Wednesday, August 11, 2010


8-11-2010 1:30 PM EST

Nancy Pelosi had " the most ethical Congress EVAH " , fly back to D.C. to pass the " Jobs Bill " to the tune of 26 BILLION .

Where did the money come from ?
Obama claims it doesn't increase the deficit because cuts from the FOOD STAMP program pay for it.
OK . The bill is 26 BILLION , and the food stamp cuts are 12 BILLION.
But , Hold on a minute , don't worry about the 41 million people on food stamps because the cuts are not scheduled to begin until 2014 .

That's pretty clear huh ? Write a check for 26 BILLION, Promise in 4 years to pay 12 BILLION of it from an entitlement ( NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN ) program, and the rest of it some how , magically just appears into the checking account .

Dig deeper, and you find out that 300,000 jobs this 26 BILLION is going to save is , uhmm more like 160 ,000.

Here is the breakdown :
10 BILLION goes toward saving teacher's jobs .
16 BILLION goes towards MEDICAID .

Yes , Virginia, the " JOBS BILL " is really a wolf called " DOC FIX " dressed up and disguised as a " pig with lipstick " and called a " JOBS BILL " .

The 16 Billion that goes to MEDICAID , vividly shows that OBAMA and his gang of corrupt cronies and followers lied about DOC FIX , the cost of OBAMACARE , and manipulated , then suppressed the CBO estimate on OBAMACARE .
The HUGE SAVING that were to be realized , you see, are being paid for in a JOBS BILL .

OBAMA promised to " wait at least 72 hours " before signing a bill into law so the AMERICAN PEOPLE could read and understand the bill.
The UNION made ink wasn't even dried before OBAMA signed the bill into law , and paid his Union Puppet Masters another 10 BILLION installment on their extortion program .

SO we have a 26 BILLION dollar JOBS BILL that saves 300,000 jobs , yet only 10 BILLION is actually used , and it only funds 160,000 jobs .

Here is how that works . The 16 Billion goes to pay the shortfall in MEDICAID .
This 16 BILLION is PART of the money Pelosi and Reid cut out of OBAMACARE to " make the numbers work " and get the cost below ONE TRILLION DOLLARS .

So we take the 16 BILLION and pay back the money we axed out of the budget ( and it's still not enough money ) , and the money that is SAVED , will go towards keeping cops and firefighters on the job .
See how easy that is ? First we saves 160,000 jobs , and then we " cook the books " , and save 140,00 more jobs .

Don't be confused , D.C. had ALREADY made a budget that would give the states the 16 BILLION , then they cut it out to make OBAMACARE work , now they give the 16 BILLION back in the form of a JOBS BILL .
So, the money that was earmarked to go to MEDICAID , still goes to MEDICAID , and the money that was " SAVED " , is now going to be used to pay for " DOC FIX " and the American citizens are told it's a SAVINGS , that is used to pay for 140,000 jobs .

Look at it another way, Take a ONE gallon bottle of water and pour it into TWO 1/2 gallon job .
Take all 3 bottles and walk across the room . Now pour the TWO 1/2 gallon jugs back into the ONE gallon jug .

You have just CREATED TWICE as much water and created a whole bunch ( hundreds of thousands ) of jobs .

Jobs ( not an all inclusive list but a good many ) that were created :
All the jobs in the oil field to find , drill and get the oil to the well.
All the jobs used to create the clothes , food , and the cars and boats to support the workers on the oil rig.

All the jobs created to find and mine and transport the ore to to the steel mill that will supply the ship builder with steel to build the ship that will transport the oil from the well.
All the jobs used to create the clothes , food and the cars and boats to support the steel mill .
All the jobs created to make the steel and transport it to the ship builder .
Jobs created by plastic pellet company making plastic pellets .
All the jobs created by the company that makes the plastic jug .
All the jobs that are at the water utility .

You can see that it takes THOUSANDS of jobs to make the clothes , food, and transportation to get each worker in each industry to the job site .

And to think in a matter of a few minutes you just DOUBLED those JOBS by pouring water from a larger container into two smaller containers , then back into the larger container .

In reality , you didn't create any water or jobs , it is all just PROPAGANDA !!

That was a quick primer on how OBAMANOMICS works .

Here is how it works in my state :
Alabama receives 282 MILLION .
133 MILLION (47%) goes towards MEDICAID .
149 MILLION (53%) goes towards EDUCATION .

The state had expected to receive 197 MILLION from the Federal Government for MEDICAID .
That is a 64 MILLION dollar short fall .
NO money was SAVED as the state was ALREADY on tap to receive the money ( AND 64 MILLION MORE ) .
Now , the state has a 64 MILLION dollar deficit to make up .

According to the PROPAGANDISTS in D.C. and the COMPLICIT media , heck all kinds of money was SAVED , and TONS of jobs were " saved or created " .

Bottom line is the IDIOTS in D.C. stole 26 BILLION dollars, and now they steal it from another stack of money, ( the money really doesn't exist , as it is all bonds, or promises or vouchers to repay some day )and try to pass it off as SAVING the taxpayer money.

Amazing isn't it ?
They take imaginary money , send the money LATE , and spin the story as they created a bunch of jobs .
Obama can only account for 12 of the 26 BILLION , and even that money will not be deducted from the food stamp program until 2014 ( NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN ) .

The cost of the food stamp cuts is $ 59.00 per person .
I think if you are on food stamps , then the kids' cell phone and unlimited text plan , The parents cell and plan , the 1080 P flat screen in the living room .
All of that has to go !! would that save $59.00 a year ?
More like $59.00 for each phone PER MONTH!!

The food stamp cuts will never happen , just like the DOC FIX wasn't killed .

The Treasury Bills that BERNEKE ( you know the guy who ran the economy under the " FAILED BUSH POLICIES " ) intends to keep flipping and buying are all but worthless,and our dollar is at a 15 year low with the YEN .

Welcome to " HOPE N CHANGE "
Straight from the history books , in the past it was called FASCISM and MARXISM !

Will OBAMA give more than 1 press conference a year ?
Will Maria ( let them eat cake ) Obama cut back on vacations or will she tell Pelosi to just cut back on the food stamps, and send the poor hungry children a VOUCHER for CAKE ?