Tuesday, August 3, 2010


8-4-2010 11:50 AM EST

US District Judge Susan Bolton ruled on the Arizona immigration law known as S.B.1070 .

Actually Judge Bolton issued a preliminary injunction , or " stay ".
Next stop for her ruling is the 9th ( most overturned circuit in America) circuit of appeals .
The 9th circuit will utilize the usual and customary flawed decision making the court is famous for , and the matter will be sent the Supreme Court.

Judge Bolton chose to IGNORE a law enacted by congress in 1996 know as 287 G
287 G authorizes States to investigate and arrest SUSPECTED illegal immigrants and turn them over to I.C.E.

The biggest flaw in the MEDIA LIES about the AZ. law is that FEDERAL LAW states that ANY law enforcement official has the authority to validate a person citizenship .

Read U.S.C. title 8 section 1304

This part of Federal law outlines the process to FINGER PRINT all immigrants into the United States , and defines the penalties for not having in one's possession PROOF that you are here LEGALLY .

Judge Bolton's assumption that if AZ. Law Enforcement were to check with the Federal Government on the immigration status of a detained criminal,would put an " undue burden on the government ", is TOTALLY FALSE !!

Judge Bolton did not strike the provision that allows law enforcement to investigate employers and their employees.
Now isn't that really stupid ?
Cops cant ask about your immigration status if they arrest you , so if you stay home and collect WELFARE they have no way of knowing you are breaking the law ?

Judge Bolton also failed to bring up the fact that " sanctuary cities " were blatantly violating FEDERAL LAW , yet HOLDER and his stooges turn a blind eye .
Should the D.O.J practice SELECTIVE enforcement of the same Federal statute?

NOW,Virginia's Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has issued a legal opinion Friday saying state law enforcement officers are allowed to check the immigration status of anyone "stopped or arrested."

The Virginia ruling now makes this a 10th Amendment and 14th Amendment question .

Bolton's ruling states Law Enforcement officers can not be FORCED to participate in AZ. S.B. 1070.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, says the ruling really makes no difference as he has officers standing in line to VOLUNTEER to be on his task force .

Sheriff Joe was the head of the DEA in Arizona in a career that spanned 32 years .

Sheriff Joe runs a tight ship, and is still " going about business as usual ".

Sheriff Joe arrests the law breakers , houses them in a " tent city " ,and feeds them two meals per day . Each meal is comprised of a .25 cent bologna sandwich and some water . Entertainment is the weather channel and CSPAN.
The inmates are put on " hold " while they serve their sentence and THEN released to I.C.E.

Sheriff Joe has a good relationship with LOCAL ICE enforcement, but thinks that OBAMA and HOLDER may soon change that .

Sheriff Joe , is determined to do his job despite a $1 million dollar hit being placed on him by Mexican Drug Cartels , and a lingering 18 month investigation by the D.O.J.

Sheriff Joe is proud of his department and posts the results on the Maricopa County Sheriff website

The illegal immigrant that crashed into 3 nuns in Virginia, killing one of them while he was DUI , has been arrested 2 times previously for DUI and released at least ONCE to ICE who has failed to deport him .
Carlos Montana

Sheriff Joe's method of " holding " the inmates , then releasing them to ICE , works MUCH better than releasing them on their " own recognizance"

What are " unintended consequences " for this flawed ruling by Judge Bolton ?

* Sheriff Joe now has a MURDER CONTRACT with a 1 million dollar price tag.
Where is Eric Holder ? How can we live the " American Way " if criminal organizations are allowed to go unchecked in murdering Law enforcement officials that try to bring the criminals to justice ? Is this Columbia ?

What will happen if the ruling is allowed to stand ?

* ALL criminals arrested by local or State Law Enforcement that have been convicted and incarcerated for FEDERAL crimes SHOULD be released as they were NOT detained by FEDERAL officials.
This simply means all bank robbers, and drug dealers that were arrested and the FED'S were not involved were arrested do to the " flawed language of S.B. 1070 should be released !
In fact any law that was a Federal law before it was a state law would be treated this way.
* ALL sanctuary cities and the Mayors and others involved should be arrested and convicted as they have violated Federal immigration law also.
* Lawsuits , surely black inmates convicted of drug sales were " racially profiled" and therefore their convictions and UNJUST also.
In fact , all non white inmates SHOULD be allowed to go free by the flawed reasoning the Judge Bolton has applied to this ruling .

* How about the fact that NO ONE could be required to present their Driver's License if stopped by Police ?
* No more photo ID to rent movies , buy alcohol or tobacco?
* Eliminates the IRS , as if you do not file a return because you are not a legal citizen , then you shouldnt be identified or prosecuted .
* NO more ID checks for anything , bank loans , car tags , movie rentals , etc.

This is just another sliver of Obama's plan to turn this country into a 3rd world dictatorship , leaving but a few powerful politicians with the power of KINGS.

Shouldn't we use the same train of thought for other criminals as why these illegal immigrants shouldn't be prosecuted ?
Liberals would have you believe they are " just trying to make a living "

Illegal gambling , Prostitution , drug dealers , bank robbers , in fact all criminals are " just trying to get ahead "

Is Obama to STUPID to realize that Eric Holder is using the Justice Department to
SELECTIVELY enforce the laws of the UNITED STATES .

IN Obama's Utopia , Black militants are allowed to practice voter intimidation .
IN Obama's Utopia , the D.O.J fights states like Arizona who are AIDING the government under 287 G to help secure our borders, yet cities in California, and other states are allowed to harbor fugitives and flaunt and brag about in the news media .

Obama the man who brought Hypocrisy and " business as usual" to D.C. with is CORRUPT administration.

Obama talks about " AMNESIA " , I think he really wishes every one was illiterate and unable to read and find out about his hypocrisy and constant assault on our CONSTITUTION


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