many cars were sold in the first 6 months after they were purchased?
3)How many cars were traded in in less than 30 days ?
4)Why cant everyone just get a $4500.00 check and go buy an AMERICAN car or anything they want to purchase to stimulate the economy ?

The Democrats have to reel this program in quickly before they can be scrutinized for wasting the other 786 Billion of our tax dollars they gave away .We are stuck in this stale economy until some of the tax and spend Democrats and Republicans are ejected in the 2010 elections .Then it will take another 18 months for the economy to start firing on all cylinders again. IF TAX AND CAP or HEALTH REDISTRIBUTION become law our country will go bankrupt .Each Individual has to call their lawmakers and let them know their votes are being watched and we will help ANY candidate from EITHER party beat them in the next election if they pass any more wasteful spending or bills that sacrifice our freedom .

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