Wednesday, August 18, 2010


8-28-2010 9:30 AM EST

Obama decided it was politically expedient to take his wife MOOCHELLE and child to the " GULF COAST " for a whopping 25 hours .
This trip was expensive and a staged photo opp sprinkled with some subtle propaganda .

Obama had the press corps rounded up and held in the hotel lobby , while he " took a swim in the Gulf "
Problem is he swam at ALLIGATOR POINT , which is ST ANDREWS BAY , and not the Gulf of Mexico .
The gulf is many miles away across the Hathaway Bridge , and you guessed it a man died in the Gulf swimming the same day Obama took his " BAY DIP "

Obama never takes a vacation without making a statement that offends the majority of Americans , and this SHORT trip was no exception .

Captain of the Propaganda Army , Robert Gibbs has for days refused to comment on the
issue of the proposed mosque in N.Y.C. ,declaring " it is a local matter " .

Obama had a PRE WRITTEN statement that he recited via TOTUS at the RAMADAN dinner the night before he took AirForce One to Panama City ( convenient to make a statement then take a jet out of town ?)
To be fair , this dinner has being going on for years and is not a product of Obama's pro Muslim agenda .

Saturday morning Obama realized he had made a HUGE mistake and issued another statement that said , what he said Friday night , was really not what the said at all.
Saturday night a White House junior deputy propaganda minister issued another statement saying the second statement was in no way backing off the original statement.
Confusing huh ?

Remember once upon a time Obama had his MINISTRY OF JUSTICE announce they would be trying Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in NYC ?
That announcement went over like a lead balloon .Later it " just faded away " .

The argument was the " cost of security and safety of the citizens of New York City would be to high "

Like 24/7/365 security for the mosque wouldn't be ?
What will be the cost of EACH bomb threat to be called in , and the men and equipment to go investigate the threat cost ?

The cost of arresting the hordes of daily protesters ? The assault victims ?

Obama found out that the KSM trial wasn't going to fly and he swept it under the rug like the prisoners at " CLUB GITMO " ( yet another example of how Obama has embraced " the failed policies of George Bush " ).

The players :
Obama...spreading his opinion and advancing his Muslim Bias at every corner .

Micheal Bloomeberg ....NYC mayor who changed the election laws to allow him another term , George Soros puppet, and the biggest GUN GRABBER in America .

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church....a church that existed before 911 and was destroyed when one of the towers fell on it , 9 years later and waiting and the Port Authority has stalled ,and now refuses to entertain any more hearings to rebuild the church .

Nancy Pelosi ....Calls for an investigation of where the OPPOSITION of the mosque is being funded from

Senator Chuck Schumer ..... hasn't uttered a PEEP.
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand ..... hasn't uttered a PEEP.

Senator Harry Reid ...says Obama is wrong , and is worried if he is defeated investigations of his corruption will land him in jail for 10,000 years.

Hillary Clinton ...hasn't said anything ,and as a resident of New York , former Senator of NY, and Secretary of State , surely she should have an opinion?

N.Y. Governor Patterson...has offered land elsewhere to build the mosque .
N.Y. Representative Peter King spoke up and he thinks it is "UN AMERICAN "

Al absent, I guess he doesn't realize that black people can be Muslim also ?

Jesse Jackson...must still be trying to figure out which side he can extort money from ?

Southern Poverty Law Center ...M.I.A. ,Morris Dees must be worried that the MAJORITY of his donations come from the New York area , and is willing to turn a BLIND EYE to this " horrible injustice " to preserve his fraudulent " non profit status " , and his lavish lifestyle . they not have some " wide eyed college boy " that can take a taxi down to the court house and file a frivolous law suit ?

Odd that the usual race baiters and " protectors of civil liberties " are all absent and quiet ?

We can't build a memorial to the 3000 innocent people who lost their lives on 911, or the first responders ?

We can't re build a GREEK church that was destroyed in the attack ?

We can't wear a cross or replica of the Ten Commandments to work ?

We can't display nativity scenes at Christmas ?

We can't stop kooks from protesting at funerals while we pay our last respects to our brave soldiers that payed the ultimate price for us ?

We can rush a mosque through that DOES offend MILLIONS of Americans ?

We can call for investigations of the funding of groups opposed to the mosque ,BUT ignore all requests to inquire where the 100 million to build the mosque is coming from ?
We can re schedule high school football practice for MIDNIGHT so it does not interfere with RAMADAN ?

What would happen if you tried to have a prayer before the game ?
Could we have a Christmas celebration at school or a nativity scene ?

I wonder what would happen if the KKK decided to build a facility in SELMA or TUSKEGEE ALABAMA?
Surely they have the right to their beliefs and no one should be able to dictate where they build their facilities should they ?

Can the NAZI'S build a headquarters on 8th Avenue next to the Jewish Community Center headquarters ?

Can the New Black Panthers build a center in Coeur d'Alene Idaho ?

Can code pink build a place next to the Pentagon ?

People should read their history books , the " freedom of religion" is designed t PREVENT citizens being required to PAY and attend the " KING'S CHURCH".

Liberals often twist the Constitution to fit their foolish ideals and this issue is no exception .

Obama made fun of people who " cling to their guns and religion " .

The Obama regime is full of hypocrisy and this is yet another example .
How long before we see a statement to reverse Obama's unwise words of Friday night August 13?

Pelosi wants to investigate where money to OPPOSE the mosque is coming from , but has no concerns about the TAXPAYERS paying for Feisal Abdul Rauf’s trip to Qatar, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.
No concerns about where the 100 million for the mosque might come from ?

NO chance that this facility could be used to fund and advance the agenda of terrorist ?
Remember that ISLAM is a religion that FORBIDS the wearing or display of a cross or a star of David .

So it's ok for a religion that oppresses other faiths and authorizes killing of non believers to function , yet you can't express your belief in the religion that is the FOUNDATION of our Country and Government?

My grandfather would have called it COMMUNISM , my dad would have called it COMMUNISM!!

WE call it OBAMANISM !!!!

Just more of the Liberal Left's hypocrisy to erase our American way of life , headed by a minority President that can scream RACISM if an honest American objects to their freedom and liberty being stolen from them ?

Not to worry , in 24 short hours Obama and MOOCHELLE will be headed to Martha's Vineyard .
Be nice , after all He and Marie are " SACRIFICING " to help us get out of this recession " brought on by the failed policies of George Bush ".

The average American would probably be hospitalized due to the exhausting schedule , 6 days in Spain , 1 day in Panama City , and 10 days in Martha's Vineyard .
17 out of 21 days spent on jet setting vacations ?

How much more HOPE N CHANGE can you stand ?