Thursday, August 5, 2010


8-5-2010 4:30 P.M. EST

The Media SEEMS to be abuzz about Michelle Obama's vacation to Spain .

Reality sets in , and one realizes this is a clever ( not really ) attempt to distract the American Citizen from what is really going on in our country.

The biased media ( complete with members of JOURNOLISTO ) is fully complicit in it's effort to abet Obama as he attempts to distort the fact the MAJORITY of Americans now do not trust or approve of him or his administration .

What is the cost of the trip ?
The media tried at first to say " it's a private trip "
In fact this is but ONE of the EIGHT scheduled vacations Michelle will take this year.
Ok let's concede that Michelle is paying for her " own expenses " .
Is there really anything for her or her friends to actually pay for , that the taxpayers are not providing ?

Air Force 2 was the transport and the cost to operate it is about $56,500.00 per hour , ( derived from a congressional report for Representative Henry Waxman).

Add a cargo plane for cars and supplies at $ 7,000.00 per hour .
Marine Helicopter to get to Andrews AFB , or did they talk 3 Helo's that is SOP when the President travels?

At least 13 Secret Service Agents are seen in photographs. Add her 40 or so personal friends , Personal chef ,5 assistants , entourage, groupies,incognito lobbyists , foreign fund raisers,terrorist middlemen, etc. Easily more than 100 people .
Who is paying for her " friends "to fly ? Are the friends eating tax payer prepared meals with Michelle ?

The List goes on, and on .
A flight time of 7 hours EACH WAY for both planes would give us a cost of $889,000.00 for airfare alone .

Hey can I get the use of 7 million dollar yacht for 4 years , complete with personal chef , security , and support vehicles if I agree to bring my own hair dyer ?
Can taxpayers pay for it all ?


Why did Michelle choose the southern coast of Spain rather than a less costly destination in America?

Places Michelle considered :

1) Michigan......Unemployment is SKY HIGH , surely someone in Michigan could have use the infusion of cash that comes with accommodations for a group of 60 rooms with an unlimited budget?
NOPE , Obama already bought the UNIONS off and he wouldnt gain even a single vote .
Besides GM is making political donations and the media doesn't want that to get out .

2) LAS VEGAS .....Unemployment is SKY HIGH and Obama is not welcome there . PLUS, Harry REID is below 50% in the polls and even his own son omitted his surname ( REID ) in his bid for political office.
The last thing ANY Democrat in Nevada needs is OBAMA in town , and those two CROOKS wouldn't welcome it either .
Funny HUH ? You would think Obama and Reid would be arm in arm singing the praises of OBAMACARE .

3)California....Same economic and political situation as Nevada,the incumbent Democrat's are all below 50% in polling and they would leave town if Obama showed up.

4)Gulf Coast.....Obama promised to be all over the spill and even managed to make a few visits to the region ( with out playing golf ) . Obama didn't win the vote in this region and his botching of the oil spill , coupled with his continual lies, corruption, and anti-American actions ,makes sure he will garner less votes than in 2008.
Besides once Jimmy Buffet blamed BUSH , he needed a bigger security detail than Michelle took , just to go 5 miles to his free " bail out " concert . It would have cost more in SS agents for Michelle to visit the panhandle than SPAIN .

5)Arizona.....Eric Holder told Michelle she couldnt go there because BARRACK didn't have " VALID CITIZENSHIP PAPERS " ,and it could be a PR problem for Gibbs and the DOJ.

6)Missouri.....Branson might have been fun , but 70% of Missourians voted for a ballot initiative to REPEAL OBAMACARE . Besides Obama told Michelle that Claire McCaskill didn't need any distractions while she " re educated " the voters on OBAMACARE .

7)Texas.....Michelle Couldn't go there because BUSH lives there , and the press might actually bring up the fact that Bush vacationed there on a ranch HE OWNED , and didn't rob the tax payers for foreign vacations .

8)CHICAGO .....Blago trial is going on there,Rezko is no where to be found ,Alexi Giannoulias and his family bank are neck deep in scandal,LOANS , bailouts , and corruption tied to REZKO .
Besides, Chicago has the nation's most restrictive gun laws and the nation's highest murder rate .

9)NEW YORK CITY.....a full scale revolt is being organized in NYC about the MOSQUE being built near the site of 911.
Maybe OBAMA can put Khalid Sheikh Mohammed on trial once the MOSQUE is finished on 9-11-11?

10)The Hamptons.....Wait that's where all the rest of the Liberal Elite are this time in August , and besides " been there , done that , got the tee shirt " already .

Due to space limitations I didnt include Hyannis Port and it's lack of GREEN RENEWABLE ENERGY ( WINDMILLS) , or any of the THOUSANDS of other places where OBAMA is not welcome in this country .

Americans should realize that Obama is really not welcome anywhere in America, and Michelle had no choice but to go to Spain .
Michelle is enjoying a lavish lifestyle while she and Barack tell the rest of us that we must all " sacrifice " for the good of the country .

Straight from the pages of History , a passage from the European ELITISM MANUAL .

It is so bad that even CBS is comparing Michelle to Marie Antoinette .

Have no fear , OBAMA will make a statement ( after all he already had 1 PRESS CONFERENCE THIS YEAR ) , telling us all how we should lighten up and lay off of his family .
A country mired in a recession, high unemployment , record bankruptcies , tumbling real estate values , a devalued currency .
And we have a President that refuses to give a press conference , repeatedly lies to Americans that the minority party is obstructing legislation ( democrats can pass ANY bill without a SINGLE REPUBLICAN VOTE ) ,Ignores the Constitution by refusing to protect our borders and citizens .
I think we can all agree if you had a spouse like that you would want to go to another country and get as far away as possible .

mais il a fait les trains électriques fonctionnent sur le temps !!!

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