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7-23-2009 10.50 AM EST
Obama was brilliant last night on TV. He managed to blame George Bush at least 7 times and never mention him by name .He also took a shot at Bill Kristol.I hate to tell Obama but Kristol is usually dead on and if he says this is a bad idea and doomed for failure it probably is .
Bill O'Reilly proclaimed he had a MBA from Harvard and he still didnt understand what Obama explained.
One thing was clear when a reporter stood up out of turn and asked Obama if the President and members of congress would use this health plan he got a very evasive answer that anyone could see meant NO WAY .It is very clear this MASSIVE TAX INCREASE is good enough for you , but not good enough for them !

There are many unanswered questions that still remain a mystery to every one .
I have a very good method of finding the real answer , I call it " follow the money trail"

Let's ask a question that looks inward to each individuals particular set of circumstances .
The Bill has a PENALTY built in it for employers that do not provide health care for EVERY employee

If you make 40K a year your employer would have the option of paying a 8% ( 3200 dollar )penalty and telling you to go find your own insurance plan.Will the Business be able to deduct this penalty from their tax return ? What does this mean ? If it costs more than $300 a month for your insurance plan,( and it does make the calls today to match your coverage ) Your boss would be smarter to cancel your insurance !!What about family coverage ? Currently in Alabama it costs about $1000.00 a month for your employer to provide family coverage ( Alabama is a LOW COST insurance state check your local rates )
What does this mean? Well if you make less than 150 THOUSAND dollars a year its much cheaper to eliminate your company provided insurance plan .
This Bill will PENALIZE the people who need the help the most.....the middle and lower class workers in America .
Examine an entry level pay position and you will discover that the honest American making $8.00 an hour has no chance of getting health insurance .At the 16K annual salary level, the employer penalty would only amount to $1280.00 !!.If insurance is really that cheap then every one would have it , perhaps you have to give up your unlimited mobile internet plan but it is attainable !!

Here is what really happens .Employers cancel all the majority of company sponsored health plans .All of a sudden you have no health insurance and you must go on the "GOVERNMENT PLAN" Naturally the OBAMA team will tell us they miscalculated the hoards of Americans that will move over to the Government plan and increase our taxes.The other option is to go purchase the insurance on your own and pay out of pocket .Either way the increased costs of running a business are passed on to the consumer .Many small companies will be forced to lay off workers or shut down.This will make a GLUT of available workers and drive down compensation .

No one has decided how a family would be insured.will the husband and wife working for two different companies have to EACH be insured by their respective employer?This doesnt sound like cost reduction .Will the government form an agency to Monitor this scenario? with Fraud rampant in Social Security , Welfare , Medicare , and Medicaid we could expect it to be the same for the MINISTRY of HEALTH .
Obama's plan cuts costs several ways . Doctors and Nurses make less money and health care is rationed . Plain and simple . The elderly will be refused treatment so it can be allocated to a different demographic.Think about your parents , would you sleep well at night knowing one of them is not getting the best health care available because some ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT needed to be insured ?
The American people will be FORCED to pay more money for less coverage .
Look to Britain or Canada all the " mis information" Obama talked about is clearly visible in those countries .Yes they do have a rationing board.Yes the cancer survival rate is much lower in either of these countries than it is here in America .
Obama chose his word carefully last night .He said " we will not increase the deficit to reform health care .Of course he won't he will increase taxes to pay for it .

Obama took the last question of the night from a CHICAGO SUNTIMES Reporter about the arrest of Henry Louis Gates.Obama stated He is a friend of mine and so I may be a bit biased in this manner .Really ? you think so? Obama went on to say he DID NOT KNOW all the facts in the case !Obama then called the actions of the Cambridge Police Department were STUPID. Obama said it was wrong to arrest a man that had proved he was the resident of his dwelling .What is the policy of the Cambridge Police Department when one of its police officers are verbally abused ? He was arrested of DISORDERLY CONDUCT .No wonder Obama thanks allergy treatment is a better health care option than Tonsilectomy

Obama managed to hand pick the reporters and questions once again for his press conference .He refused to call on a FOX NEWS reporter .Funny thing is that FOX has a higher viewership than all the other Cable news outlets COMBINED .Just more transparency and truth for the American People
Do yourself a favor and make a trip to BEST BUY,WALMART and the local convenience store .Meet your new " Health care practitioners" and get to know them ahead of time .Good Doctors and nurses will quit their jobs in droves and OBAMA will fill the empty jobs with the rank and file indoctrinated into the OBAMA CORPS .

Wouldnt it be easier to issue EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN a voucher for health insurance ? Then mandate that insurance companies report any cancellation of coverage just like they do on AUTO INSURANCE ? This could all be tied to your social security number . Simple and cost effective, and we create one entity to disburse the vouchers and one entity to monitor cancellations !!

Mussolini would be proud !
Stalin would send his congrats !
Hugo Chaves would add it to is latest book on defeating capitalism !
Castro would unite the other dictators and applaud Obama for destroying our economy !

McCAIN really had a BETTER solution

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