Monday, July 27, 2009

Henry Louis Gates Jr. now hiding from the media coverage

7-27-2009 11.20 EST

Add Henry Louis Gates Jr. to the growing list of tax evader , socialist, and plain old DUMB people who " PAL " around with Obama

Henry Louis Gates Jr. wants all the attention and media focus to go away and for it to happen very quickly !!

Who is Henry Louis Gates Jr.?

Since 1991, Gates has been teaching African American studies at Harvard, where he serves as the director of the W. E. B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research.De Bois was an avowed communist and also a socialist sympathizer.Du Bois was for a brief time a member of the Socialist Party. In 1927 he infamously traveled to the USSR, where he called the Soviet system "the most hopeful vehicle for the world." Eight years later, he published the book "Black Reconstruction," which offered a Marxist interpretation of the Reconstruction Era.

Dubois joined the communist cause in 1950, when he ran for the New York State Senate on the American Labor Party ticket. He lost the election, but eight years later joined Trotskyists, ex-communists, and independent radicals in proposing the creation of a united left-wing coalition to run for seats in New York State elections.

Du Bois joined the Communist Party USA in 1961. He emigrated to Ghana, where he became a naturalized citizen, living in the country's socialist police state. Two years later, the Communist Party named its new youth group the W.E.B. DuBois Clubs.

Gates was also lured to Harvard socialist sympathizer Kwame Anthony Appiah, a Ghanaian philosopher, cultural theorist and novelist, as well as William Julius Wilson, who is close to the Democrat Socialists of America.

Gates authored two books with West, a long-time member and honorary chair of the Democrat Socialists of America. West served on the black advisory board of Obama's presidential campaign.

One of Gates' major sources of intellectual inspiration is Herbert Aptheker, a seminal scholar of African-American history who was a radical American leftist. Aptheker was for decades a leading theorist of the Communist Party U.S.A. before resigning in 1991.

Gates also has his very own personal tax supported 501c3 ‘charity,’ which he operates out of his own house

Here is the Inkwell Foundation’s ‘mission statement’:

The purpose of the foundation is to provide grants to other charitable organizations and to promote programs that educate the general public and encourage academic interest regarding African and African-American literature, art, history, and culture.

To that noble end they have raised $205,543 in 2007 alone.Only $27,500 of this money has actually been expended.

The money somehow seems to have found its way to Mr. Gates employees and friends – pretty much exclusively.

All but four of the ‘grants’ that were doled out during 2007 were for the paltry sum of $500. (It’s hard to see how much scholarship that can buy.)

The larger grants, however, seem to have gone to Mr. Gates’ inner circle, with the largest – at $10,000 – having gone to his very own personal assistant, Joanne Kendall.
The next largest grant ($6,000) appears to have gone to an apparent Gates’ friend, Angela Deleon.

One of the two $1,000 grants was given to Dell Hamilton, who reportedly worked for Mr. Gates as an Events coordinator for the Dubois Institute at Harvard.

One of the $500 recipients, Nancy Brigham Cyr , also seems to have worked for Gates, as an administrator.
Several more friends and former employees of Gates on the list of grantees.

Naturally Gates had to file an extension for his tax return .

Perhaps it was the baffling array of receipts he claimed for $ 100.00 of office supplies.

View the entire return here

Questions I think Gates should be answering

1) Who is paying for all the leisure time and activities at Martha's Vineyards?
2) Where are the publications and results from the so called " research grants"
3) Why are the two largest grants to females friends and what is your relationship to these two women ?
4) Why have you not organized protests at Harvard over the incident ?
5) Why are you not pursuing litigation towards the Cambridge PD or the officers involved ?
6) Why have you not appeared on radio and TV to tell your side of the story ?
7) Did you ever consider apologizing to Officer Crowley's mother ?
8) What is the medical reason for you to have a cane ? or is it just a prop?
9) Who was the driver of teh vehicle you arrived at your residence on the day of you arrest ?
10) Who pays the driver's salary
11) Why has the driver not come forward and made a statement of the events of that day ?
12) Are the 26% of BLACK AMERICANS that say OBAMA handled this wrong really just racists like the cop who arrested you ?

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