Tuesday, July 7, 2009


7-7-2009 11.45 AM EST
Police are tight lipped about a motive or ruling on BOTH deaths of this death scene.
It is now thought that Sahel Kazemi bought the gun used in the 2 deaths mere hours after Mcnair bailed her out of jail on a DUI charge .Sahel Kazemi was driving 54-mph in a 30-mph zone and was stopped at Broadway near 12th Avenue, according to court records. She told police she was not drunk, but high. She later said it had been eight hours since she drank any alcohol.
The Cadillac ESCALADE is registered to her AND McNAIR .Sahel Kazemi was charged with DUI and arrested .McNair left the scene in a TAXI .

Mcnair was found on the couch with a shot to each one of his temples and 2 shots to the chest .
Police say that Wayne Neely rented the condo along with Mcnair and arrived at the condo BEFORE 1 AM but did not call the police until another friend arrived at 1.35 AM

The gunshots suggest Mcnair was either shot in the chest then the murdered took the time to place the pistol on each side of his head and shoot him through the temple .Mcnair could have also been shot and then placed on the couch.Sahel Kazemi is is said to died from a single gunshot wound and the gun fell and landed under her body....this is highly unlikely sounds like a staged scene to me .My money is that a close relative of one of the victims is responsible .Could Mcnair's wife been fed up with whats appears to be a pretty open and public affair and hired someone to kill both of them ? Sahel Kazemi appears to be of Middle Eastern decent ..could this be some sort of " HONOR KILLING "?

Will the gun seller also turn out to be the drug supplier for the couple ? Could this be a revenge killing of some sort over a drug deal gone bad ? Could Kazemi been having sex with other men , and one of them got jealous and killed them ? Could Kazemi really be nothing more than a young call girl that abandoned Craig's List and had a steady clientele?

Good bet that drugs are involved as Sahel Kazemi told the police a few days earlier she was HIGH not drunk .Wayne Neely probably disposed of some of the evidence on the scene such as drugs , videos of Mcnair having sex and other sordid tidbits one would expect to find in the rented love nest of a 40+ year old man banging a 20 year old behind his wife's back .
I think this is double murder and the murderer shot extra bullets in Mcnair to make it look like a fit of rage and jealousy by his young lover , and staged the murder scene .The pistol would have fell WAY from Kazemi as she collapsed.

He gambled everything he had earned in life for a non attractive bimbo and paid the ultimate price .He got what he deserved . If his wife is not involved she deserves every dime this man had!

At the of the day this is just another example of a young female working in a job where she flaunted her body and an older man picked her up, " SUGAR DADDY " her up and it went bad .
Females every where should note if you plan on dating a pro athlete of color and your not his color then you have a good chance of dying because of it.

MIKE LUPICS showed his ignorance by blaming the gun for the murders , when in fact 47% of these kinds of murders are perpetrated with a KNIFE vs 45% by firearm.

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