Wednesday, July 15, 2009


7-15-2009 11.55 AM EST
Orly Taitz has field a lawsuit on behalf of Army Maj. Stefan Frederick Cook.
The lawsuit asks for Obama to prove he is natural born citizen , and therefore the Commander in Chief.If Obama is not a natural born citizen then his orders to the military are illegal orders.

Cook made this statement after the suit was field "As an officer in the armed forces of the United States, it is [my] duty to gain clarification on any order we may believe illegal. With that said, if President Obama is found not to be a 'natural-born citizen,' he is not eligible to be commander-in-chief," "[Then] any order coming out of the presidency or his chain of command is illegal. Should I deploy, I would essentially be following an illegal [order]. If I happened to be captured by the enemy in a foreign land, I would not be privy to the Geneva Convention protections,"
Cook said without a legitimate president as commander-in-chief, members of the U.S. military in overseas actions could be determined to be "war criminals and subject to prosecution."

A hearing was scheduled for Thursday July 16, 2009 in Federal court for the Middle District of Georgia from U.S. District Judge Clay D. Land.

Cook said he was scheduled to report for duty on July 15, to deploy to Afghanistan.

Mysteriously his orders have been rescinded !!!!!

Taitz said she will attend the hearing to amend the temporary restraining order to an injunction because more members of the military have joined the cause.

"We are going to be asking for release of Obama's records because now this completely undermines the military. It revoked this order, but it can come up with another order tomorrow. It can come up with orders for other people," she said. "Am I going to be flying around the country 1,000 times and paying the fees every time they issue an order?"

Taitz said the issue "must be resolved immediately," and she will continue working to ensure Obama proves he is eligible for office.

"We're going to be asking the judge to issue an order for Obama to provide his vital records to show he is legitimately president," she said. "We're going to say, we have orders every day, and we'll have revocations every day. This issue has to be decided."

She said there cannot be any harm to the president if he is legitimately holding office.

"If he is legitimate, then his vital records will prove it," Taitz said. "If he is illegitimate, then he should not have been there in the first place."
"Now, we can have each and every member of the military – each and every enlistee and officer – file something similar saying 'I will not take orders until Obama is legitimately vetted.'"

Where is the MEDIA coverage ? Where is CINDY SHEEHAN ? THE CODE PINK nutcases ?
Robert Gibbs refuses to even verify the hospital Obama was born in !!
Wiki has a dual entry . Many websites have changed the info on this subject in recent weeks .

And the final hint it could be true?

Keith Olbermann had this to say Soldier a 'jackass,' Orly Taitz 'conwoman'
'An embarrassment to all those who have served without cowardice'

Perhaps Obama planned this whole scenario ?Could this be the event that ignites a massive retreat from the middle east war and brings shame to America and criminal trials all in one swift blow ?How many other soldiers will question this ? Why cant Obama just provide his birth records and school transcripts? Surely the radical terrorists will use this to recruit more suicide bombers!!

Obama just wants to add more debt and to ram the Health plan and cap and tax through before any one can read it and figure out its simply a massive tax on the American people

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smrstrauss said...

The latest news is that the Major received news that he does not have to go to Afghanistan as originally stated. Orly is playing this as a victory. But was it???

It would be interesting to find out on what date Major Cook received notice that he was no longer being asked to serve in Afghanistan and whether it was by telephone or a letter sent by snail mail, or whatever.

The date of the filing of the suit by Cook was July 9 (I have it at the 9th, though some say the 8th), which was last Thursday (or it could be Wednesday), and the earliest stories saying that he was no longer being asked to go were last night.

That is six days or seven, but two of them were weekend days. It is unlikely that the Army could have decided to make a change from “go to Afghanistan” to “don’t go to Afghanistan” in only four or five days. It just doesn’t work that fast.

And besides, Cook volunteered to go to Afghanistan in the first place. He volunteered for Afghanistan on May 8, meaning that he volunteered to serve in Afghanistan while Obama was president.