Friday, July 24, 2009


7-24-2009 3.30PM EST

Obama has consulted David Letterman on how to handle his "STUPID " and racist remarks directed toward Sgt. James Crowley of the Cambridge Police Department .Obama has decided to follow the same path that DAVE used with Sarah Palin. Obama tried to deflect blame from himself and direct it toward both officer Crowley and Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Obama also stated that this matter had DISTRACTED the debate on health care reform.Obama planted the race baitng question with a reporter and waited to call on the reporter for the last question of his prime time press conference on health care reform . OBAMA planned the whole thing as a distraction to his failing health care debate . The tactic backfired.All of America is upset about Obama's remarks and his fellow socialists in the White House are using the same polling and triangulation methods reminiscent of Bill Clinton to respond to his latest blunder.
Tine will reveal that at least 10 other onlookers were at the residence of Henry Louis Gates Jr. and will validate the officers version of the events . Audio tapes will reveal that Crowley is telling the truth and Gates is trying to play the race card.

Gates presented a Harvard ID card . Does the man not have a Drivers License?Did the Harvard ID have the CURRENT Address for Gates ?

Sgt. Crowley has asked OBAMA for an apology and he did not get one! Crowley has stated he has not ruled out filing a suit against Gates for defamation of character.

Sotomayor has contempt for Fire Fighters.Obama has Contempt for our brave American soldiers and now has added the brave men and women of Law Enforcement.

Obama's approval rating is now below 50% and the wheels are falling off for support of his Illegimate presidency in the Congress.

Voting on the Health Care Reform is delayed because DEMOCRATS are not on board. Many of the members of Congress remember what happened to the lawmakers who voted for the AWB in 1994
Pelosi and Waxman have decided they will obstruct the rules of congress and disregard the voting process in Congress .

This issue is not going away .Gates is totally in the wrong here .Obama will be forced to make some half hearted attempt at an apology to Crowley .Sharpton has urged Obama not to apologize and to get the Justice Department involved.

Gates should have been happy he had good neighbors and thanked the Police for responding quickly.Instead he wasted valuable time that SEVERAL officers could have been on the street chasing criminals

Members of Law Enforcement will rally around Crowley and speak out against OBAMA .This outcry will have the residual effect of fanning the flames for awareness and support of the 10th Amendment.
Obama is a lawyer and should know better than to make unfounded accusations that are based on "hearsay" .Obama should be disbarred for his actions .

OJ is innocent . MJ was not a child molestor and Henry Louis Gates Jr is a victim of racial profiling!!

Obama's actions will set back race relations 200 years in this country


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