Wednesday, July 8, 2009


7-8-2009 11.55 AM EST
Obama is in the USSR and has agreed to destroy our Nuclear arsenal at a time when every crazed dictator is close to joining the Nuclear Missile Club.Obama traded this valuable deterrent for mere land access for our armored vehicles in the region.This move would allow us to save a few dollars ( at a time when Obama throws Trillions away on silly whims ) fighting a war in the Middle East he has opposed all his life and promises to " cut and run" from.The Russian people and media showed a total lack of respect for the US Dictator , and for good reason.

Obama and Biden are 168 days into this 3 RING CIRCUS they call a Presidency. Despite Being in office almost 6 months these two clowns can not agree on simple foreign policy matters in concern to Israel .

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has no intention of asking either one of these two buffoons for advise or approval on how to deal with the IRANIAN nuclear treat in the region.
Once upon a time , when the bad guys on this planet started to get out of hand the whole world turned to the USA to end the problem, Not anymore . Israel will answer the call , because Obama is silent traitor to our country

The Saudi government has given approval for Israel to use Saudi ( got to love these oil mongers they take our money and fund terrorism then they cuddle up with anyone who would solve real threats in the region ) Airspace for any military strikes against Iran's nuclear facilities.

Netanyahu will take the IRANIANS out .The moon is dark on July 21 and July 22.

Meanwhile our inept Dictator Barry fiddles while the economy tanks and our Government networks are being hacked , and all the while he insists on further cuts in Defense spending .

Dissention is afoot in the House and Senate . Democrats are ready to preserve their own jobs and abandon Obama .

July 13th looms larger and larger every day .More and more members of Congress are signing on to a bill to make Presidential candidates supply ALL their birth records and qualify to run for the office of President? .Will the Media jump on board the outcry to see Obama's birth certificate on July 13th?
It is about to get ugly folks, bitter infighting and finger pointing .who will expose the truth?

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