Thursday, July 9, 2009


7-9-2009 11.45 EST

Americans every where should be eager to pay higher taxes! A 2nd bailout ?Sure whats another TRILLION or so ?
Obama must raise the tax base in this country to keep up his lavish lifestyle ( sounds like a
3rd world dictator spending oil $$ for a new 450' long yacht while his peasants starve in the street) and that of his globetrotting family . Perhaps you remember the separate jet and security detail Michelle and the kids ( kids are off limits ) took to Paris? Or Michelle insisting on shopping on Sunday when all the shops in Paris are closed ? No matter if it is KOBE beef for Obama and the boys , Flying in a guy to make them pizza or keeping Michelle in the fashions that put her on the cover of the trendy magazines we all pay for it through tax dollars .

Were you surprised by Michelle wearing a pair of $540 Lanvin sneakers at a Washington food bank?
Come on Michael Jordon didn't pay that much for his shoes and he used them to make MILLIONS of dollars while playing on the basketball court.

While on recent trip to the USSR with her dictator husband BARRY,Michelle was spotted carrying a sexy black clutch, which Italian luxury house VBH boasts is their shiny black alligator manila bag – with a retail sticker price of $5,950.

The White House says she was carrying the $875 VBH patent leather clutch.

Is it any better if it only cost $875 ? People are losing jobs and their homes , and all the while Obama tells us each of us must make this sacrifice? Where can I sign up to get on the Obama sacrifice program?

When told Told that Obama's office denied the bag was the high-end VBH clutch, Kelly Vitko, a rep for the company replied, It’s definitely our manila bag .

Come on folks , who are you going to believe? After all the White house spelled Obama's name wrong !! In a release touting an agreement between Obama and President Dmitry Medvedev over how to craft a follow-up to the START arms reduction treaty, the White House claimed the document had been signed by one "Barak Obama."

Surely the idiots at the white house would be experts on ultra high end and pricey alligator clutches!
How can this all be blamed on George Bush ? Of course the nay sayers will say " well Laura Bush spent that way also ".Show me the article .Show me the proof .This is a Tyrannical dictator ..pure and simple.

$6,000.00 that's probably equal to a months salary for a Secret Service Agent to guard Michelle or one of the kids.Would Obama fire one of the Security detail to offset this lavish spending ?

What is the Carbon footprint of this purse ? Did Obama buy a Greenhouse Gas credit to make sure it didn't hurt the balance of our planet ?
Why have the PETA people and Green Peace fruit loops not voiced their opposition?

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