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8-31-2010 2:30 PM EST

Monday night reports began to circulate that two men had been detained in Amsterdam , in what was being called a " dry run "

ABC posted the names and photos, and naturally the men were of Middle Eastern decent.

The alarming thing was that one of the men boarded a flight in Birmingham Alabama.

Ahmed Mohamed Nasser al Soofi attempted to board the flight in Birmingham ,and the TSA screeners noticed him .
Officials said al Soofi was found to be carrying $7000.00 in cash, and a check of his luggage found a cell phone taped to a Pepto-Bismol bottle, three cell phones taped together, several watches taped together, a box cutter and three large knives.

The Birmingham airport is my Airport of choice and it is much smaller than Atlanta and the security lines are much shorter .

al Soofi, originally from Yemen, has a wife and children overseas , had left the Detroit area several years ago and was most recently living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama working at a small grocery store.

Was he in Tuscaloosa because of the MERCEDES BENZ plant ?
Did he feel like as a good Muslim he needed to be near the GERMAN INFIDELS ?

Maybe one of the largest college football stadiums in the Nation with a #1 ranked football team with 13 National Championships looked like a prized that would get him a few extra virgins in the after life ?

So we have a Yemen national decide to move to " redneck central " in Alabama,working in a convenience store ,attempting to board a flight to the Middle East with $7,000 cash, 7 seven cell phones,a bottle of Pepto Bismol and a bunch of watches ?

Many have speculated that the PEPTO contains BISMUTH, and the men were testing to see if it blocked magnetic signatures

Why would al Soofi Fly from Birmingham to Chicago to D.C. to get to Dubai ?

Tuscaloosa is an hours drive from Birmingham . Did he own car and abandoned it in Birmingham ?
Arrived in a one way rental car?
A friend dropped him off at the Airport ?

Atlanta Hartsfield would have been an additional two hour drive and he could have caught a NON STOP flight to Dubai there for $400.00 less .

al Soofi could have flown to Dulles and the to Dubai and saved himself over $200.00 dollars .
Instead he takes a flight to Chicago to Dulles and on to Dubai ?
More stops more money ?

The other suspect started in Memphis.

Al soofi would have stood out like a sore thumb in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham .
Did other passengers ask to get off of the flight ?

A suspicious item that " resembled a pipe bomb" was found at the Atlanta airport the very same morning .
Coincidence that neither man connected through Atlanta ?
Atlanta is the natural connection for just about ANY city in the Southeast.
As bad as the TSA looks in the Birmingham incident , the Atlanta region can only be described as " Keystone Kops "

I take extra precautions during long holiday weekends and many times , people make comments like " you expecting a war " or " man do you think the end of the world is coming " .
I wonder if anyone is going to ask questions like that around the BBQ smoker Labor Day ?
Yes I carry a sufficient weapon(s) and plenty of ammo , flashlights ,rope,radios, batteries , water and food when I go out of town for a holiday .
If something bad happens then I may not survive to the end , but I will last longer than others , and perhaps make a difference .

When will we get all the FACTS about Monday's flight ?
Had Al soofi suddenly quit his job ?
How did he get to the airport ?
Why did Hezem al Murisi board a flight in Memphis and what was he doing there ?
How could a guy that looks like SADDAM'S brother be allowed to board a flight AFTER TSA finds 7 cell phones ( were they prepaid cell phones ?) box cutters , large Knives , and & $7,000.00 cash ?
Did ANYONE notice that Hezem al Murisi had shaved his mustache like 30 minutes ago and was headed to DUBAI ?
How did the men pay for the tickets ?
Were the tickets purchased WEEKS in advance or in the last 24 hours ?
How did the men get to the airports ?
If they drove what has the search of the vehicles yielded ?
Is the incident in Tampa where Middle Eastern men were removed form a flight related ?

WHY does the media refuse to post the photos and names ? Because they are of Middle Eastern decent .
You can bet if they were rednecks for Kentucky ( or anywhere else ) burning a black church down their faces would be plastered all over the NEWS
THE ONE question I want answered:
Wha tare MY rights if I board an airplane and see a suspicious person on board and want to get off the plane ?
Will they let you get off ?
Can you only leave by being arrested ?

Here is the sad thing these two get a red carpet to fly , most likely because the Government is AFRAID of C.A.I.R or some other THINLY disguised front for terrorist and bend over backwards to accommodate these terrorists on flights in America.

What does this lady think about it her TSA SEARCH

RELAX the AP say its all a " misunderstanding "

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