Friday, July 3, 2009


7-3-2009 11.50 AM EST
Will Obama's big test come on Saturday July the 4th 2009 ?
Experts now believe the North Korean's may be using an old Soviet ballistic missile to boost a rocket capable of reaching the West Coast of the United States. If this is true, North Korea could deliver a 2,000 pound warhead to Seattle Washington or a 1,600 pound warhead to the San Francisco bay area.

How did North Korea obtain this Soviet technology? Did they pay the Russian? Are the Russians supplying it to help escalate hatred towards the USA around the world? Could the Chinese be involved ? Would China create a scenario where the could tell OBAMA they could reign in the North Korean threat in exchange for some protection on the vast Chinese holding of US T bills, or to make the US to agree to a global currency ? Could Obama have secretly contacted either of these countries or other parties to participate in such a fiendish scheme ?

Perhaps North Korea will launch the missile and aim it toward another region. They could spin this and say they now have a longer range missile and didn't want to scare the INNOCENT citizens of the USA for BUSH'S ( oops not even North Korea can blame him anymore !!) inept foreign policy .

Replotting the trajectory could also be explained by atmospheric or solar conditions .I think they shoot it and self destruct it before the USA can bring it down .

Be certain that OBAMA is seen as WEAK and anti American around the world . The terrorists know this and will seize this great holiday of ours to show they are alive and ready to kill Americans everywhere .Look for terrorists to execute their plan somewhere , somehow . I hope this captured American soldier is not executed this weekend.Where will the terrorists strike ?

Could Chavez be planning an operation in Honduras to coincide with the 4th ? Make no mistake this clown of a President we have has opened the door for evil men around the planet to mock and inflict harm on our citizens.

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