Monday, July 6, 2009


7-6-2009 10.50 AM EST
I was driving to the lake on July the 3rd. I heard the radio announcer break in and say he had information that Sarah Palin will be conducting a news conference in minutes. My first thoughts were that Palin would announce to the world she had the Alaskan National Guard on standby and the state of Alaska and would do what the " so called President of the United States" would not do .Defend our country from the continued threats of the North Korean Government . I really thought she was going to tell the North Koreans if they tried anything on the 4th of July weekend the brave Men and Women of Alaska would defend the American Citizens everywhere .The AM radio signal began to fade as the announcer broke in once again and said apparently Palin would announce she would not seek a 2ND term as Governor of Alaska when the news conference began. I lost the radio signal before the press conference began and missed out on this this historical moment .

The next day a friend stopped by the lake house and said Palin had resigned .

The pundits and experts are confused and quite simply in the dark about her resignation .I believe Palin is a TRUE PATRIOT , and has decided what course of action she can take to derail the SOCIALIST faction that is now controlling our country .
Palin is a powerful voice and today Micheal Savage realizes he will no longer be the # 3 rated Radio show in AMERICA .

Palin has fielded repeated vile attacks against her family and has handled each one with class. As Governor of Alaska ,Palin could say very little when David Letterman made horrible remarks about her young daughter.Eventually Letterman was made to offer something that might have ALMOST looked like a very weak apology.

The gloves are now off!! Palin is free to point out the mistakes Obama and his team of idiots are making on a daily basis . She is free to sue state run media outlets like Huffington Post,New York times , Washington Post and MSNBC for the slanderous things they print about her and her typical all American family .

Palin simply has one mission now .. to unite female voters and rally them to vote the Democrats out .Palin only needs to sway perhaps 3% of the female voters in America to vote for ANYONE but the Democrats and all the other idiots that now are in office.Political strategist can waste the next 18 months trying to isolate and appeal to certain ethnic groups and sway their votes if they so choose to do so .

American Men every where admire and respect Sarah Palin .American women are fascinated by her story.

Palin can now protect her family, make 20+ million dollars a year and bring back to the good old fashioned American values and morals.
Palin can draw a crowd like no other American Politician.Soon everyone will realize Palin can help our country more as Freethinker ...........just as Rush and Hannity are doing every day.
Palin should realize that one core issue divides female voters in this country . ABORTION.
She should tell all America that Abortion will never be stopped.If Abortion was outlawed then the $599 3 day vacation junket to Acapulco will be the new form of abortion .
Tell Americans every where lets agree to disagree on Abortion ..its a personal issue ( not a right as some may think ) and lets save our Country and have this debate when our Freedom is restored .
Sarah Palin did a very brave thing on July 3rd 2009.Palin stood up and gave all Americans a reason to celebrate our freedom and let them know she will make sacrifices to wrestle control of our country from the evil tyrants who are now in control .
The liberal media has been fixated and determined to attack this fine American and destroy her family .Palin is going to step in the ring and fight with them.

Announcing her resignation on July 3rd was as brave and unselfish as a soldier throwing himself on hand grenade to save his fellow soldier .Palin has started a new chapter in the book of American freedom, what a wonderful weekend to launch this amazing new chapter in the history of your Country .I challenge all of Palins's detractors to face here now .Meet her on the radio waves or if you dare sit down face to face with her in a television studio. The liberals who have been hounding her family and saying nasty things will run like the cowards they really are

PALIN is the new AMERICAN MEDIA star and she can and will resurrect the values and morals that this great country was founded on.
In the coming days,weeks , and months you will see a vast campaign of misinformation perpetrated on SARAH PALIN by the liberal media.
Some may try to imply she is scared or a quitter .Make no mistake Sarah is brave, very brave, She is not a quitter either.
She has her rifle drawn , bayonet afixed and is charging the machine gun nest all by herself.
Palin is a true PATRIOT, a 1 woman wrecking crew and she will no longer be prim or proper or subtle as she deals with the people who choose to be nasty and disrespectful to her and her family . They wanted a fight and now MS PALIN will bring the fight to them , all they want for as long as they want. For as long as they have the courage to stand in front of the citizens of this planet and let SARAH tear them apart.Make no mistakes , she will tear them apart piece by piece.
The thing the liberals hate most about Sarah is her conservative values and morals and her drop dead looks, they are quite simply jealous of her and fear her .

Coming soon to a nationally syndicated RADIO or TELEVISION venue near you!!!
Soon to be released in hardcover and paperback everywhere!!!


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