Friday, August 14, 2009


8-14-2009 10.40 AM EST

The NFL has been as kind to extend an olive branch to Convicted Felon Michael Vick.Don't be fooled this is mere posturing on behalf of the NFL.
Look ahead and think what game day is going to be like .

PETA will be there, other groups will join them and people who would never protest will join this cause .Sponsers and advertisers will flee like a Democrat Senator flees a town hall meeting on Heath Care Reform . How will CBS,ESPN,FOX,NBC and any other network deal with it ? Will they refuse to televise the games because the Fortune 500 Corporations will not advertise? Will your local affiliate refuse to televise any Eagles games . Will the Networks have to hire legions of workers to respond to the complaints and hate mail? How would Network executives feel about crossing the PICKET LINES outside the Studio every Monday Morning ? Will Lincoln Financial remove it's name from the Stadium? Which Corporation would be stupid enough to put their name on the stadium once Lincoln Financial bails out ?
What about the Lawsuits ? Will the Eagles sue for lack of TV revenue? How about other teams that are already scheduled to play the Eagles on TV and find out they are going to miss out on the revenue cause the game is removed from the airwaves ? How about the fans how many could boycott AND file lawsuits ?How will this play out for DIRECT TV and its NFL package ? How will the ROAD games be handled? Will Jerry Jones be happy he is paying an extra MILLION dollars for added security when the Eagles come to town? Lawyers are already putting deposits down for mega yachts.Imagine all the pain and suffering lawsuits from the NEGLIGENCE on the NFL and Owners that didnt " anticipate and provide adequate measures to ensure the patron's safety" ?

Anyone remember how Joe Theisman ended his career? Vick will attract a penalty on every play that he is tackled .Will VICK be eligible to be inducted into the Hall of Fame if he plays long enough and has the on field performance to warrant it ?

Police will have to work overtime inside and outside the stadium for all the fist fights that erupt.It is simply a Public relations nightmare . Who will pay for it all ? With the Economy in shambles the local PD doesnt have resources for overtime for this kind of silliness .Will municipalities try to charge the NFL owner for the overtime ? Will local civic leaders in turn sue the city for wasting city funds that could have fed the unemployed or provided help for energy bills for children that live in a home with no heat because neither parent has a job ? ?

Best of all we will see AL SHARPTON , and JESSE Jackson and a host of others who make their lively hood from igniting and fanning the flames of racism .How long before good ole AL reveals info that WHITE rednecks invented the whole dog fighting sport and VICK is merely a victim here ?

IN the end it will be a HUGE CIRCUS .The NFL knows this and is allowing this to happen so it can be shut down quickly ( Before the first regular season game is played )and not have an inverse impact on the game . The NFL is simply allowing VICK to be signed and then public opinion remove him from the game .The NFL saves 100's of MILLIONS from potential legal fees , lost ticket sales and lost ad revenue .

The NFL will release a statement that reads something like this " The NFL generously gave Michael Vick a second chance . The public out rage and safety of the fan outweighs any benefit MR VICK brings to the game .To preserve the integrity of the game and safety of the fans we are going to suspend MR VICK indefinitely and he may re apply in 3 years before a board of regents to assess THE viability of his return to the game ". My bet is VICK never takes a snap in areal game this season, or any other season .

The NFL has to barr VICK from the game , otherwise its just a bunch of dope smoking thugs playing basketball or drug abusers playing baseball.The NFL is all about HUGE $$$ and they will preserve that status in the end ,forsaking all others .As always just follow the money trail it all ways takes you down the path to discover the truth and the people behind the issue

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