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8-3-2010 11:15 AM EST

Brian Williams of NBC news sat down with Obama for a 22 minute segment of propaganda that the " UNBIASED "& HUGE DONOR TO OBAMA ",network will try and pass off as an interview.
Brian Williams has SEVERAL opportunities to ask Obama follow up questions to HELP the President get his point across , but instead , sticks to what could only be described as a pre-scripted guide obtained directly from the White House .

One of the first questions Obama SHOULD have been asked is , if it is true that workers at the White House have been busy installing new carpets, drapes, painting, etc. in Oval Office, while Obama was vacationing in Martha's Vineyard.

Williams asks Obama at the 10:25 mark if Obama is concerned that 1/5 of Americans believe Obama is a Muslim .
No mention that another 1/3 of Americans DO NOT KNOW what religion Obama practices ?

Obama SHOULD have answered that it SHOULDN'T matter which religion he is because ( staying consistent with his views on the GZM and Glenn Beck's rally ) this is America and we have the Freedom of Religion .

INSTEAD ,Obama replies "American born and Muslim aren't the same , the FACTS ARE THE FACTS ".
Williams didnt ask " which facts " or " Mr President let's run through the facts once again to clear the air once and for all " ?
Much less " facts ? , what facts" ?

What does that mean ? That he was born in the USA and NOT a Muslim ?
Or that as a Muslim that doesn't mean he WAS born in the USA?
Or that Muslims born in America really aren't citizens ?

WOW the question is about his RELIGIOUS beliefs , not where he was BORN.
Is this a Freudian slip ?
IS Obama implying that it's UN AMERICAN to be MUSLIM ?
What does where he was born have to do with his religion ?
After all, he expects us to believe he was adopted by a Muslim father , took the surname of SOETORO , attended a MUSLIM school in Indonesia ,and all the time remained a Christian ?
Obama had DUAL citizenship ,and let his Kenyan citizenship EXPIRE .

Obama lost his Kenyan citizenship on Aug. 4, 1984. The Kenyan Constitution required Obama to choose whether to keep either his U.S. or Kenyan citizenship upon his 21st birthday, which was( supposedly ) in 1982. He initially missed that , the Constitution provided him a two-year window for making that choice. So Obama didn't lose his Kenyan citizenship until his 23rd birthday in 1984.
Was he BAPTIZED before or after 1984?

"The facts are the facts " , uhmm yes they are , except Obama hasn't provided any proof of his Christian belief, only that" FACTS are FACTS ".
Which facts ?
What are the facts about ?
The Sun is hot ?
The Sky is Blue ?

Shouldn't there be a BAPTISM record for little BARRY SOETORO that would enlighten us poor, dumb, mindless Americans clinging to our bibles and guns ,as that he is indeed a believer of Jesus ?
Remember Obama criticizing AMERICANS for " clinging to guns and religion"?
So was he saying that the 2ND Amendment is no good ?
That Christian religion is bad ?
That MUSLIMS shouldn't have the right to have guns ?

He was speaking of Americans , so WHAT was he criticizing ?
GUNS ? ...couldnt be that because he promised he supported the 2ND Amendment DESPITE recently BANNING the importation of US MADE GARAND rifles that South Korea wanted to sell back to collectors here in the USA ( Google lend lease )

Was he criticizing MUSLIMS ? ,CHRISTIANS ,JEWS? just who or what was he criticizing?

What about his school records ?
College transcripts ?
Financial records of how his college tuition was paid ?
His adoption records ?
Mother's divorce records?
Harvard Law Review writings ? ( we are told he wrote BRILLIANT reviews and was the FIRST black man to write for the review , yet NO ONE is allowed to see them ) ?
His mother's ( NOW INEXPLICABLEY LOST ) passport records?

More importantly why did OBAMA NOT look DIRECTLY INTO THE CAMERA and say

" I am a Christian and JESUS CHRIST is my savior "

Obama at the 12:30 mark explains " I cant go around with my birth certificate plastered to my head "

Is it hard to understand why,that under the " Most transparent administration ever"
Obama has paid 3 MILLION dollars to keep all of OBAMA'S records from the very people who elected him ?
Is Obama really telling us we are all to0 STUPID to get it ?

George Bush was OFTEN criticized about his Christian beliefs and the media tried to convince us that these VERY BELIEFS , made him an UNFIT president .
Now it's Different because BARRY is NOT a Muslim and the FACTS bear this out ?

At around the 14:50 mark Obama remarks , that a person like a Glen Beck is able to stir a PORTION of the country .
HMMMMM is this the same PORTION that give OBAMA a thumbs down ( no poll has obama above 48 % and MOST have him at 40-42% )
The same portion that believe the country is headed in the wrong direction?
The same portion ( 70% ) that believe building a Mosque 2 blocks from Ground zero is a bad idea ?

This portion is a MAJORITY and as the " SMARTEST HUMAN ON THE PLANET" ( unseen FACTS back this up ) Obama should realize what the simple term MAJORITY means ?

Does he need to borrow George Stephanopoulos' DICTIONARY ?
You know the same Dictionary Obama SCOLDED George from reciting the definition of TAX and asking if OBAMACARE wasnt really a tax ?
A notion OBAMA DENIED , now has his BEST LAWYERS , defending OBAMACARE enforcement as a TAX.

Maybe this sentence he recited to Williams sums it up ?
"I'm not going to be worried too much about what rumors are floating around there."

Sounds like he is not to much WORRIED about the MAJORITY of citizens in this country and what they think or want their ELECTED officials to do !!

The facts are
1)The economy is doing great and we are headed in the right direction .Ask Joe Biden he knows , never mind all that jobs, GDP ,and other economic data BS .

2)The Republicans have BLOCKED ALL of Obama's Agenda , despite the Democrats holding majorities in both the House and Senate that make this statement MATHEMATICALLY impossible .

3)The oil is all gone from the GULF , despite several non government based studies that show that a 23 mile long underwater river of oil exists and that river accounts for 75% of the oil leaked.

Obama opens his mouth and either a LIE exits or he makes a STUPID offensive remark.

AMERICANS have simple straight forward questions , and they DEMAND simple ( yes or no ) Answers that are VERIFIABLE .

Johnson knew he was TOAST when he " LOST CRONKITE " .

Obama has lost the TRUST and FAITH of the MAJORITY of Americans .
His Job is to SECURE OUR BORDERS , and make sure every American is safe .
As ANY president makes policy and economic decisions it his DUTY to explain it to the citizens and reassure them with FACTS of how things are going .

We are being RULED and not Governed .
Marie said " Let them eat cake " because she had been explained the FACTS .
The facts were the FRENCH citizens were not starving , in FACT they were well FED !!

MOOOCHELLE says " Let them eat oily and tainted shrimp and seafood while I dine on Lobster in Martha's Vineyard and get new drapery and carpeting in the White House .

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