Friday, August 6, 2010


8-6-2010 1:30 PM EST


Federal Judge Algenon L. Marbley has dismissed a case Joe Wurzelbacher had filed against Helen Jones-Kelley, Doug Thompson and Fred Williams.

The trio all worked for Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

JOE was in his front yard when Obama and an army of propagandists ( disguised as news media ) walked up and asked Joe if he would like to ask Obama a question .
"I'm getting ready to buy a company that makes 250 to 280 thousand dollars a year. Your new tax plan's going to tax me more, isn't it?"

Obama explained how " REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH " is going to be a good thing for everyone .

Judge Marbley was appointed by Bill Clinton .
Marbley dismissed the suit, saying that Mr. Wurzelbacher did not prove sufficient harm resulting from the incident, citing cases in which plaintiffs suffered more significant harm to their career or reputation.

The trio devised and executed a plan to check Joe's child support , tax return ,and other records that are PRIVATE , then released this information to the complicit news media .
How many of the news outlets that ran this story had members in JOURNOLISTO ?

Two of the 3 involved in the illegal activity were fired and a third resigned, the employee (Vanessa Niekamp)that was FORCED to run the searches was fired immediately, and these 3 managed to hang on for a bit longer.

Shouldn't these 3 be going to jail ?
I wonder how the 9 people who are going to jail for ATTEMPTING to access Obama's student records BEFORE he was elected feel about this ?

Again , we see a Federal judge appointed by a Democrat make a ruling that contradicts current law .

The First Amendment was tossed right out the window .

The 14th Amendment is going to get lots of study under Obama's short RULE of America .

What does the ruling say ?
Do not speak out against Obama or his policies , and if you do anything that happens to you is just " tough luck"

Any judge can say " well it's not that bad , we have seen worse so forget about it and go about your way "

A President that has given 1 ( count it ) , 1 press conference in the last 369 days ,and his wife is on a lavish spending vacation ( one of the 8 she has planned this year ) .
A country in downward economic spiral .
Ordinary Americans are now no longer allowed to voice their opinion .

Obama is busy spreading his new message ( It's George Bush's fault ) , yet Obama VOTED for all the things he now blames for our country's problems .
So which is it ? Was he wrong then ? Or wrong now ? Or is he just telling lies like always ?

Everyday we find out that parts of OBAMACARE are bad for Americans and that Pelosi and the other tyrants lied and bribed lawmakers to impose this tragedy on us.

Maybe I will just go watch CASABLANCA .

Americans have entered the latest phase of the plan Obama has to destroy our country.
Americans now see through the lies and propaganda , and as they try to challenge the policies of our Dictator , the court uses it's puppets appointed by Democrats to totally ignore the law of the land and impose the will of " THE ONE " .

Where will it all end ?
Will the November mid term elections cure the problem ?
I fear not . The best we can hope for is that Republicans gain control of the HOUSE and initiate years of investigations .
This will not cure the problems .
I can't believe Obama and his massive EGO are going to let anything stop him and his plans for world domination .

COMRADES , remember be carefully what you say , and who you say it to .

OBAMA wants control of the internet , he has control of MOST of the media , this state controlled censorship has happened in many countries all through history and in NONE of them has it turned out good .

I really want just 1 news outlet to ask OBAMA how the Republicans are " OBSTRUCTING LEGISLATION , when the Democrats hold a 70+ seat advantage in the house ( a simple majority is needed ) , and they hold 60 seats in the Senate .
Democrats can pass ANY bill they propose without a SINGLE republican vote .

Every day we hear " the party of no " and how the Republicans are stopping prosperity in this country .
IF the media will not only ignore , but be part of this MASSIVE LIE , what else are they covering up ?

HYPOCRISY,RACIAL BIAS,CENSORSHIP, all in all a small price to pay for HOPE N CHANGE !!

SACRIFICE COMRADE, SACRIFICE !!! do it for your country , do it for your dictator!!


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