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8-30-2010 1:20 PM EST

Obama has asked for and received network television time for a speech on Tuesday night 8-31-2010.
Obama is a nice guy, after all he was gracious enough to stand before reporters in late July 2009, and then again on May 27 , 2010 to actually ANSWER QUESTIONS .

Any chance this will be a Press conference ?


404 days and two opportunities for the American people to see and hear one of , if not THE WORST president in History , be held accountable about his ridiculous leadership of our country , is at least one time too many !!

Should Obama be willing to field questions from reporters at a time when our country has an economy in a firm downward spiral , Uncertainty of a horrendous health bill passed AGAINST the will of the people , International banks offering discounts to settle financial transactions in Chinese currency rather than American dollars ,a Gulf oil spill that 75% of the oil remains in the water and the Administration declares that " 75% of the leaked oil is GONE" and covering up the facts that prove otherwise , an administration mired in allegations of failing to prosecute RACISTS guilty of voter intimidation , White House officials offering jobs for candidates to drop out of races , not to mention the GZM issue , or Obama's own personal religious faith ?

No need for a press conference ,as the FACTS are the FACTS , and just because the FACTS can't be seen , much less verified , then take Obama's word for it and BLAME it all on GEORGE BUSH !!

Obama will appear before the American people Tuesday night to feed his enormous EGO .

Will Obama thank the soldiers and people of Iraq who died during the war ?
Will Obama thank General David Petraeus?

Probably not, as he failed to do this Saturday on his weekly address .

Obama will use this opportunity to take a SHAMELESS PLUG and remind everyone he kept a campaign promise.
Will he remind us that the withdrawal already had a timeline in place before he took office ?

George Bush asked Congress for additional troops for a " SURGE" to turn the war in our favor and create a road map for the draw down of troops in Iraq .

You remember the surge don't you ? Proposed by General David Petraeus.

The SAME surge Opposed by Senator OBAMA and BIDEN .

The same General David Petraeus that MOVE ON.ORG received a 66% discount to run a full page advertisement aimed at General David Petraeus paid $65,000 for the full page ad headlined "General Petraeus or General Betray Us."
The same FULL PAGE ad that Republicans and the MAJORITY of Americans drew offense from, and criticized and the Liberals who supported the ad .

The same FULL PAGE ad that OBAMA and BIDEN didn't object to !!

The New York Post ran a story on asking why the basic rate of $181,692 for such an ad was discounted.

You remember don't you ?
The same mixed mixed up with ACORN and fined for violating campaign rules.
The same that was instrumental in electing OBAMA .

The same that took over 1.4 million from Nazi sympathizer GEORGE SOROS in a FAILED bid to defeat George Bush ?

You remember GEORGE SOROS dont you ?
The same GEORGE SOROS , that as a Jew himself , identified , and reported other Jews and watched as they were marched to and herded onto trains like cattle to be transported to DEATH CAMPS , and after they were on the train , helped steal their belongings and deliver them to his NAZI masters so they could finance further exterminations , and wage war on innocent people .

Will Obama remind us of his stance on the SURGE ?

On Jan. 10, 2007, the day President Bush called for an additional 21,500 troops to try to stabilize Iraq, Obama spoke out against the plan and predicted it would fail to stop the violence.

Obama told told MSNBC's Keith Olbermann:

"I am not persuaded that 20,000 additional troops in Iraq is going to solve the sectarian violence there," .
"In fact, I think it will do the reverse. I think it takes pressure off the Iraqis to arrive at the sort of political accommodation that every observer believes is the ultimate solution to the problems we face there. So I am going to actively oppose the president's proposal."

Obama followed through on that promise on Feb. 17, 2007, when he voted to support a bill expressing that "Congress disapproves of the decision of President George W. Bush announced on January 10, 2007, to deploy more than 20,000 additional United States combat troops to Iraq." The motion failed in a vote of 56 yeas to 34 nays, with three-fifths required to move it forward.

Obama continued to predict the surge would not prompt the sort of political reconciliation necessary to end violence in Iraq.

On July 18, 2007, Obama told Matt Lauer on NBC's Today Show, "My assessment is that the surge has not worked and we will not see a different report eight weeks from now."

He continued: "And it is my assessment and the American people's assessment that this strategy has not worked, that al-Qaida has gotten stronger in Afghanistan and Pakistan, that we are fighting on the wrong battlefield and the Iraqi government has not done the work it needs to do to resolve the civil war in Iraq."

So yes, Obama opposed the surge and predicted it would fail.
Obama continued to cast his votes in the Senate OPPOSITE of what George Bush needed to win the IRAQ war .

Oct. 2, 2002, Obama read a speech opposing the war.
Obama voted NAY later that same month to authorize military action.

Obama has quietly embraced the continuation of the Patriot Act, warrantless wiretapping, and military tribunals.
GITMO is till open and NO ONE has any plan to close it down .

Bush relied on General David Petraeus ,and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to run the war in IRAQ .
Bush was widely criticized for using DRONES and accused of being a " WAR CRIMINAL" for using the drones .

Obama relies on General David Petraeus ,and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to run the war in IRAQ and now Afghanistan .
Obama has DRAMATICALLY increased the use of drones , yet we see no criticisms , much less allegations of being a WAR CRIMINAL .
Obama has shifted oversight of the drone program from the military to the C.I.A.

This action makes the program all but invisible and immune to the Freedom of Information Act .
Just what we would expect from " The most Transparent Administration EVAH"?

General David Petraeus asked Bush for 21,000 troops for a " SURGE STRATEGY "in IRAQ
Bush was eager to comply .
General David Petraeus asked OBAMA for 30,000 troops for a " SURGE STRATEGY " in Afghanistan
Obama dawdled and played golf for MONTHS as brave men and women died waiting for reinforcements .
Obama reluctantly authorized 20,000 troops for the Afghan Surge .

So now we have OBAMA directing a team that consists of General David Petraeus and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to run the war in IRAQ and Afghanistan .
A war effort that uses DRONES ,and employs a " SURGE STRATEGY " of 20,000 troops.

An administration that houses terrorists in Club GITMO , and refuses them civilian and military trials .
An administration that embraces the continuation of the Patriot Act, warrantless wiretapping, and military tribunals.

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you BARRACK OBAMA !!

The same Barrack Obama that was against EVERYTHING Bush did to fight the war in IRAQ.
The same Barrack Obama that REPEATEDLY said the SURGE was doomed to fail .
The same Barrack Obama that condemned the continuation of the Patriot Act, warrantless wiretapping, and military tribunals.
The same Barrack Obama that condemned the EGREGIOUS erosion of human rights and violations of the U.S Constitution purportrated by George Bush .
The same Barrack Obama that did not show his support for General David Petraeus.
The same Barrack Obama that whined about prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, and how they were being denied their rights of HABEAS CORPUS ,and their right to trial under the

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you BARRACK OBAMA :
The only man to receive credit for the " Victory in Iraq " .
Yet , he did it all with the same people , policies, tools , and methods of George Bush .

Was he WRONG then?
Is he WRONG now ?

Or does he just LIE and PANDER and spin things to feed his HUGE EGO , and advance his candidacy for PRESIDENT of The United Nations ?

Is Obama TOTALLY disingenuous?
Does he take EVERYONE in AMERICA as a FOOL or STUPID ?

BARRACK OBAMA The only President to be " Held hostage " by an evil Republican minority that blocks his agenda .
The same evil Republicans that hold a MINORITY in the HOUSE and SENATE and are MATHEMATICALLY incapable of BLOCKING any legislation submitted by the TYRANTS currently in Control of the White House , Senate ,and House of Representatives .

The same BARRACK OBAMA that KNEW the war strategy wouldn't work and was VOCAL about his opposition ,and will now take CREDIT for everything that has gone well.

The same BARRACK OBAMA that said if he had the chance to vote again , he would have voted AGAINST the IRAQ SURGE ,AFTER it worked , yet Tuesday night will take credit for it working !!!

The same BARRACK OBAMA that never admitted the SURGE worked .
The same BARRACK OBAMA that will NEVER admit he was wrong about the surge .

Can some one explain to me how the " Failed Bush War Policies " are different from the same Policies Obama is using ?

Is the car in " " or is it in "D"?

If it is in "D" , do we just have BOZO the Clown driving in Circles ,in what can only be described as a



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